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Jerked off on my girlfriend's tits in a closet during our internship at a government facility. Been married 6 years now. EDIT: I have 200x the upvotes of the post. Wtf, guys, upvote the damn post.


"Hey kids this is how I met your mother..."


Tale as old as time…




Sex in a fitting room but the fitting room was in a corner just in the middle of the store and if anyone realized where our feet were it wouldn’t have taken much to our 2 and 2 together. And we did make sure to not make a mess for the employees to clean up.


Next time take two paper shopping bags to stand in. One will work in a pinch.


Kudos to you both for cleaning up!


Is it cleaning up when fluids were only stored on the inside? 😏😏


Taking your valuables you mean then 😉




Blow job for me. Do no harm leave no trace applies to many things in life.


I had anal sex with this beautiful girl I was dating at the time in the back of her Jeep Grand Cherokee…in the parking lot of this big beautiful church.




No, the pew.


Rectory? Sure did sir, blew the ass clean out of her!


Amazing the number of people I know that have or had church parking lot sex. And at one park everyone fucks on the picnic tables.


Grew up in a Bible Belt city. So many churches in town with dark, quiet parking lots at night. Perfect for a couple of horny teenagers.


Yes, I grew up on the flat land prairie. No woods to go hide in. No hills to hide behind. We always had stories of couples being found in the back seat in some parking lot or dirt road outside of town. I was dating a woman. I lived in a dorm, and she lived with her parents so, we had little in the way of privacy, basically the back seat of my car. One summer night we were in the back seat, parked on a very dark street next to a city park. At one point we were "resting" and we sat up a little and we could see someone jogging through the park. She giggled and said, "that is my brother." It was too hot in the day for him to run so he ran at night. He probably paid no attention to the cars parked on the road he was running by and didn't know his kid sister was naked in the back seat of one.


I was raised in church my whole life and I cannot tell you how many encounters of some level I've had in a church.




Get there through the back door?


Username checks out


Slept with my supervisor(military) in her office during work. I came in her and she would text me when I sat back at my desk telling me how she loved knowing I’m dropping out of her.


I did 20. None of that stuff ever happened to me. I think the only on duty screwing I ever got was when I was suppose to get a front office job and a pretty woman would show up and she would get it straight up, no experience.


Well yeah it sucks even more now with all the new sensitivity rulings. I honestly got lucky our flirting turned more and she told me I brought a riskier side to her. Would I recommend no? No the trouble getting caught isn’t worth it. Would I do it again? Yes, I love the thrill.


No telling how much goes on. I had a base commander and wing commander get caught having affairs with their staff. One of my coworkers tell me he walked into the office one Saturday and found our Captain naked at going down on one of the enlisted women we worked with. I chatted with a friend that was Air Force Security Police. He said one of the commanders went to the SP Command Post one night and they didn't buzz him in, they had cameras. He punched coded himself in and found a Master Sgt in a room watching porn. Went looking for the duty officer and found him and senior airman naked on the floor. Not a big deal really. We had a female airman get married to a 1st Lt. She was cop and he was missile site officer. She did not work for him but, in the same squadron. At the time we had the highest-ranking Colonel in the Air Force (and did he let us know it) and he was on his last year in the A.F. He went nuts when he found out. He made the Lt's life as difficult as possible. Of course, both of them got out when their enlistment was up.


I fucked my now-wife at the beach right next to the sidewalk and the street in Cannes, France. Kinda in the shadow, but still easily visible if someone wanted to see. It was around 11pm so not a lot of people, but some guy actually asked us if we had some rolling papers when she was giving me head lol. The second one was in a front seat of my friend's car in a parking lot next to our apartment building in the middle of the day. I wanted to go to the backseat, but my wife said "hell no, where's fun in that"


Nice, I also had some nice experiences with my wife in Cannes last year on the nude beach few miles west of the city




> but some guy actually asked us if we had some rolling papers when she was giving me head lol. Yep, that sounds like the south of france!


Had sex in my parents driveway between their two vehicles and about 3 feet away from the motion sensor security light


Thats some mission impossible sex right there.


Missionary Impossible




Greater risk than investing in stocks.


Back in high-school I was hooking up with a girl at her dad’s place (first time there and meeting her dad) with her door wide open. She was giving me a blowjob and she wouldn’t stop as we heard her dad coming up the stairs. She stopped and covered us in the knick of time pretty much as her dad popped his head in and asked what we were watching. Risky bc I got the vibe that her dad would somehow be mad at me and wanna beat my ass if he caught us. Of all the things I’ve done parents catching me in the act is still the scariest to me.


Well, being on the second floor doesn't help. Those landings hurt when you are being thrown through the glass. One roommate did his girlfriend in the kitchen while dad was watching TV in the living room. He said later they were fucking in the driveway against the house and her uncle drove up and parked right behind them. Uncle got out of the car and walked by them and never said a word and they went back to fucking. I don't think I have those kinds of balls.




Back in high school I was getting a bj on the couch and her dad suddenly rolled up in his wheelchair behind us. From his angle, he couldn’t really see her, so she quickly threw a cushion in my lap and pretended she was on the ground looking for her earring.


Wife and I went on a naked hike. We got to the top of an plateau that oversaw a large lake. I bent her over a rock and did her from behind. We definitely could have been caught if another person was on the trail.


How were the mosquitoes


No mosquitoes.




This was in late October and the area did not have mosquitoes. It was in the desert of Southern California.




I just fucked a girl I work with in a first aid room at the company we are contractors at.




Well, coming inside an hookup when i was like 20, could have changed my whole life to have a kid at that age.




This. I did the exact same thing with a random girl. I ended up dating her for like 3 months, came in her like 10 times. She was on BC (presumably, never saw her take it) but still dude, if i had a fucking kid at 19….I barely am able to take care of me self let alone another human with major dependencies.




Is this like a cuck friendship? Lol


Not in the least. Not sharing anymore Lol


Was it your idea or your friend’s?








Had sex on the back missile launcher of my ship. I had duty and she was only in town for a week. She's kind of an exhibitionist.


Willing to name the ship?


Nice try NCIS


Not today CIA


Was at a club, she took her knickers off, gave them to me, I fingered her in the smoking area beside my mates & we pretended nothing was happening.


Mate if her area is smoking you probably need to slow down


Great pun


On one of our first dates, I jerked my bf off under the table at a pub lmao. Almost 7 years together now 🥰


I(19M) had my personal trainer(25F) give me a blowjob at the parking lot of the gym, i think next week we are going to have sex in the showers when the gym closes


That is so hot.


She has a really hot ass


Teach me, Obi Wan.


Be cute and have a nice conversation


Went to a booze cruise/boat party, caught eye contact with some random girl that I had never met. Fucked her in the toilet on the boat. This was all in around 10mins of arriving. Miss that girl, never did get her name


We fucked late night in a outdoor pool at a tropical resort. I pushed her swimming suit to the side, she held onto me and we went at it. We could hear dozens of people around us but no one was paying attention to us as we were alone in the pool. She wanted me to finish on a chair but I feared getting kicked out.




In a MMF threesome, I let him fuck my ass w/o a condom




Yeah and dude was 🍆🍆🍆


He had three penises?


Felt like it 🥴😂


Wait, it's not normal to have 3 penises?! Well I'm glad to know this knowledge now, I am totally normal and have ONE penis, not 3 people, only one because I am a normal human being. Me? 3 penises? Pfffft that's ridiculous!


a comment clearly made by a guy with 2 penis 🍆🍆 you weirdo!


Risky but HAWT


going raw and finishing in with 3 different girls within a week after my ex broke up with me


Ah yes, hate fucking somebody raw and Finnish inside them is something else. The nut clarify on that bad boy is pretty emotionally damaging. Still would do it tho.


No condom sex with a stripper I just met and cumming inside her. Done that a few times though, just so enjoyable.




Was it paid for?


when i masturbated at school 🙈




i know, i wasn't thinking at the time lol






That I would love to have seen. I'm getting this vision in my head of you guys going at it. Cudos to the lifeguard for letting you use his chair lol


Unprotected sex with an older family friend. I wasn't on birth control, he could have had an STD. It was when I was 19, I haven't taken dumb chances like that again.


It was hot?


Fucked my ex-girlfriend doggy style on the couch in her family's living room about 30 minutes before her parent's usually get up. The living room is connected directly to her parent's bedroom. We were in college (20 & 19 years old respectively) visiting her family. Anyone in the household could have walked in on us, including older brothers


Lol similar experience staying at my gf’s parents house for a Xmas visit. We were sleeping on separate couches in the living room and ended up fucking multiple times. She always wants anal when we’re visiting her parents house 😆




Sold my anal virginity for money.


Was it enough money?


Nothing is enough for meth.


The riskiest? Gave the gf an orgasm while she was driving. (No other traffic, but still. I agreed with the promise that she would take her feet off the petals as she came. She was a kicker.) Other notable mentions? Had sex in a tiny boat at night floating between a ton of holiday cabins. I'm pretty sure everyone noticed. She was a loud one. Gave my gf head as she was sitting on an altar in a chapel. (Closed for the night, but not locked. We were interrupted at one point by a couple of other horny teens that had the same idea. They laughed, left and let us finish in peace.) Gave an orgasm in the movie theatre. Tried to give an orgasm on the train at night. But some lady was giving me the stinkeye so I called off the project. Had sex in the broom closet at my school. Got fingered while \*trying\* to play the piano. (Also on school grounds, but atleast that room had a lock.) The broom closet thing kinda became a joke, so we made sure to make it a tradition if we ever came across one at a party or something. Had a part time job as a cleaner at a medical centre. Received oral in a gyno chair. (I don't have a gyno kink, but maaan let me tell you, those chairs are made for perfect easy access and relaxation.) Finished her off on their lunch room table. (And cleaned religiously both before and after like the good girl that I am.) Controlled a gfs vibrating egg at a crowded pub. All of those were with two-three exes that obviously had some kinks. It's been many years and a few partners since. Some encounters were silly, dangerous and fueled by a teenaged hormonal brain. Some were memories I treasure to this day. Funny thing, I do not have an exhibitionist kink at all. Like AT ALL. Everything for the ladies though.


Had sex with a girl on the floor next to the bed where her mom was sleeping….the urge was too much to resist!


Now thats just porn script at this point


Cumming inside a girl I had just met for the first time at a brewery. A close second is when this girl started playing with my dick under a bar table while her boyfriend was there.


If the boyfriend isn’t consenting to that, she’s a major dickhead and you my friend are a horny dickhead too


A blowjob from two women I didn't know at a theme park on a Friday night.


Knutt’s BJ Farm?


King's Dominion when I was on a trip in VA, US! But that does sound more fun.








my friend was basically rubbing my clit through my underwear while choking me in a classroom closet lol


Her mom was in the living room watching tv and we were in the kitchen having sex by the sink not being able to hear if her mom was coming in the kitchen or not due to the tvs being on and the food cooking


Sex with a stranger, without a condom. Never been so scared in my life. Thought I was either going to get her pregnant, or catch an STD. Neither of those happened thankfully. Why? I was young, horny, and stupid. It (unfortunately) happens. I count my blessings every day.


When I worked at the YMCA I had a overnight shift no one was there (was a holiday) some good looking girl came in wanted to use the Y but didn't wanna pay I told her she could pay the Y or me and that's how I had the best sex at 3 am I've had thus far. She even let me finish inside her.


Got naked and walked around a parking deck in a thong during the day.


Had to Google "parking deck" because I've never heard it called that before. Strange regionalism.




I received a blowjob from a woman I met to buy panties from in a parking garage stairwell during lunchtime in downtown chicago. I could hear the people at the elevator waiting to go down as she was going down on me.


Probably cumming inside every hookup I’ve had


I actually have a better story, I was friends with 2 sisters in hs and they were known for being hoes and one night when we were in college (i went to big city university they went to community college) I invited them up to stay and go party. We hit some clubs and had a good time I didn't drink and drove them home to my place. And when we got home they got naked insisting they were home for the night they were gonna be comfy and urged me to do the same we sat on the couch and watched a movie before bed and the older one starts rubbing and jerking my cock which leads to the younger one following in suit which lead to the three of us kissing and fucking multiple times not pulling out. This lead to us having a relationship afterwards of even if they were dating they could call me up for a good time sometimes together sometimes separate always great.


Fucked on my bfs sisters couch in the living room, while she was home. At one point she came in while he was going down on me and she had no clue


Ate a girls pussy on my desk at work.


Fucked the 19 year old daughter of a girl I was dating in the same house while her mom was passed out drunk.


This just seems morally wrong


Ass to mouth to pussy. I don't think I need to explain why that's a bad idea. God he had a pretty dick though... 🤷‍♀️


Wdym, where is the problem, the dick was obviously cleaned in the middle😅


Ha ha , our kind of woman.


Standing up sex behind a one story building/business at dusk while it started to rain. The precipitation made it such an exciting fuck leaning against my truck. Totally night time and the moon 🌙 was up through the clouds as we both finished. Second was in a public park doggie against a pine tree. We heard leaves rustling, thought 🤔 it was the wind until we spotted the voyeur getting a good show 😳. Same woman that was my wife.


The voyeur was your wife ? ! Ya'll a wild couple.


Fucked a stripper w/o a condom on (and nutted in her, to boot). Dumbest move of my life by far (and the reasons should be supremely obvious), but got lucky and suffered no ill consequences (STDs/pregnancy/etc.) for it, thank god/dess. EDIT: Close second would be my first gf and I fucking all over our HS campus (while people were still there) lmao.


I had sex with another guy when I was in high school, my parents are very conservative and they were home while we fucked. Also, it was my first time with another guy


Had sex without a condom with a random local I met on Tinder while in a foreign country. She didn’t speak any English and I don’t speak any Spanish.


While camping with his gf's entire family, sharing a tent with his gf and her younger brother, my friend and her got to 3rd base while the younger brother was sleeping next to them. Basically a risk of being killed by the dad out in the middle of nowhere.


Got a bj from my girl the morning in a shared hotel room after she met my friends. They were sound asleep in the bed next to us I had to curl my toes so hard not to moan when I busted a load




Unprotected sex in Chardonnay room at a strip club in Thailand


I fucked a drug dealer for drugs didn't even know his name thought I would get an std for sure but ended up not ....never again


Got finger blasted under a bridge that goes over a public park in broad daylight. Risky for obvious reasons. Or maybe it was when I talked to an older guy on reddit for 3 days and then met him in person for the first time at a motel to get pounded.


I duck two of my dads best friends in his own bed while he was drunk pass out in the living room


Getting drunk and then heading off to the back room of the bar and sucking a bunch of stranger dicks. Somehow, I’ve never caught anything. But there were one or two times that I found out later that a friend who I find totally unattractive was in the lineup. Worse yet, they started to think I was into them. I mean I don’t mind giving someone a bj if they need some relief, but it doesn’t mean I’m interested in dating.


Got head in the back seat of the truck while my parents took my then gf home. It was dark out and we had put a pillow over her head to hide it. After we dropped her off, mom was suspicious of why the pillow was over her head. Told her the street lights from outside was bothering my gf and she couldn’t sleep…


I've had way too much public sex in my 20s. Stories in my profile. I also fucked a a buddy in the park at night l. It was right next door to a police station. He later texted me saying he loved how he felt me dripping out of him.


My wife and I found a bridge crossing I-94 in Indiana near Illinois and I bent her over the edge of the bridge. Anyone could have come up the road and there were hundreds of cars passing underneath us. An absolute thrill. We have done a lot of "on the road" stops like that. We love it.


Nut in my sister in law when she was ovulating


Probably finishing in my sister in law when she told me she was ovulating.


I could write a long list. But absolut riskiest must be either me getting a hand job in the back of bus. It was so crowded all of the seats were taken and people standing up all the a back. Or when I had a girl ride me while I was truck driving weighing 60 ton on the highway. Cruise control on, eyes on the road, put my seat all the way back and let her fuck me. Bonus thing for any other passing trucker. She was flashing her puppies to them and smiling.


Going raw… hell done it a few times. STD and pregnancy risk is very real, but condoms suck 🤷🏿‍♂️.


Not as much as child support payments.


Had sex with my friend every time my other friend went to the bathroom to shower at whatever hotel we stayed at during our road trip.


Drove about 12 hours to go see family while being completely naked in the driver's seat. Idk if this is considered sexual act be it was definitely risky and felt sexual


I was away for work about a week ago and feeling horny. Went on r/dirtyr4r and looked up the area. Found a guy who had posted in the last hour and invited him to my hotel. Within 45 minutes of messaging him, I was naked, bent over in the dark with my door propped open. He came in, unzipped, fucked me, and left. We never saw each other’s faces. I think the risk is self explanatory.


Fucked my ex on the balcony of the resort we were at. She was loud as fuck and the moon was bright as daylight. Pretty sure someone saw us. 🤤


Floating on an inner tube down a river, with people all around us.


Deleting - I'm an asshole, best keep this to myself.


Fucked my ex in the basement of the main catholic church right after she was crowned queen that year


Finger a high school girlfriend under a blanket while her parents were in the same room.


Has to be my decision of going raw.


Had sex in the woods, in the mountains, winter time, snow 4 feet high. It was a dense populated area with bears. I kept looking over the shoulder for bears the entire time…. 🙈🙈🙈


I had sex with a girl on her porch, while her dad was barbecuing in the lawn. The porch was screened in and tinted, so he had no idea


Urethral sounding, about ten years ago. Unless you know how to sterilize everything *perfectly*, don’t ever do it. I made a mistake and nearly died from a kidney infection.


Best friend in highschool. She "wasn't allowed to date" but we hung out all the time studying and such so I was at her place all the time. Her parents seemed to like me. She got in the mood while we were swimming in the pool in the backyard while her parents were both home. We "hid" (I was already 6' tall and the box over everything was maybe 3' long and about 1.5' tall) behind the pool filter pump while she gave me a BJ and we briefly had sex before she let me finish in her chest. We jumped back into the pool to get rid of the evidence. We had no idea where her parents were inside and at that point really didn't care. The other was when my girlfriend my senior year of highschool and some friends were high AF and her and I had sex in the back of a friend's station wagon while out riding around just to hear "Welcome to McDonald's. Can I take your order?" Apparently everyone in the front row seating was hungry and talked him into stopping. (He wasn't high. The rest of us were hella baked to say the least!)


I matched with a chick on tinder. Conversation was basically: I'm horny. And her replying : me too. She then sent me her address and I drove over. When I arrived I realized I didn't bring any condoms. She didn't have any either. We fucked anyways. And never talked with each other afterwards. Edit: now that I think about it. Every one night stand I've had has been unprotected sex. I don't worry about pregnancy because I'm sniped, but God I'm lucky I've never gotten an STD.


Not the craziest but riskiest was probably masturbating in a library


Yeah, done that. Girl next to me saw me cum and gave me a thumbs up. I was freaking out!


Bf and i fucked in the bathroom of a club while drunk one time


Masturbated on the city bus. I was realllly horny all day and I was still ~20 minutes from home and I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I sat in the very back of the bus and gently rubbed myself through my jeans with my hand in my hoodie pocket. I was so pent up I kinda squealed a little when I came. Ngl I kinda enjoyed it tho but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again


Got myself off in a spa bath (bubbly kind) at a gym many years ago whilst two strangers (male and I’m female) where there too and they didn’t know. Least I don’t think they did haha


Oh just thought of a third too haha another time I got myself off and squirted in my pants once on a bus with a few people very close by. Damn it was hot.


Rubbed a fwb’s pussy under the table at a restaurant with a big group while her husband sat across from her.


My gf fingering my ass in a historic home with other people walking around


Letting a sexy stranger come over and fuck me raw. I still have the videos he used to seduce me (and probably many other women). We did it a handful of times, and I would've been happy for more.


Ex rubbed one out in the cinema.. with someone next to me. Also beach sex on a known beach except early in the morning. Also rubbed one out under the table at a bar. Not my proudest moments tbh.


Found a spot in the middle of a bunch of cars thinking we were being blocked by kind of putting papers in the windows then all of a sudden our car was surrounded by people that apparently just got off work and came out to leave right as I busted super hard and let out a growl from the depths of my belly and immediately had everyone looking at me as I tryd to play it off and wave while reversing outta there. Lol .


I(28m) took this girl(24f) into the mens restroom(it was the small kind, one toilet booth and urinals) in a mall on the middle of the day so she could get on her knees and suck me off, 5 mins into it, a bunch of cops came in, we knew they were cops cause their radios were on and they were chit chating about cop shit, they surrounded the booth, and this girl was so afraid and wanted to shout sorry and cry, only thing that came to my mind was to deep throath her so she would not make a sound and act as everything was alright, for our luck, they surrounded the toilet booth because they were waiting for the urinals, they left after a few minutes, she got so wet because of the adrenaline and mix feelings she got when I forced my hard cock down her throath to shut her up and she wanted me to penetrate her, we fuck for a little and then I end up making her go down again so I was able to cum on her mouth and face. We end up going to a hotel to finally fuck, this has to be the most amazing sex I had in my life because she was on a porn whore level, so I guess risky sex is the best ingredient for good fucking sex.


Masturbating in a lecture hall


Having sex outside at night in a park and having sex at a drive in.


Tried drive in sex one summer night in Texas. Cost to much to run the car for A/C back then. We were sticking together from all the sweat. and it was just to plain hot to be turned on.


Having sex with girlfriend's best friend in the same room when my girlfriend was passed out. Pretty risky. It was hot and wild.




fucked a married guy at his house instead of somewhere else, his wife got home early one day and i had to hide in a cupboard for an hour 🤣


Rawdogged a few strangers 🙈


In high school, my gf (now ex) and I fucked in front of her ROTC instructors office since it was after school and no cameras watching it. It was great until we heard his boots walking up to the corner and we booked it as fast as we could. Didn't get caught, but it was close!


When I was 18, I was at my girlfriend's house and we were watching a movie with her parents. They both fell asleep, so we went into her parents room and fucked on their bed. It was just down the hall from the living room.


Oh and gave my now husband a blow job on a Welsh beach once when drunk thinking we were private until I realised it was literally on the prom 😂😂


Sex in the produce backroom while the manager was doing quality checks on the floor. He started to walk thru the hallway to the backroom as we finished so it was a close call Edit: same woman who was 34 at the time and i was 24. We were visiting her moms house and said 34 yr old lets call her V has 3 kids. They were the backyard and her mom was upstairs. V & I were fucking in the kitchen and almost got caught by her kids coming back into the house thru the sidedoor but luckily one of her kids had their phone flashlight on and we saw it thru the blinds so we quickly stopped and acted like we were looking for her car keys on the floor


Slept with a redditor


fucked a celeb’s bestfriend at a random park in beverly hills late at night lmfao


Fucked my boyfriend without a condom because I was so turned on, could’ve got pregnant…did get pregnant


Friend let us crash at his apartment while we were in town. Fucked on his couch after he and his roommate went to bed. Also in a hostel dorm.


My wife’s first labour was difficult and resulted in an emergency caesarean. Understandably she was uninterested in sex for quite some time after, but also fitness or activity in general. Gradually she became interested in having another child, somehow having a very different recollection of how easy it all was the first time around. Desperate as I was for intimacy again, I took the risk and we returned to having intercourse. Not long after she fell pregnant again and - unsurprisingly - the cycle repeated itself. Now things are much better. But we still have a long period of time we recall very differently and have trouble talking about without tension.


Inviting random Craigslist hook ups over as a single, young, defenseless female definitely could have been murdered or kidnapped


I once got spitroasted by two guys in the woods behind a coffeehouse. I bent over a log lol


Obligatory I was a really horny teen... When I was 18 I was dating and frequently fucking my then girlfriend at the time. Now I was a late bloomer and didn't have sex until I was 18 but when I did it was like a wild fire I couldn't stop myself... anyways we went to this big highschool (population of 2k+) and in front were this big round pillars that separate road/driveway from the front area where people would hang out before school started. Well it was a brisk morning about 40-50 degrees so she had a big blanket wrapped around her while sitting on top of it. I walk over and she shows me she was wearing a short skirt so we are already in the blanket and I'm fingering her and there's teachers, students all around us but the blanket is big and I was skinny so it looked like we were just sitting there. In reality we were doing a lot more, I had turned around pulled it out she got on the edge and I fucked her at the height of student drop off before school. Nutted and she went inside with her blanket and cleaned her self off. We got to lunch and she was on her half day I skipped and went back to her place and kept going till her parents came home.


Was a lifeguard for a few years and on this day it was so slow, no one came to swim and my coworker ( short latina) and I were very bored so we just decided to just fuck anywhere we could, bathroom, storage closet just anywhere at all. Thing is the pool where we were was an inform pool that was exposed to the opening of the neighborhood. Once it got darker we fucked in the pool multiple times. Another time was when me and my ex were fucking in her room and her mom walks in while we’re under the blanket, we still had our tops on but I was still slowly sliding in and out of her while her mom was talking to her.