Off-duty NYC cop shoots ex-girlfriend, kills her new love: sources

Off-duty NYC cop shoots ex-girlfriend, kills her new love: sources


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Ending the relationship between police and prosecuters would go along way. Or at the very least have special prosecuters just to Handel cop cases


Don't. Date. Police. High rates of domestic violence. Near complete immunity from legal consequences. Good probability of retaliation if things don't work out. Small dicks. Just don't do it.


Yeah that would be a massive red flag. I always felt really awkward around friends who brought cops dates around. A cop trying not to act like a cop is the weirdest thing ever.


I feel like there would be retaliation in some cases if women were to reject them as well.


Don’t body shame


Yeah I don’t like this trend of shittyboerson = small dick. I know you’re trying to hurt the person, but could you do it in a way that doesn’t hurt a whole hell of a lot of people as well? Same reason we don’t use “gay” as a slur. Sorry you’re getting downvoted :/


Meh they probably assume im sticking up for a cop. Cant we make fun of the fact that most cops probably think female orgasms are a myth.


To be fair, I’m not sure the small dick applies to this case.


Small dick is more of a metaphor for chronic, deeply-rooted insecurities that cause them to lash out and behave irrationally. Need not be taken literally. Kind of like those guys with gigantic, obnoxious trucks. They've got small dicks, why else would they drive an overcompensation-mobile. See how that works?


why are you making fun of people for having a small dick? They can’t help it.and seems like you have a lot of stereotypes about trucks and other stuff. That’s not cool. How would you like being called a Dickless punk?


There it is! You felt insulted off a reddit post and called me a "dickless punk". Ha! That's my point. You may not have a literal small penis. But you do have some deeply rooted insecurities that have probably gotten you into trouble in the past. You are exactly the type of dude that winds up becoming a police officer and bashing somebody's skull in because they insulted you and you were having a bad day. Please do everyone a favor and never try out for the force.


Lol not even close bud


If you're so sensitive about your vehicle choice that you get hot over a perceived online insult (which wasn't directed towards work vehicles in the first place), then I'd wager it's probably closer than you think. Again, I'm an anonymous internet brain. Could be wrong. My opinion doesn't matter. But your conversational style fits the bill for a potentially violent character.


I may drive a big truck, and you can associate all of the stereotypes with that that you like, but I would never make fun of someone for some part of their body that they have no control over. Even I know that is not cool…..Have you ever considered that a lot of guys who drive big trucks pull equipment for their job with them? We can’t all be tech workers


Town I come from has two types of big trucks. Big work trucks that I would call "work trucks". And big jacked up 3 feet off the ground, giant tires, useless for anything except over-compensation hunks of garbage that I would call "big trucks". The latter normally have those hanging testicle things and a monster logo plastered on the side. Not much crossover between the two types. No one with sense would get them confused. God bless this whole country is sensitive about everything these days.


Now I may be wrong here but I'm pretty sure buddy is just saying you're an asshole for making fun of people in general. You chose someone's penis size in this situation but it's the point that you feel the need to get online and talk poorly about people, any people for any reason. Who gives a shit about any of that, it's it's fact that you took the time out of your day to say some negative things, internet or not and it really goes to show a lot about you actually. Maybe worse than the guy in a big truck... but what do I know? I don't have a huge dick or a big truck.


1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence, out of those abusers what percentage are actually police? Not many. Police go through a lot of screening and psychological assement and yet are scrutinized as a whole by the public every time one of them is exposed as abusive or acts in an unprofessional manner. They remember what you do wrong and not what you do right. What percentage of your friends or people that you know are in abusive or questionable relationships? What percentage are actually police? All I see is you listing off stereotypes about vehicle choice and linking it to people overcompensating for an insecurity or whatever the case may be yet most police generally are police because they want to help people. Your stereotypes do nothing more than slander police in an ignorant manner because of your dislike for them. Look at your friends and family, there are abusive relationships everywhere and police get stuffed into this box because of one incident? They work long hours with almost zero respect, yet they don't quit, they continue to come into work and risk their lives in order to ensure our safety. Passing psychological screenings, lie detector tests, evaluations at all levels as well as an online and personal reference screening that goes back to their high school days. These people are genuinely disrespected by immature and ignorant people like yourself who like to generalize and label people as something that they aren't. When there's an issue, we call the police. A car accident, a robbery, a crime. These people deserve our respect and not to be slandered by some keyboard warrior who's not even confident enough to post without hiding behind a screen name, but go off- lash out at another group while you're at it. You've attacked police, men with small penises, men who drive lifted vehicles, and those who peacock as a way to draw attention to themselves and you haven't made one valid point other than their insecurities - which I may add everyone has insecurities, you aren't exempt from them as we all have flaws that we don't like about ourselves. Don't assume those who put on the uniform do it to harm the public, it's an Us vs Them mentality and the police already have enough on their shoulders from being spit on to targeted on social media. They have courage, and are very respectful when dealing with people, don't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch as every group has bad apples. We are human, these people put their lives on the line for us and would help any of us just to be disrespected. "I can't even" 🙄


https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/data-suggests-40-percent-cops-145601125.html Stop hitting your wives, fuckers!!!


The typos and assumptions in this article don't add to your comments validity, quoting the article,"It’s worth noting that the sample sizes are a bit small and that these are older studies." Also this is written by a freelance journalist. Domestic violence is rampant in north America, swearing doesn't strengthen your argument further. You strike me as a troubled individual who is clearly angry and can't reply with an actual response. Do some actual research here - on any given day in America alone there are over 20,000 phone calls to domestic abuse hotlines. Police aren't the issue, its people. Police happen to be people too, again I reiderate my comment, you aren't blaming men because not all men would commit domestic violence yet you blame all Police and assume they are all violent. Stop the slander bro, its doing nothing but fueling hatred towards people who otherwise genuinely want to help people and again put their lives on the line for others. Selfless, compassionate, caring people. They aren't the monsters you are painting them as, again a few bad apples make them look bad, but we have to remember not all Police are bad. There are bad apples in all walks of society. Stop hating on good people who have good intentions and show some respect. Grow up


Nice edit. Very cute.




"Small dicks" is a metaphor. Kind of like the funny girl who tells guys to "suck her dick". It's not literal. I just can't... 🤦‍♂️


How is the smear campaign going against the deceased. I mean, these were obviously " bad people, evil people " and PIGS just can't kill evil enough.


Really love seeing some intersectional, LGBTQ-inclusive fascism. I guess the 40% of cops are wife-beaters statistic doesn't just apply to sunburned, goatee'd, Oakley-wearing chuds.


So two weeks paid suspension?


I assume she feared for her life.


Let’s wait for an nypd spokesman to encourage us to withhold judgment and remind us of how stressful this officers job is….even as they smear anyone else who did the same and invent a fake history, like bath salts use or some shit…and the weak “we don’t condone violence in any form” statements. Fact that this officer is apparently a gay Asian American woman-not exactly fitting “the demographic” is powerful evidence of how strong police culture is and what that culture encourages, namely lawless superiority complexes and inflated self worth/justification for irrational response/violent mfers


See that was her mistake. She should’ve done that shit *on duty* boom qualified immunity they can’t touch her.


So you didnt read the article did you


Lol nope. Apparently I didn’t read the title right either. Pronouns corrected.


There is no reason to note off-duty. No one says off-duty teach slept with student. If they are employed as a police office/sheriff/etc they are a cop.


So true…how many times have you heard pigs say “we are never off duty” to justify butting in where they don’t belong?


Don’t google “40% of cops” whatever you do


Got to love a good game of clue


Pigs will be pigs will be pigs.


Do they mostly hire unstable violent psychopaths to work in the NYPD?


It's a question on all of the tests in the academy. If you answer no, you won't pass.


This particular case does so much damage to so many parties involved.