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Anyone notice how he -didn't- shove the armed ones?


he wants the armed ones to shove him first but it's kinda funny that while attempting to provoke a reaction out of the armed ones he proceeds to push over everyone else


Also funny how mocking someone for carrying a rifle and thinking it makes them intimidating. Kind of a self own if you ask me...


Do you think he said the same thing about Kyle Rittenhouse?


He kept harping on the "ooh so scary" sentiment but I'm surprised none of them said "we're not here to look scary, we're here to shoot back if anyone wants to start shit." The all black and such is so anyone on the fence would tend to take them seriously.


>Also funny how mocking someone for carrying a rifle and thinking it makes them intimidating. Kind of a self own if you ask me... Super hypocritical considering armed people show up to protest/intimidate folks at drag shows.


Will if that's not a statement about this whole over arching issue...














Agreed 🤝


The guy he pushed could have pushed back. But it was not carte blanche for the group. You’d also need video of the whole incident. He could paint it as feeling threatened by the group.


"My feelings do NOT care about the facts!"


LOL more irony ...he feels'' threatened" by a bunch of gay people.


You forgot to say “in Minecraft”




Or even that one guy who was unarmed and bigger than him.


Yep - he’s a wuss.


People like this disgusting clown is why I have 0 faith that humanity can properly self govern. People like him specifically.


"Not actually able to stand up for what they believe in..." They have guns and shit dude. If that ain't standing up for what you believe in I don't know what is.


"Look at them, hiding behind masks like cowards..." Like you guys didn't wear masks after Jan 6th lol


It's like they forgot that the *very right wing* KKK is famous for wearing masks.


They didn't. They consider the KKK to be old stuff unrelated. Nevermind the vote blockers from Arizona looking like an upgraded KKK reskin.


THey also still stick to the story that since the KKK was founded by the democrats that its still run by them. Totally ignoring the fact that the parties completely switched sides years ago


During the Civil Rights movement!


Which is such a bullshit stance when you look at [voting trends for the former Confederate states](https://imgur.com/a/9aJRCww) ([source](https://ballotpedia.org/Presidential_voting_history_by_state) for the data).


“The slave owners in the civil war were democrats!” “Fine. Since I’m a democrat let’s tear down their statues.” “No wait…”


no you see the KKK were politically members of the Democratic Party so that makes them left wing ANTIFA


And they know that they have targets on their backs. Imagine the hysteria that would happen if a shooter actively targeted up church. Oh, it’s already happened Dylan roof did it they didn’t seem to care because it wasn’t the right type of church


He doesn’t even realize the irony of making fun of people with masks and guns does he? Amazing.


how can he? people like that are hypocrites through and through they have no self-awareness no self-reflection they're completely oblivious. the ironic part is everything he's making fun of the right has been doing for years.


He actually realises it a hundred percent IMO. Alex Stein is a professional troll, he doesn't believe in anything and he knows he's spewing bullshit. I've seen him in many contexts and he constantly changes what he supposedly believes and how he behaves based on the reaction he wants to get. These types of people are the absolute worst in my opinion because they are sometimes even not biggoted at all in their private lives, but are willing to throw away all morals for money, clout and possibly power. But I doubt even fascists would take a person this unlikable to their party ranks.


Yea, a lack of empathy is nothing to be proud of. A lack of empathy is like a virtue to them.


Empathy, kindness and understanding are all character flaws to them. Fatal weaknesses.


He looks like a baby who's 40 years old. Impressive. I have no idea how the gunners didn't react, even when he shouldered an activist.


Honestly, they should have reacted to that. He walked in and physically assaulted someone. The only reasoning I can think of is that they know full well who the police will side with even if they have it on video that he attacked someone unprovoked.


No, they certainly should not have reacted to this 100% non-threatening idiot. They are there to protect —with force if necessary—trans lives. Not egos or feelings


He physically assaults a person, knocking them to the floor. That’s not harmless. The person he pushed comes within inches of smacking their head on the wall behind them.


He should have been subdued right then. Not struck, not assaulted, but subdued and held down.


Problem is between what ethically should happen, and what lawfully and socially is allowed to happen. This guy knows what he is doing, any violence towards him would be another Ngo tweet serving to rile further violence on the community and trust me that the brutes chomping at the bit to take a truck to a crowd are on a hair trigger and will kill with impunity. It's a disgusting stalemate, with the affront coming from the right. It's the adult version of the school bully with his surname on the building.


Then where do you draw the line? How far do you let a clown like that go before you push back on him?




Keep the guns. It's either they make jackasses of themselves, or corpses of us.


If a left winger had tried this it would have turned into a brawl in thirty seconds. Those guys have way better discipline and respect for the weapons they’re carrying than right wing shit heads do.


If he did this with the police they would have had a discipline failure.


Their body cams would also mysteriously fail for the next 10 minutes.


I think you mean they would’ve had a paid vacation


Speaking of discipline, they actually handled the guns properly unlike the maga larpers who sit there with their fingers on the trigger and point their guns all over...


These people are carrying guns because they want to be left alone. The right does it for chaos


With so kuch had crimes happening to groups of people right-wing media fear-monger about while mass shootings keep happening around the US - it's necessary to be armed.


I like the silent treatment far better than telling them to fuck off. Righties just use a clip of someone yelling at them as a sound bite to show how RaDiKaL the left is and then use a clip of them being shoved or hit to show that the left is just unadulterated terrorism. The silent treatment just makes the right-wingers there look like the assholes they are.


Proud of these two for their discipline and demeanor. Fuck fascists!


I’m a hard ass anti fascist and if I had the opportunity would be in black with my AR right next to them. But god damn these dudes are more intimidating than the maga nut balls. Dude has fuck around and find out eyeballs. I’m not sure I’d be able to maintain that level of discipline. Good training.


After that shooting in Colorado we all need to be packing heat for assholes like that shooter that get inspired by fucking pricks like this dude


The shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, is the grandson of CA Republican assemblyman Randy Voepel, a MAGA-ite that compared Jan 6th to the revolutionary war. He had been previously charged with three counts of kidnapping and threatening his own mother, with a homemade bomb, yet was still able to purchase weapons because somehow those records were sealed and didn’t cause a red flag alert. The January 6 incident, Nancy Pelosi‘s husband, yes, Kyle, Rittenhouse, etc. they’ve always been violent extremists on both sides, but the GOP called it selves. We are all domestic terrorist at CPAC. They’re downplaying, mocking and flirting openly with these killers as well they feel that traditional family values are under attack. Every metaphor is violence with these nuts. It’s always an attack on Christmas and then attack on Christianity or we need prayer warrior warriors.


“He was on our radar.”…


I am so glad that people are finally seeing this.


Whether it was true or not, I read in one news story that the people who rushed the shooter beat him with his own gun. I appreciate the irony and bad-assery of that approach. (Not condoning violence, just appreciating the karma of it)


I'm doing my part!


I detest guns and have never owned one, but am slowly starting to change my mind on them after seeing more and more of this shit.


The fucking legends who stopped the shooter were all unarmed. And they beat the lord's dookie out of that fuckwit


never trust a person who says I love you to piss people off






These dudes look bad as fuck, fuck this guy.


He even sounds like Tucker. Awful time to be alive.


Antifa is arming up now!?!? Awesome. If the gravy seals do it as an intimidation tactic, so should the left.


The largest gun control in us history happened because Reagan was scared of the Black Panthers open carrying. Armed minorities are harder to oppress.


This mans instagram is a cesspool of hate


"The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance


Funny how antifascists with guns never seem to kill people or at least nowhere near the same rate as "lone wolf conservatives" with near homogeneous media diets. Must be the liberal media not reporting all those antifa murders /s


Man with a face like that this bitch boy life must succckkm


its funny how he tries to make fun of them wearing masks while in the same breath he would dickride his clownish friends, those patriot front assholes, walking around in khakis, carrying batons and obscuring their faces. hes so utterly asinine lmao.


Funny how conservatives suddenly dont care about “right to bear arms” when it’s the left being armed


I mean it's sort of always been like that. Reagan pushed through gun control in California when the Black Panthers decided to arm themselves. The NRA is also fine with gun control if it's aimed at controlling POC. "Rules for thee, but not for me."


Well it is the "right" to bear arms. Didn't say anything about the left.


I’ve always fucking hated this guy


What's his name? Im not watching this babyface troll


Alex Stein or as I call him, Asshole Shitstain


"Domestic Terrorism. Domestic terrorists—a phrase typically used to denote terrorists who are not directed or inspired by FTOs—have caused more deaths in the United States in recent years than have terrorists connected to FTOs. Domestic terrorist attacks and hate crimes sometimes overlap, as perpetrators of prominent domestic terrorist attacks have selected their targets based on factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity. White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism. Lone attackers, as opposed to cells or organizations, generally perpetrate these kinds of attacks. But they are also part of a broader movement. White supremacist violent extremists’ outlook can generally be characterized by hatred for immigrants and ethnic minorities, often combining these prejudices with virulent anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim views. White supremacist violent extremists have adopted an increasingly transnational outlook in recent years, largely driven by the technological forces described earlier in this Strategic Framework. Similar to how ISIS inspired and connected with potential radical Islamist terrorists, white supremacist violent extremists connect with like-minded individuals online. In addition to mainstream social media platforms, white supremacist violent extremists use lesser-known sites like Gab, 8chan, and EndChan, as well as encrypted channels. Celebration of violence and conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles." [DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR COUNTERING TERRORISM AND TARGETED VIOLENCE](https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/19_0920_plcy_strategic-framework-countering-terrorism-targeted-violence.pdf) [Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the U.S.](https://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/right-wing-extremism-linked-to-every-2018-extremist-murder-in-the-us-adl-finds) [Right-Wing Extremists Killed 38 People in 2019, Far Surpassing All Other Murderous Extremists](https://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/adl-report-right-wing-extremists-killed-38-people-in-2019-far-surpassing-all) [Domestic Extremist Murders in 2020 Overwhelmingly Linked to Far-Right Extremists](https://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/adl-finds-domestic-extremist-murders-in-2020-overwhelmingly-linked-to-far-right) [Far-Right Extremists Responsible for Overwhelming Majority of Domestic Extremist-Related Murders In 2021](https://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/new-adl-data-far-right-extremists-responsible-for-overwhelming-majority-of) [Trump Cited As A Motivating Factor In 81 Murders And 7 Terrorist Plots](https://mavenroundtable.io/theintellectualist/news/update-trump-cited-as-a-motivating-factor-in-81-murders-and-7-terrorist-plots-JL1pSBucv0OSGgGvL2XFPQ/)


He looks like he wants to be Tucker Carlson, acts like a know it all bully who never grew up. I hope the lack of reaction to him ate him up inside after he left, living rent free in his brain.


eBay Tucker Carlson


*99 Cent store Tucker Carlson* because he ain't worth a damn or a whole dolla twenty five at the Dollar Tree 😂


Assuming Tucker is even worth much anyway.


Wish brand of cucker tarlson.


So when they are armed to defend themselves they’re “stupid little babies” but when Kyle crosses state lines with an assault rifle he’s sone kind of “hero”


Fascist bootleg Walter Masterson


Walter Masterson, or Alex Stein? I’ve heard both names thrown around this thread.


Walter masterson does it against the right, by simply asking questions that lead them to look stupid. He never tried to incite violence. He does a wonderful job at creating parody by making mocking examples of right wing talking points.


Yeah, Walter Masterson is like "The Good Liars".


He doesn't walk into innocent protesters and knock them over, right?


That's some good trigger discipline


Antifa don't do this shit to Nazis because we all know that Nazis will shoot with far less provocation. He only gets to do this because antifa don't just go around murdering people the way Nazis do.


That is interesting. This twat is from close by. What's his name? Alex what?


Alex Stein. He’s a huge piece of cat shit. I fucking hate his face


Alex shit stain


He wants to be tucker Carlson so bad. We could be witnessing the birth of a new mental disorder.


Props to armed comrade on the left, doesn’t need a gun those eyes be shooting bullets


This guy is what you get when you order a Fucker Carlson from wish.com


This is what reading children’s books looks like in the USA.


douchnozzle, finally I'm not the only poster who uses this awesomely descriptive word! Also fuck-knuckle would be ok as well


Chucklefuck is another good one.


So if im wearing a mask and someone instigated physical contact im not just standing aside. Someone should have forcibly removed him


Oh, it’s that guy who became infamous for sexually harassing and shouting racial slurs at a members of congress. He still has all a YouTube channel because they are perfectly okay with allowing bigotry on their platform.


He looks totally brainwashed. Vacant eyes. All the talking points. This is what those folks over at r/qanoncasualties see in their loved ones. Pretty scary.


You know what drives these guys up the wall? I've been in this kind of situation at a demonstration providing security. The guy started spouting self righteous Christian "love" and forgiveness in sarcasm like this guy. Quote relevant bible verse. Ephesians and the book of Matthew have many passages that forbid sarcasm, taunting and general douchebaggery. It made this big tough guy with wrap arounds incensed I could quote his own holy book against him. All warriors should strive to be scholars, as your mind is the weapon, everything else is just an extension.




*in Minecraft, Don’t want to get a Reddit strike




I work with a guy that watches shit like this. Today I got to hear about all the martial arts he was trained in in the military. Guy is scared to death like a lot of guys like him. I've stopped putting any stock in their crap




“Arts and crafts time”? What kind of an insult is that? Lmao right wingers are fucking stupid


Looks like he was really trying to get a bad reaction out of them and just got silence. This pisses off righties off a lot because it doesn't even acknowledge their presence nor gives them ground to scream victim. They only had guns to protect people from hate crimes since mass shootings keep happening and there's so much hate being built up toward LGBTQ people in the media.


People like this are responsible for the shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. When are we going to wake up and tell them where to stick their paranoid ideas?


Relavant: https://twitter.com/theonion/status/504314225150685184?lang=en


Anti-Anti-fascist = fascist = Nazi How can you be a fucking Nazi and not want to off yourself from the sheer disappointment.


"I'm here to investigate the violent groomers!" \*pushes unarmed protester over\* "OFFICER DO YOU THINK IT'S WEIRD THESE PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS? STUPID GAYS AMIRITE AY OFFICER?" \*officer shows visible confusion and disgust\* "YOU WITH THE GUNS, YOU PROBABLY ABUSE YOUR KIDS! WHATCHA GONNA DO? SHOOT ME!?!?!" Honestly this guy's behavior should be considered harassment, and the motive being hate. Harassment is a crime in many places, his motive was hate, he should be charged with a hate crime.


With the clip-on tie his mom got him for his 34th bday.


Just another stochastic terrorist hoping his shitheel antics stir another "lone wolf" into action.


That nose needs some elbow


Pretty sure shoving that person to the ground is assault. Since it’s recorded they should press charges.




That will only give them what they want and paint armed leftists as bloodthirsty or incompetent.


Dont give him free advert time, hide the grifters names.


Antifa tends to be liberal and aren’t they DEFENDING this event if I’m not mistaken?


Imagine if people pulled this shit on every church ?


why is this dweeb cosplaying as tucker carlson


I feel like If I had to encounter that personality, I would just keep following him asking what his latest scam is to bleed money from his audience and why he doesn't tell his audience how much he lies to them. Be on him the whole time getting up in his microphone repeating that until he freaks out or starts straight running from me.


I’m glad Antifa successfully kept the pedophile out of story time.


Hey isn’t pushing someone to the ground. Assault?


If you want to burn more of your braincells, this man has debated Dylan Burns multiple times, including on this exact issue, and no, he really has nothing aside from a vague feeling its icky and believes the propaganda hype that everyone they dont like might sorta be child abusers by default. You know... Exactly what you think this guy would be.


This guy definitely fucks kids.


What a chode. Years later he’ll learn he’s a cuck.


This is what repressing sexuality does to people.


Should loose his job


Was this before the Colorado Springs shooting?


This guy has been doing his troll-grift for months at least. He’s been trying to become a right-wing celebrity.




This guy is such an insufferable wanker




Nice of him to tape and post himself assaulting people, if only [ Removed by Reddit ]




Lmao the fucking nerve of his comments. If I just gave you the quote out of context "oh look they're sooo tough hiding behind their face masks with their little guns" who would you imagine I'm talking about?


He was there to get numbers. His other channel is an 'after hours' channel. Spoiler, he's happy to wear a mask/muzzle on that channel.


"They're scared, they have their guns and their masks," okay, go to your little Nazi event and lick their boots though because they're proud Americans.... With their guns and their masks


My guy seriously just walked up to a bunch of dudes with pride flags on and started moaning and shit. My man is down bad today


I do not have the temperament to ignore that. He's everyone's little brother not touching you 3" from your nose. I hope he gets everything he's ever deserved, with interest.


Going out of your way to plan to insert and film yourself at an event just to show off how much you don't care or aren't bothered about the event doesn't say what you wish it said about you. Luckily conservatives have shut off the part of the brain that figures that out long ago. Also not sure why so many conservatives think it's a big flex to start acting really weird and pretending to be overwhelmed with happiness and not caring, like you see in Karen videos too. This only works on bullies who are trying to get a rise out of you, not just people who are annoyed by you and wish you'd leave them alone. Well, and you don't really need to act batshiat and staying as close as you can to them to show that they aren't getting to you. They really think that gay/trans/lib/Jewish/etc people exist just to annoy them and assume everyone else is a bully like them.


I almost had to buy a new monitor...


He keeps yapping about masks. I guess he doesn’t realize his Nazi friends with their khakis are always covering their faces.


Trapp from Um Actually fell off hard, didn’t he?


This weirdo smiles like Hyacinth Bucket.


It is baffling that men my age behave like this degenerate. Talk about stunted. Arrested development. Legit second hand embarrassed.


Man these guys have better control than I do. Thank god I don't have a gun.


I cant believe there is an actual audience of people who enjoy this guy... imagine how hateful and miserable their lives must be


I find it horribly un-ironic that he complains about them wearing masks as if the right doesn’t show up armed, wearing masks to hide their identities places as well…


This is Christian-Bale-in-American-Psycho vibes. But a baby face douchenozzle kind.


This guy is dollar tree vanilla non dairy ice cream personified.


Sounds to me like he is anti 2A


More than anything else I hate how this trivializes the very real violence being doled out with impunity against marginalized people. I cannot fathom or relate to having so little empathy and taking such joy in wonton cruelty.


Garbage person.


He should go back to his job of selling aluminum siding, then trying to pick up Hooters waitresses after work.


That guy he tripped had the full right to self defence.


"i love you guys-" *Proceeds to say very offensive and hurtful things about them*


These mouth breathing shit stains still can’t tell the difference between drag and trans.




Lol does it dawn on him that this is exactly how we feel when they play military dress up


He displays signs of mental illness. Can you imagine this person as a partner, or worse … a parent?


And this is why I hate conservative media types


GreatValue Tucker Carlson seems to have plenty of free time post-divorce


Imagine this chubby turd telling anyone anything


Hiding behind masks? Lol


That looked like assault to me.


Gotta applaud their discipline and self control.


I like how he only shoved the smaller guy without a weapon. Very interesting.


Yeah it's not a surprise he had to do this after getting publically trounced in a debate by a gay man. He had to feel important again.


A lot of fucking around - one day he will shove the wrong person and get to the finding out part.


This is what happens when you order tucker Carlson off Wish.


Those people are massive chads for not responding to provocation


I would describe in detail what needs to be done with that selfie stick, but it would violate subreddit rules, so I will refrain.


He’s like if tucker Carlson had a failed clone that didn’t mature mentally past middle school


How to habe your head so far up your own ass that you miss just how badly you look mocking people standing guard so folks can just exist.


No response, even verbal, from you the armed folks is based.


Who’s this clown?


I don't know who this guy is and I'm happy about that. He gives off fox news small dick vibes really bad.


This poor man needs counseling and likely medication. I hope he gets help soon.


What a sad little boy. Crying for attention.


Mfer looks like a fatter Fucker Carlson