Outside of the obvious mess of it all I hate that all she can say about each child is based on looks. She needs therapy. Today.


Calling any child “My Lover” is never gonna sit right with me.


This might be the reason I stop following their shenanigans. This stuff is so disgusting and suspicious it makes me physically ill. I hope that little one goes to Grandmas and is never given back..


It's almost like she's advertising the lil girl. Big fat nasty bitch.


U follow them ?




If I remember right, Mandy grew up in the system. Grandma prob wouldn’t be any better…


Did she? The pictures she posted of her parents seemed to imply they were middle/upper-middle class normal people.


Her friend, Cashlynn, posted one time about Mandy running away from the group home she lived in. I think at age 14 or something. I just assumed she was in foster care but now that I think about it, group homes could be for behavioral problems as well as other things so maybe not.


Yep. She could just be innately criminal in her nature. It happens. I've met a couple of middle class brats who were like that. Committed to being "badass". 🙄


Omg I knew this guy in high school who grew up in the richest part of my city. His goal in life was to sell drugs and live in the projects 🤦‍♀️


You know all of those stories about child stars being dropped off and left alone with predators because their parents are so desperate for them to become famous cash cows, and you think “What type of horrible parent would do that?” Mandy is that parent.


She's so ugly that she goes overboard on the looks thing with her daughter. The lover thing is creepy af. No doubt she'd use her daughter for money


And adding filters! So ridiculous


Wtf, this is bizarre


It’s really sad because she is inadvertently teaching her child that sexual and physical attention and compliments are primary for her ego and self worth. Do you notice how she doesn’t mention what a good little reader she is? What hobbies she might have? She is literally projecting her “hot girl” wishes onto her little girl. And it’s fucked up. This poor little girl will undervalue every other asset other than the physical. How tragic. I’m sure Mandy has the mental age of an 8 year old.


My lover??? What in the actual fuck is going on here???!!! I also noticed she puts fake lashes on her daughter. How old is this little girl, again? Mandy reminds me of this case i heard of on YouTube. I believe it happened in Alabama. The white mother, about Mandy's age, maybe a tad older, had a beautiful 5 year old biracial daughter. Obviously the mother was a crack head. She ended up 'loaning' her 5 year old fucking daughter out to her drug dealer/pimp/whatever else he was. And he ended up sexually abusing the little girl and strangling her. Omg, just thinking about the case makes me sick. But i could see Mandy doing some sick shit like that mother did. The way she makes her daughter pose and fixes her up. She's playing with the devil.


I just saw a documentary on her, little girls name was Kamarie.


Yeah that's the one. Kamarie Holland i think her last name was.


Any grown woman trying to live by curiously through their daughter is a red flag. But we already know Manly slow so this behavior dont surprise me. Poor thing has nobody in her life to tell her how much of a sorry bird she sounds like online I stopped following her awhile back homegirl needs a dictionary app in that phone.


*vicariously. I usually would never point out spelling/grammar mistakes but this one is pretty egregious.


That's for catching that text to talk sometimes gets it but other times it doesn't.


I thought they meant bi-curious, thank you for clearing that up!


Same!! 🤣


This is disgusting and borderline kiddy porn. Something needs to be done asap.


Honestly this needs to be reported/ she is turning into Hilaria Baldwin with the inappropriate behavior


Oh gawd. Don't get me started on that "Spanish" weirdo!!! She's so ugh...


Yikes….being overweight her entire life, you would think she would teach her child that looks are not what make you worthy of anything. She could care less if her daughter is intelligent or learning common sense as long as she knows sex sells. Smdh


Wtf ?


Wtf is wrong with her?! She's one of those women who call their babies "sexy". I use to know a group of women who did that gross sh**.