2nd Player PS4 - Characters Gone

My daughter and I have been playing Minecraft dungeons for a couple of weeks now. We've made it to level 23 or so.

We tried to do local co-op today on my PS4, and she had no existing character. She had to make a new one.

What happened? Her character still exists - I can select her as first player.


Thanks to whoever downvoted this. I'm just trying to figure out the problem, and I haven't been able to find answers via search.


Same happened to me and my bro, no clue on what to do


I think your confused. There are 9 levels, and the game has been out for only a week.


I bet he meant character level 23, of which there are plenty.


What exactly do you mean? You say she has no existing character, but then you say her character exists as you can select it? Can you clarify what you're experiencing here?


Yes both are own main profile it's fkn crazy. Just happened to my daughter and I. Both our characters are under her profile now. And mine is gone so confused


Im also experiencing this with my son. He does not have a psnetwork account and that may be the issue. If he is the one that starts the game and I go to join second player, we both can see our characters. If I'm the one in first player, when he goes to join second it is gone. I'm trying to create him a psnetwork account, but now it's stuck on a glitch where I can't pay the 50 cent processing fee and keeps looping me around to enter my card information. Just wanna play with meh boy! And not have a 6 yr old as first player haha


I’m having the same issue with my 8 yr old son. We started local co cop, me on my PSN account (P1-paid) and him on his profile (P2-not paid, no PSN). We make characters and play for a few hours got to lvl 10ish. I had to take care of some stuff so I set him up to play by himself. He logs on to his profile, launches the game and lo and behold, his character is gone. I log in as P2 with my account and it turns out both characters are selectable on my profile. As P2, I can select either of our characters and as P1 his only option is to start over. We relog, this time with me as P1 and him as P2. I can select my character and he can select his just fine. Looks like we are stuck having to play co op and my son has no option that I am aware of to play on his own profile and progress his own character.


My son and I have just discovered this bug as well. Both accounts are free psn. The game was local online co-op. He joined my game we played for a while and he was logged off through the PS4 power menu, not logged out of the game itself, if that helps anyone. When he went to go play later on and his main character no longer exists. I've tried finding his main, as others have described, with no luck. Looks like he will be starting over. Sure hope this gets resolved.


Same issue - kid upset. Signed the secondary player out of any PS accounts and was able to then join again and select the existing character.


Me and my wife have our own accounts but only I bought the game, we played co op with our own accounts, the next day her character was gone but saved on my account. This is because she did not purchase the game...and the reason only 1 of you are getting trophies during co op, am I right? Because its Mojang, I suspected this and bought the game on her PSN also. Both characters now save and remain at their level. That's just how Mojang does business now, like garbage. Sorry guys.


PS4: Me andy son built our characters and beat the game on easy and normal and was moving through the next difficulty and one day we logged in and my character was gone!n Is there any way to get my character back!? He is lvl 100 and I was just behind him!


Dude the same thing just happened to me and my daughter we got to lvl 40 and now can't play anymore cause I think all my characters are gone definitely my main. Wtf. This is crazy. Now we can't play help?!


Dude we played the game off and on for over a year. Mostly off lol but we would pick it up and play and have fun and never had any issues now this wow I'm not starting over. And I can't play my character on her profile. They need to make it to where you can share characters.