Episode IX should’ve doubled down on the canon-defying from The Last Jedi

Episode IX should’ve doubled down on the canon-defying from The Last Jedi


I don't remember who said this, but someone who hates The Last Jedi once said that they wish Rise of Skywalker would have catered more to that film, as then at least the Last Jedi fans would be happy with Episode 9, but the movie we now got is in this weird middle ground which made no one happy. I agree with that guy. If only I remembered who said that.


I agree that it should have taken more risks like TLJ, but I disagree that TLJ was canon defying.


Rey literally has Jesus-like healing powers in IX. but yes I wish they wrote a more original/creative story for the “last” chapter


Rey has the healing power that Palpatine tempted Anakin with to save Padme.


TLJ doesn't 'defy canon,' it just doesn't agree with some fans' headcanons of how things should be. And to be fair, TRoS does give us zombie-Palpatine, telepresence lightsaber fights, and a teleporting lightsaber. It does do some wild new things, itself.


While I agree that we should get more movies like VIII, I don't understand how anything in that film broke canon.


(Sigh) I don't agree with your premise that TLJ breaks the canon. I also don't agree with your premise that TROS didn't build on any of the more novel concepts introduced in TLJ. Rey and Kylo have a lightsaber fight while one of them is in orbit and the other is on the ground. Is that not crazy enough? Because it seems pretty damn crazy


TRoS does backpedal on some interesting things that TLJ was setting up, but it definitely leaned hard into the dyad in a really interesting and unique way. That at-a-distance fight is as imaginative as it is gorgeous!


I don’t even like TLJ and I know it’s not canon defying


Holy shit that’s stupid. Like, even more stupid than TLJ. Which is hard to do.


To me, a near beat for beat remake of an earlier better movie isn't "trying new things". Reverting the universe to Empire vs Rebels to do a ESB remake is the opposite of trying something new, no matter how many cheap twists (sorry, "subversions of expectations") are pulled on the audience. That is always such a strange defence of TLJ to me.


I mean it starts w tfa really a remake of anh. Ultimately just an unthought out trilogy w no real arc or plan from the start.