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Since no one seemed to answer your question about the position to try it in. First top lays on his back, you sit on top of him in the cowgirl position. Try to keep your knees forward as much as possible. Second top comes behind you doggystyle.


First of all, be prepared that you may not be able to handle it. Ideas are often much sexier as thoughts than when put into action. That said, if you want to get serious about trying DP, practice with toys first. By yourself or with your bf using a toy as he fucks you. Also, prepare yourself for the fact that you may need another top with a “skinny” dick given your mans dick is rather thick. For myself, I began being DP’ed about 4 years ago. It started with my husband having a bit of a cuck fetish. We have 2 friends who are very close to us as FWBs. They all wanted me to take two at once so I tried it. I learned that I can’t take the two FWBs at once bc they are both thick. But I can take my husband and one of the other two at a time. I also sniff poppers when getting DP’ed as it loosens you up significantly. It’s still very intense don’t get me wrong but I love pleasing them this way (just not all the time!)


This. It’s crucial that one dick is less thick but long.


Exactly! They have to be different sizes for it to work well.


For DP to work, both tops need to be pretty hung. A lot of length is needed to get in and stay in from that complicated angle. Your BF’s got it. But his girth! That’s what you’ll struggle with. My only advice is to practice with a big dildo, and believe in yourself. And if I ever condoned poppers… Just have fun. I’ve been a top in a few DP threesomes. Feeling the other top cum inside first is extremely high on the list of hottest things I’ve ever experienced.


Yeah, it would be easier if it wasn't with him, but after eight years, you don't get a lot of first. We got a friend that I think he got what it takes, but I want to be ready and know what to expect. What dildo would you suggest?


I don’t know one dildo brand from another but do you have one already? If so, use that one, just to warm yourself up, and then graduate to a new one that is thicker than your bf. No, on second thought, any dildo that’s thicker than your bf will also be monstrously long, and that’s not what you need. A thick butt plug is what you need! You need to keep it in for a while, like an hour, just sitting on it doing desk work or something. You can’t do that with a monster dildo that’s too long to sit all the way down on.


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My only advice is to make sure at least one of the Tops has done this before, and he should probably be the anchor. What has always worked for me when i introduce a bttm to dp is me being the anchor. I would lay on my back, and I would have the bottom mount me in reverse cowgirl. That's when their back is facing me, and their face is face toward my feet. I have them ride me for a bit, getting relaxed and loosen enough to lean back on top of me where their pelvis is moving in a up and down movement instead of a back in forward. When my cock is sliding in at an angle I should be opening you up enough for another cock to work their way in


Whats dp


Double penetranted


Ah ok, thanks


try it with a dildo


Hip or core body flexibility on the part of the bottom is important. You need to be able to lean forward in a way that juts your ass out for entry by two dicks at two different angles.




I really don't get the appeal at all!