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I spit my coffee out


It's a turn on for a lot of guys. Including me.


Okay so as a bottom who finds this experience HUMILIATING… why does it turn you on? Just so I can logic it in my head lol


I’m a bottom taking a guess but maybe just having some extra audio to the motion helps? Like similar to gaging when they deep throat, it’s not usually a good sound but in the context


Hello how can I get a chub too let me go in I've seen chubs with ass that look like pussy holes I wanna try it im embraced to ask but I want a chub


That's why it's hot. I might tell you you're gross too, but don't take it personally.


Okay so you like that it’s humbling lol


I’m in the same boat and my bf told me he likes it because he feels like it means he has really gapped me.


I used to be mortified by it. But one top knew how to do it to push a lot of air in when he's fucking you. He'd always make me push it out when he could feel there was a lot. Wouldn't even stop fucking me. He'd actually fuck me harder every time I pushed the air out. Don't know the point it became a turn on for me but eventually did. I still feel embarrassed, but way more turned on when it happened.


Like the other guy said, as long as it doesn't stink and it usually doesn't because it's just air going in. To me it's hot af. Just a slutty feeling to know my bottoms opening up and my dick is stretching him. Listen to that bussy talk 😂


It's validation that I got good and deep. Sort if a compliment. Like burping after a meal... feeling satiated.


Firstly, regardless of turn on or off, it’s good to get the air out, cos otherwise in can course cramps and discomfort. And in doggy it’s practically impossible to prevent anyway. I think most Tops who like to pull out and “check the damage” would find it a turn on.


It’s normal. Even 🐱does that.


It's normal. Don't worry about it


I have had that happen to me aswell and I always thought it’s a turn off for tops. But apparently (at least for my tops) it’s not. They actually really enjoy it when it happens. Some even asked me before if that happens to me easily because they like it.


Turn on for sure. Love hearing that hole talk back.


I try not to be obvious about it, but if it happens it happens. I always say the top put the air in there, they don’t get to complain about the natural consequence of that.


It’s a thing that happens with butts and anyone who makes a big deal about it is immature


It’s butt sex, if a guy complains about it, then he should avoid having butt sex. As much as we want to think of a butthole as a pristine cavity, it is not. And if it’s just trapped air, then it’s more than justifiable. Even if it’s not, and it’s gas and it comes out in an accident, there’s not much to complain about it. It happens and both top and bottom should just get over it (just like shit accidents). Again, it’s butt sex, shit and gas might happen. Trapped air is the least concerning about it all.


One guy, as he was going keep saying you're nasty


If he really thought that, he probably would have stopped or not drawn attention to it. I'm guessing it was like, pig play, or he just likes being degrading and finds it sexy. He might have been immature though if he was laughing or made a big deal about it. Let someone know if you don't like what they're calling you.


While embarrassing, most guys ignore it, while one actively encouraged it.


It’s hot


I do recall one of the first guys just keep saying oh you're talking to me


When that happens I just tell the bottom some thing like “I’ve got that pussy talkin to me, huh?” And keep fucking. It’s honestly kinda hot. Like a audio cue to know you’ve opened your boy’s hole up real good. Then pull all the way out and go all the way back in to make him do it again 😈


You are my kind of top. Wow, I'd let you have my bottom anytime


I like it. But I'm a bit freaky


I’m so glad to hear the tops who like it. What a relief! I agree with OP


I'm relieved with you


My husband does it sometimes and we laugh about it. Women also sort of fart sometimes from their vaginas it’s called a quif. It’s all part of sex and anyone who has a problem with it isn’t worth having sex with.


I'm sure in this situation it would be considered a "Queef" and not a fart


Slam your cock into my Fat GAPING Wet Ass GUSSY Bussy … it be talkin’ and spittin’ , queefing from big juicy cocks😛😛💦💦 * dirty cum farts for cum sluts *😈


I fucking love it!!! I always encourage them to fart for daddy; sometimes i even pull out and push the air back and so they can fart it out on purpose, when they feel embarrassed I put them at ease and tell them it’s just trapped air, not to worry I’ll go even deeper 😈


if you can name it, someone has a kink for that


Happens to me. My boyfriend has a big dick so when he’s got me in doggy and he’s enjoying himself I sometimes fart when he pulls out. Air gets in there and it’s going to come out. Especially happens if he pulls out and goes back in me. It’s all part of sex, if a guy is grossed out by it then he shouldn’t be having sex.


Exactly how it happened with me


When the guy is pulling out then going back in it forces air in you. It’s bound to come out


I like it myself. I just wasn't sure if they did


Normal sounds of sex so I’m sure most tops aren’t bothered by it


Not bothered here. Top dad and drill my boy deep. My cock head can be like a piston and disturb things in both directions. Things happen, clean up and keep drilling. My boy did spring a leak while our dancing after a big deposit from me. He likes to carry it around and must have been having too much fun.


Damn this is too hot


It’s 3 a.m. and I’m wanting to pump a load in him.


My top pumped a whole load of cum into me yesterday. I might be pregnant


Are you a load holder?




Gotcha, not everyone does. I know a boy that aborts after a breeding




Babe, just let it go. Instead of clenching weirdly to keep in a queef, focus on how you can please ur top w ur hole. That fart is ur chute trying to let something out and you should let it happen, we tops won’t mind.


Thank you


Turn on. I have a fem boy that text me sometimes “can i fart on daddys dick later?” Turns me the fuck on


I mean it happens, I haven’t suffered with it too much. But depending on how the top is fucking, if he’s pretty much pulling out and ramming back in, then it’s bound to happen.


It happened to me few times. It was embarrassing for me


Vers here, but have been bottoming more lately. It never bothers me, but a few of my regular tops recently just fucking LOVE it. They all say the same thing: it makes them feel like they are fucking me good and deep, like the force and depth of their dick is wrecking my hole. These are also guys who love to see my hole wide open when they pull out. I would call these guys full 100% tops.




Never trust a fart.


I dont fart. I hold it in lol. Its embarrassing to fart on my top. It usually doesn't cause me any discomfort


Babe, just let it go. Instead of clenching weirdly to keep in a queef, focus on how you can please ur top w ur hole. That fart is ur chute trying to let something out and you should let it happen, we tops won’t mind.


Thanks dear ill ask him about it.


How do you possibly hold anything in if your hole is getting fucked?


I don't know how


Some dicks are worse than others at ramming air inside you depending on how he fucks. I’ve experienced a few times it was so much air so fast I had to stop him to let it out because the bloating was very painful. It is embarrassing even like that. I’m exhaustively clean so that’s no problem. I just hate blowing out all the cum loads down my legs in the process. He might like that smell. So much at once. That’s even more embarrassing!! About as embarrassing as having them sucked out by a surprise ass eater, but I digress… 🥵🐿💦👅


As someone else said, pussy does that too. If your top is bothered by it then you can tell him if his dick wasn’t so big you wouldn’t be having such things.


It's very hot to see my bottom slightly gaped and hearing the air coming out, as long as there is zero bad smells or shitmarks. I love playing with his hole when it's pristine clean, any drawbacks in smell or sight or taste (yes he has to eat my cock mid-fuck) means for me we have to stop


If I'm getting it doggy and the top takes it out and pushes it back in it seems like I get pumped full of air.


it happens, thats just physics. Dont like physics? Well... bad luck, people.


Personally, I love it when my top can make my ass sound so nasty


this is just message for people who dont like it. Just to let them know, that physics exist


It’s natural. Everyone in the gay sex life should know about it. It’s funny sometimes when it happens repeatedly in a quick fashion. Something to laugh about during the pillow talk.


The latest guy I've been hooking up with makes my hole sound like a non-stop fart machine


He must have a fat cock and he's fucking you deep. I don't like when my bottom farts on my meat, but early on I had one that told me I need to expect it if I'm going to dog him that deep. I tolerate it because I craved being in his guts.


Yes, he is thick but only about 7.5




It really turns me on when it starts. I just don't want to say anything . I want to, but i don't want him to think I'm a butt slut


Would love to get my dick farted on 😩


I do it sometimes when fucking my bottoms. Love the sound and feel of a farting boy hole all because of my fat cock 😉