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Why is this specifically to bottoms? Lol tops do it too.


Right?? Top and bottom means 1 thing: whether you’re sticking your dick into someone’s asshole, or someone is sticking their dick into yours. It has nothing to do with being dominant or submissive, giving blowjobs, liking cum, etc.


probably Vers or ambivalent tops - idk if it's a local thing where I live, but some of the tops I have met feel icky at the thought of kissing me once I have sucked them off 🤷🏻‍♀️


Ok, yeah it’s your area, tops who won’t kiss you because you’ve suck them off, don’t deserve the BJ in the first place.


I’m a top and I love it. When I cum on his chest I stick my dick in keep on fucking him l get my hand in my cum smear it over his face and kiss the fuck out of him while I’m pounding his ass.


Sure do


When i play with my butt i will, and if asked to by my top


I had a guy that liked me to stroke our cocks together and cum on his cock, then blow him . I loved sucking his dick with my cum on it.


Sounds mmm.


It is delicious. As a bonus it makes me feel more submissive to clean my own cum off of him as I continue to serve him.


well when my Top asks me to do it, how could I say no? hehe - in any case I spent a pot of my teens swallowing my own and playing with it in my mouth to get used to the taste, texture and feeling - it really is an acquired taste you know 💁🏻‍♀️


You’re allowed to say no to something the person topping you asks for if you’re not into it.


Yes I have and do it all the time. i love my own cum


I let her cum in my mouth then I spit it in her mouth


Whatever pleases him. I just want his load too in both holes.


I almost always swallow my cum regardless of if I'm asked to or alone


I’m a strict bottom. I’d swallow cum breakfast lunch and dinner and nothing else if I could, yum!! Couldn’t bring myself to lap up my own other than to dab a taste of pre cum tho. Dunno why. It doesn’t seem different than everyone else’s. No top has ever asked me to though, but it takes several tops to get me there.


I always do


I do it almost every day since like 13... do you think I care ?


Yes I have.


I love eating cum. I've been doing it since I first started touching myself and wishing it was another guy's seed. Still do it today.


I have to be in a mood to eat my own. Was good at doing it consistently for a while. Not so much anymore.


I wish you man. I used to jack off regularly just so I could swallow my cum. I still love the taste, but I find myself doing it less and less.


I often lie on my back and flip my legs up over my head and wank off with my mouth open. And yes I swallow as much as I can catch.


Yes I would he is the boss . Yes I have


Yup. Specifically a dom


Oh man... I covered a bottoms back or face or whatever and gone to see how pinappley I am at that point... It's all protein innit.