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It will change your relationship forever... maybe for the better... maybe not. Do you want to roll those dice?


She finds it extremely sexy. I’m confident we will be great.


I've done this. If you're both on board check out the swinger community.


Talk to your wife, what she thinks about it because fucking another man and being fucked by another man is a different thing. Like the other comments mentioned, it will most likely change your current dynamics of your relationship. Seeing you being dominated by another man might spark some change in your wife’s mind or fetish.


Not all fucking is dominating. There is such a thing as being a power bottom. There is also such thing as just not incorporating overt power dynamics into your play, or both dudes treating each other as equals. I’ve been fucked by a guy, but I took that dick like a man.


“i really want to get fucked by a man”: it sounds like you are ready to bottom so there shouldn’t be any fear about that aspect of it. if you’re able to include her in it (for instance, like a spitroast where you’re eating her out while you’re being fucked), i think you will be able to integrate it seamlessly. if you exude pervy confidence throughout you will be more persuasive about it.


My wife watches me, and loves it. She also enjoys pegging me and that's where it all started before moving on, might be a good place to start if you have not already with her watching you with toys or using the toys on you. But I agree with other comments, it will change the relationship. With luck for the better


Can you elaborate how it will change?


Well for mine (married 10 years) it started out as just playing together with other guys this last year, so she could watch and enjoy all the sounds and environment and be included in the pleasure. She has since started taking class on poly relationships, and even though right now she does not want to go out solo she has started sending me out solo. When I come home she is always super horny. Our relationship has grown stronger because we talk a lot about our feels as it's needed when having the relationship open to others even if it's only sex. Some other changes which effected me the most is feeling or comfortable (something I noticed recently) I had always sorta keep my bi bottom desires bottled up and it would build up over months, then really need her to peg me or just play with me with. My desires have just leveled out to equal guys and her all the time, and feel better about talking to her about it after she started watching me enjoy it. Also sex drive has increased in both of us.


There are things that can't unsee and that will make you change how you think about someone. Again, maybe for the better... maybe not.


I've been a 3rd in a lot of these situations, and from my experience, one of two things will happen. It will draw you closer or drive you apart. You might want to ease into it with double bjs and more play first. It's going to be different for her to watch you get completely taken by a man so you might even want to get the first time out the way without her