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The CDs I know at bathhouses all say that wearing lingerie actually tends to net them less action. I feel confident in saying that most gay men are attracted to masculinity so it makes sense to me.


Hell even a jock gets me less action.


As a bottom, I've found few tops that want something like this personally. I think it's a little more niche


Well this top likes to see y'all in lingerie but I don't pretend to speak for everyone.


Not for me. Jock straps and singlets. Women’s clothes turn me off personally.


Even jock straps and singlets feel like drag to me. Like it’s dress up. I prefer just a natural man


Singlets maybe but I wear a jock to workout. It’s like masculine lingerie haha


From personal experience, my tops seem to lean towards jock straps as my undies of choice lol I think because it shows how willing I am and easily accessible Personally I love thongs so much more. The way fit around my hips, show off my thick legs, thin waist and how my fat ass swallows them. Their pouches tend to fit much better too than jocks. Most of the jocks, I got no room, except for some Andrew Christian’s Recently I’ve been experimenting with fishnets, the medium to larger holed ones. And the tops have been loving them I want them to rip them open and go to work on me, but then I’ll be going through them like crazy 😅


I can most definitely confirm this! 😋 more jocks please!


Lol what’s the allure? Takes the dick out of the equation and shows they’re a real anal slut? Probably also so you can use it as like a harness for leverage ;P


It doesn’t take the dick away, it packages it and everything else I want in a neat gift wrap. Arse is perfectly framed and displayed so it more revealing but standing they’re hole isn’t exposed. The cock is packed into a nice tight bundle for me to fondle, stroke and expose when and how I want. In addition to all that yes, you can use the straps as leverage 😉 Plus I hate lace and netting in general and the flowery patterns? 🤢


Gotchu, so you like controlling when it comes out and when you can really take him to pleasure town. No not lace. Not a fan, I’m sluttier than that ;P The fishnets with the big holes. Super revealing, can see all of my skin cause it’s pressed tight up against my whale tail lol


Absolutely! 😛 the fact that it’s ‘hidden’ from full view but still shows enough is just like a big tease. Build up gets me excited for the big reveal 😉 You big whore! 😂 each to their own I like a little more tease than just putting on display. They say the strongest sex organ is the brain 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ok that makes more sense. You sound like a fun top ;P Hey, if you’re gonna be a slut, you might as well go all in ;) Hmmmm a little more tease like if you came over to cuddle and I was wearing a big baggy t-shirt and a tight little jock underneath that you could see until you lifted it up? ;P


Well thank you 😂 That sounds perfect! Baggy T-shirt with a nice jock underneath for a surprise, I’ll big spoon you, grab your arse and notice the straps and suddenly get very turned on 🤤


Sooo, where are you buying fishnets? Are some better quality than others?


Absolutely. Leg avenue seems to have some decent stuff. The ones from ali express or ali baba (Asian brands) are cheaper if you buy them from those websites, but do the trick. Just tear easier. Some sellers on Amazon buy those whole sale from there and mark up the price slightly. You can tell because they come in generic packaging with Asian lettering on them, as opposed to leg avenues packaging


Nah, I’m a bloke into blokes. Jocks yes. I would also say you speak for a minority not a majority.




My bottom craves being feminized. I was actually surprised, but it makes him so happy, so what the hell.


Probably cuz we are the ones taking his dick xd ​ Oh wait, its the muh equality queens brigade xD


Yeah I mean I get that we are all guys here, but It's a pretty feminine thing to arch your back to take me deeper and moan as I stuff your hole.


I'm not into feminine underwear but I like jockstraps and thongs designed for men. but if I had a top who wanted me to wear it then I'd probably do it :P




I'm a bottom that is completely turned off by crossdressing.


It really depends, some guys are into it, others aren't. Im personally very homo-orentated so I prefer jockstraps.


I am usually turned off by lingerie especially stockings. I want to fuck a man not a woman or crossdresser. When I see guys in lingerie it send a mixed signal to me. If other people like it fine for them. I know some do. It seems many more bottoms like than tops. I see bottoms all the time in lingerie. I rarely see guys asking for man in woman's clothes. I like my men to be dressed in men's underwear and customary men's clothing and be attractive in it.


Whatever shows off your ass that's what I want to see you in just my preference


Love wearing silky panties or a nighty. Love getting it ripped off and have it slid in. It better than a pussy so it needs lingerie.


I’m not saying you’re wrong for liking what you like, but I don’t think it’s nearly as popular as you think it is. I for one would look ridiculous in lingerie.


I agree with you, but it’s not a popular opinion among completely gay guys… I’m bisexual, and I love it. But most of the totally gay people I’ve met actually hate the femininity


In my relationship it's the top who likes to dress in women's clothes. He's a masculine, demanding, somewhat misogynistic,guy. He often jokes that "only real men wear knickers". As for me, he prefers to keep me naked.


Bottom here. I actually love wearing lingerie and I'd love to wear it for someone besides myself. But meeting people can be hard, especially with social anxiety. I just want a dominant, gentle partner to take the lead and make me his submissive slut.


I personally don’t understand why lingerie would ever be chosen over a jock.


I'd be pretty confident in saying that most of the tops who prefer bottoms in lingerie are bi, not gay. I am bisexual tho, so I guess I'm bi-ased.


While an individual decision, my idea of lingerie is a jock. I’ve had a boy tell me he gets action in fishnets.


I’ve been surprised by the number of tops that I’ve remained in contact with that enjoy seeing things like a lace thongs or fishnets, even a stupidly short miniskirt. I think it’s more to do with the slutty symbolism than cross dressing. It’s usually not something they confess to early on though. Again, shame and stigma holding us back.


I wish more tops were like this. Even though I’m muscular, I do look good in lingerie


the closest thing i'll wear to lingerie is a jock strap. i'm a sub but I'm not a woman and won't pretend to be one


> I think I speak for a lot of us on here when I say that it's the perfect outfit in the bedroom. But not all of us. Definitely not all of us.


No No No. This perpetuates the myth that a bottom is not masculine. The bottom is the GIRL in the relationship. If it’s what you like, go for it. But do not tell other bottoms to act like a girl.


Bottoms, wear lingerie if it makes you happy If you are wearing it to entice tops, ask them first. I can't speak for others but I find lacy thongs or whatever deeply unsexy so this is a case where communication is DEFINITELY key.


I personally find lingerie and women's clothing to be a huge turn off


I'm already a convert to the masc version of lingerie, a jock strap and high socks. If it turns on my top I'd be so down to try the fem version, thigh-highs and panties. I want to find something silky with a built-in hole for fucking, and I've seen vids where a short skirt adds to the hotness.


I like lingerie but too expensive


I find it hot honestly I’m not sure about everyone else


As a bottom, might as well try one. Thats a nice insight


Absolutely not. I can’t think of anything more disgusting as a secure gay man. Im not into anything female when wanting or having sex with another man. A man wearing women’s anything is a total boner killer. Jock straps, tightly whiteys , boxers, and especially commando all work great for me. If that’s what you are into, great. No judgement but I think you’re way off in thinking any sort of majority of gay men have this kink.


This may be true for bi men, or sexually desperate straight men, but it's more of a niche kink in the gay community. I have a feeling most gay tops who want their partner to wear anything would prefer a jockstrap to specifically women's lingerie.


No thanks. I'm attracted to men


Fuck no. if your dick in my ass is not fem enough go see a pyschologist


I just started to really get into lingerie. I personally like them on a smaller frame guy with a muscles booty


As long as you wear something that accentuates that bulge from across the room I’ll wear whatever you want


Always do


Hey if the dom top wants it who is the bottom to refuse uwu


The only thing I wear are jockstraps. Wearing lingerie and other fem like products would have to be bought for me and then I'll consider it haha


While I do agree with the whole the more clothes you wear during sexy times (lingerie), the more tantalizing imaginations your partner will get undressing you mentally, not everyone finds it “sexy”. I did for my Fbuddy all the time, but when I suggested it to other Fbuddies with my pics, 99% don’t want to. Maybe most guys in my circle like the whole “male on male” action that makes it seems I wanna a be women during the fun times (which maybe to them defeats the purpose of two “MEN” going at it). Oh well I do have an outfit for anyone who are interested but I never came across another one who would get a kick out it.


As a bottom who likes wearing lingerie I appreciate your post and feel seen


This, but in nine-foot-high flaming letters.


Once a bottom realises that straight top alpha men will fuck them if they dress bottoms will start preferring to dress as a female and be in sexy lingerie x


"Straight" "alpha" tops are literally the worst. If I wanted to get fucked by something that didn't care about my pleasure at all I'd just put a suction dildo on my washing machine.


And most gay guys aren't really into the whole idea of a human flesh light either. We are attracted to the whole dude, not just the b-hole.


They don't need to care about my pleasure. I orgasm handsfree from them fucking me anyway. They give me huge pleasure just being themselves x