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Switch it up throughout. But top three positions are: 3. Spooning. This feels like a very loving and passionate position to us. 2. Prone. I can slam him real hard, and he can be complete relaxed and just take it. 1. Missionary. Eye contact. Kissing. Lets my cock get real deep. I guess really these are my top three for unloading inside him. We enjoy a lot of others for various other reasons.


Agree. Spooning is usually how it starts for me and if the top has a long dick then we can finish like that and it’s great otherwise it switching with me being on my stomach and the top on my back. The second is bent over a couch and third would be missionary


>Missionary. Eye contact. Kissing. Lets my cock get real deep. Yes! I all but insist on the traditional woman's position for getting fucked!


My fav is on my back. If the guys dick is hitting right I will cum hands free while getting fucked good. Doggy or face down ass up is also great.


The best position for me to fuck is my bottom bent over something like the bed. I get in and rail them, and I love it. ESPECIALLY when it hurts them but they let me go to town anyway. When getting fucked, I like to either ride or be on my back. But my top has to jerk me off too. No matter the position, I'm still the boss.


As a bottom I like doggy or bent over. I enjoy being mounted.


I like all positions but finish with his legs up so I can drop one deep in him! Then we sleep and I start pushing on his hole sleeping side to side. I call it the “wake up call.”


Fuck. That’s hot


You like breeding dads?


Hmm yes. What you describe is my favorite thing ever. Getting a load in my and then falling asleep spooning. And letting his cock press against my ads and feel it to slowly grow until is hard and feeling it’s way around my slippery ass … I’m usually half awake at that point and grinding my ads against the cock until it finds the hold and I get fucked again. Load me up all night like that daddy.


It really depends on the top and his dick shape and what he likes to do. All things being equal, doggy is my go-to. I'm not a big fan of being on back with legs up. But I will try it if that is what the top wants. I usually ask what position the top likes and go from there. I will sometimes request a change if I'm getting tired in the current position.


I like a bottom who can ride so me on my back and them riding. I enjoy it cause I like seeing their faces while they ride. And there Is something to be said when a bottom cuma from riding on my abs


Love being ridden especially by bottoms who know how to ride at a nice rythmm and enjoy themselves as they do


I love doggy feeling him grab my ass and hips feeling his balls slap against me. Hitting my spot deep I love the feeling of my dick getting hard without stroking but from my hole being stroked. But I also love missionary laying on my back legs spread open especially when he's thick and long that feels so amazing... that's my favorite postion to touch my self and cum in well he fucks me!


Hot stuff


Love multiple positions for different reasons. Bent over reminds me of first time. Have had lots of tops like to fuck me on my back edge of bed them standing. Love to ride and grind down, that is till legs give out. Doggie of course, Missionary , watching each other as another man enters me !!!!


*I like him to hold my legs back or in the air while laying on my back and fuck me. *I like when he grabs me like under my chin/neck with both hands and fuck me good and hard. *I like when he puts me on my stomach gets on top where he kinda pins me down


My bf and I love to do it with me face down so he can pound me hard into the bed


I like a twinky bottom held down with ass popped out, aa good arching back that let me view the hips. I love dicking it down. I love it when he calls me daddy asks me to fuck his bussy.


Doggy style. Its the perfect view for a top, all the asset are there. But for extra points, add a mirror in front of the bottom so u can see his facial expression while ur dicking him down.


I have and he loves it


If it is up to me I am riding all night! close seconds are laying face down on the bed or doggy- so fucking hot taking it as hard as he can give it. damn I need cock now


Ride off into the sunset


yes, please!


I'll gladly let a bottom who knows how to ride take the leaf


Hmm, well let me show you how I work it... take control if you feel the need, but I think I got this


I'm still waiting for that demonstration


Go right ahead I'll gladly let you do your thing


Sounds great!


I seem to always end up, on my hands and knees, face down ass up being drilled hard cumming or pissing all over, then when the top is ready to shoot, they grab my hair, pull out of my ass, spin me around and either blast my face, open mouth or they cum in my mouth and down my throat… then I try to keep them hard to go again. I have ridden guys, taken them in my back and standing, but most get me on all fours..