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If somebody is going to allow me to penetrate them then literally the bare minimum least I can do is make sure I give them what they ask for. I listen to ques from the bottom to let me know how they want it


If a bottom boy chooses of his own volition to tell me what he wants, of course I’m happy to oblige him. But I’m not generally going to ask for specific ideas what a boy wants from me (“a little less conversation and a little more touch my body”). I lead the sex and am confident in my ability to read him properly and my skills to give him a good experience. I know this is no problem for the boys I fuck, because they invariably want it again in the future.


I don't think about it at all. I just think about how many times I can unload in him.


As a bottom this pleases 🤤


Why does the top having no concern for YOU please you?


Power play/domination I suppose. Getting off on being used.


I was abused. I totally do not understand your point of view. Not that I have to.


I mean I’m not sure what you want me to say, I am sorry it happened. But what I’m on about is a fairly common thing amongst straights and gays and everyone in between, being “abused” in consensual sexual Role-playing is totally nothing to do with the type you suffered. It’s role playing and a power/domination thing which is a fairly well known kink.


I’m not asking you to say anything. I just wonder if somebody can say something to make me understand it. Because abused and consensual just are total opposites in my mind. If a guy gets rough with me, the session is over. No negotiation.




As a top who knows bottom boys well, I know that mentality from a top isn’t actually what you want. It’s what you want to emotionally _feel_, yes, and a good top _will_ make you feel that way. But actually delivering that feeling to you while also pleasuring you is a different ballgame than just fucking away without consideration of the bottom’s experience. The person you’re replying to is almost undoubtedly an inexperienced top, or if he’s experienced he’s not doing an adequate job.


F - I'm going to get off whatever so I see what the dynamic is and listen. If they want it harder they'll let me know verbally or by backing up. Definitely not there solely to shoot my shot though.


As someone that spans from mild to wild, pleasure is about all of it. The only reason anything should be actually painful is if the bottom wants pain. Fucking can bring discomfort, big cocks can hurt a bit while getting in, but once an ass accommodates we shouldn’t be in the pain realm anymore.


Not so. There are lots of ways to progressively advance sex over the course of the sex, and each advancement (pushing the boy further) can entail a little bit of pain. I agree that too much pain at any given point isn’t good. My goal isn’t to hurt the boy. But there can absolutely be bits of pain as the sex progresses, especially when the top has a big cock that can be used in more varied ways.


All of the above? The specific cadence depends primarily on what I want to do in the moment and how the specific boy is responding. I’m hyper-focused on what my bottoms are experiencing and how I’m feeling, both. I find that variety and switching things up is a generally good tactic. Some things I can vary during the sex: - positions - angle, depth, length, and forcefulness of my stroke - my attitude and demeanor (demanding, caring, loving, asshole-ish, etc.) - my level of aggressiveness vs. gentleness - the amount of ‘pain’ I’m inflicting - the words I choose to use - how and where I use my hands, lips, tongue, teeth Bottom boys crave men, obviously. And there is maybe nothing more male than a nice balance of gentleness and power/control. My objective is to make him _feel_ used for my pleasure, and it’s my responsibility to make sure he’s enjoying it too. Keeping him on his toes (so to speak, not literally obviously) about what might happen next is a great way to make a boy feel out of control of the situation. I also want to push on his boundaries a little bit (obviously consensually). That’s a good way to make him feel used and out of control of the situation too. That almost necessarily means he’s going to experience some pain during some parts of the sex, but I know he’ll adapt and appreciate that I pushed him after a moment. It’s easy for me to push a boy’s boundaries because I’m naturally dominant and, well, my penis is huge. And obviously I’m having fun while doing it, making sure it feels amazing for me too, and making sure he knows it by freely verbally expressing myself.


I don’t think of any of these things, but I do have a pretty big dick, so I generally am wanting to make sure the guy isn’t in pain, unless he’s told me beforehand that he wants it to hurt, but in my experience most guys who say that, don’t mean it. You get these virgins on Grindr saying they want me to slam my dick into them, but that just shows they have no understanding of the kind of pain that can inflict.


It's a weird poll because A pretty much covers all of them for me. Meaning, if he's responding to the way I'm fucking him I'm going to keep doing that. He'll tell me what he wants by how he moans or grunts in response to me going slower or faster or deeper or harder.


I take it slow and steady until they're adjusted to my size. Once I know they can take it I do what feels good for ME. I fuck slow when it feels good and I fuck rough when I get carried away. It's never really my desire to inflict pain, but sometimes their ass is gonna take a beating while I take what I want. If there's genuine pain or distress though I ease off or stop if needed I like bottoms who are very submissive and really enjoy being used rough like a little bitch. So really at the end of the day it's mostly A or C for me. But honestly it is a major turnon when they're submissive enough to grit their teeth and hang in there and keep taking it for me when I'm pounding on them and wrecking their ass until they're whimpering and crying in the pillow


For me I’d only agree to receive for #1. That’s one big concern for me is if the top get into the fuck-lust state, the plan could go out the window.


A- I guess. It depends who I’m fucking and what he likes but none it involves pain.


A all the way. i wanna hear the bottom moaning in ecstasy and saying "yes yes yes fuck me" and stuff, i wanna see his mind gone in pleasure. i make it my mission to find just the right position and angle to push his cum-button. really big on foreplay and teasing and rimjobs too, i wanna get him so horny he begs for my dick. when i'm feeling really good in there and i get close to cumming, i can kinda lose control a little bit and pound as hard as i can, but for a warmed-up bottom it seems that usually feels really really good so it's still A. all the way 😜


A, definitely A, why would I want to hurt my bottom unless he specifically asks me to and it still wouldn’t be anally. 😳


A through D all at once.




When I top .. I slide all the way in the first time I need to know what I’m dealing with u can tell if they gasp or run. I dont try to hurt them. I always please myself first . There job is to please ms they know it’s gonna hurt a little .


All of the above