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>So my theory is that men who bottom typically climax handsfree or have an anal orgasm from over stimulation, which happens after a long pounding. I want to know if that’s the case or what? Nope. Some guys are built for anal orgasms, some aren't. The type of stimulation or duration isn't relevant.


Ah see that’s the type of thing I wanted to know. I always try to make my partners experience that and I feel weird when I can’t.


Don't feel weird. My partner will cum hands free about a third of the times I fuck him. It's only happened for me three times in my life... and I've had sex with well over 1000 guys.


Yep, I can’t get an orgasm from anal alone. I can come a little close but doesn’t happen. I just get hard and leak


Yup, my boyfriend is like that too. He gets hard and pre-cums a lot. When we finish I ask if he wants to bust his nut but he usually says he’s satisfied enough already and doesn’t need to cum. I assume he already orgasmed in that case lol


Sometimes I cum during it if I use my hand or I’ll finish myself off after or sometimes just let it build up more lol if I don’t cum then I want it the next day again


Same. I leak like a faucet but no big O.


Yep I can leak almost as much as some after cumming lol


My theory is that you're just an amazing top. I mean, 5/8 recent bottoms have anal orgasms? You're definitely doing something right. Keep it up, man!


Thanks but it takes forever sometimes. Would want a quicker way haha.


Yeah I don't know that many bottoms that can anal orgasm like that. I want OP to demonstrate it to me


There is a large mental component to anal orgasms, from my experience. When I first started bottoming, it felt good but I never climaxed. I then read up on guys who could have full anal orgasms and they all say that same thing, you have to relax. It's hard because sex is this intense experience for us, especially for men. You need sexual tension to get hard enough to fuck. For an anal orgasms, you need to relax and accept the penetration. Once I learned that, I could have them with most guys I've been with. The more comfortable I am with someone, the easier it is for me. Going back to your theory, I think you may have just worn down their resistance and fucked them so long that they got comfortable enough to relax. Once they gave into the pounding you were giving them then the fireworks happened.


I’d sure love to try, practice makes perfect!


Sign me up for the jack hammering you could make a bitch fall in love haha


That’s what I’m sayn after an hour I’d have 4 full body Orgasms I’d resemble a Cerebral Palsy Patient. Mmm keep it up


Simply Fucking with the mind set of giving us an orgasm is a huge first step. We can tell and that puts me on the launchpad


My dream to make a bottom cum hands free, anyone wanna practice with me lol


Yeah. I can


For me personally, I don't get hard during anal sex at all. But 6/10 times, when I meet a dude with great fucking skills, they can make me cum and pee (a tiny bit) while my dick is actually soft. Literally pushing out cum from my soft dick in my jockstrap. So I'll have a wet jockstrap filled with cum after sex. Most of the tops I meet get really shocked that I cum handsfree while soft cus they usually get bottoms with hard dicks that cum hands free. Every bottom is different. 💪


Im what you would call a power bottom. I can go all night unless you make me cum. Once i cum, it's all over so i try not to. If my top is hitting the right spots i don't want him to stop and see can make love for hours.


You can get past this. I was like that and made myself go at least 5 more minutes and now 10 A row no joke


Different for everyone I guess. If a top starts slow & fucks me like I'm a delicate flower I may enjoy myself but I'm not going to have an assgasm. If a top grabs me and tries to split me in half and pounds me hard from the moment he starts I'll have one in the first minute. I love the pain of being brutally entered when the ring hasn't had time to relax and hasn't been stretched yet. That spasm of pain as my body tries to reconcile the invasion is pure bliss to me. After that I'm just putty in the tops hands to abuse or use.


That transition is the most powerful sensation from pain to absolute Elation


There needs to be more people like u


>Those who put up with the pounding begin getting spasms after 20 mins and soon after, they clench uncontrollably and think they’re gonna pee themselves. Omg this has happened to me before. The guy I had been messing around with had an upward curve and was thick. I swear every time he'd push into me and rub up against my prostate I'd have the instant urge to pee 😂. This would happen within 5 mins tho. I had no idea I was getting closer to the Big O. He also mentioned how much my ass would push him out too lol. I haven't had a man with a curve since, so I'll see if I can recreate the sensation with a curved dildo.


[This is the prostate massager I use.](https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/p/mantric-rechargeable-remote-control-prostate-vibrator/a37969g70282.html) I have a plethora of toys, dildos and plugs but I always keep coming back to this one. It’s just perfectly designed to keep hitting that spot over and over. I used to fight the urge to pee, but now I just put a towel down and let it happen and it feels AMAZING. Highly recommend picking one up. I also tried [this one.](https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/male-sex-toys/prostate-massagers/p/lovehoney-high-roller-remote-control-rotating-prostate-massager/a42638g76716.html) It was great also, however it stopped working (assuming water got inside when I was cleaning it). LoveHoney were super helpful and refunded me my purchase and asked me to dispose of it.


Thanks for the recommendations! I have something similar to that first one, but the remote doesn’t recharge via cable. I’ll take a look at these though


For me he has to be hitting the right spot several times, idk how to explain it and it doesn’t happen to me all the time 😥


Doesn’t have to be twenty minutes. 3-7 minutes of steady rhythm pounding. Sometimes 1-2 minutes. Depends how horny I am to start.


Every bottom is different, but a lot do crossover. Some may get off from hard deep rough continuous thrusting, some may not. Some may get off from lighter thrusts where your pulling it out to the edge and then sliding it all the way back in. Some may like it where the head just keeps going in and out rubbing against the prostate and not full deep penetration. Some may like it where you stick it all the way in and grind or pump them with it fully deep. Some may feel it better if their legs are up and they’re on their back. Some may feel it better lying completely flat on their stomach and you’re straddling them. You just have to pay attention to their body language and moans to see what really takes them to that ecstasy and keep doing it. And if you can find a couple different ways that gets them, mix it up between the two Personally, the way you describe is what gets me. And I can take it and keep going/want more. But I also built up to that and play with myself like that. The first time a top took me their I wasn’t ready. I had to ask them to stop or slow cause it felt like I was gonna pee and I could feel my hole pushing them out, but then I wondered what happened if I pushed through that. That led to me squirting and shaking uncontrollably. Similar but different than a pure prostate orgasm. But for me to keep going and take it like a good boy, I also have play with an 8 inch long 2 inch thick dildo and got use to hard fast deep thrusts. I also have a high tolerance for pain/intense sensations so I can see how not every bottom would be ready for this and could tap out after one time or before they even climax.


I think it may be situational, who and how a guy is fucking the bottom. That’s how it is for me and I’ll explain as best I can. I topped for over 30 yrs, and I found that some guys do, some guys don’t. I fucked well over 1000 guys and I didn’t find that a long fuck or a hard pounding made the difference, in fact there were times I’d duck two bottoms at once and threw both of them an expert fuck, and sometimes one would have an anal orgasm and one wouldn’t. Since I started bottoming about 7-8 yrs ago I’ve been fucked well over 1000 times, I’m into group sex so sometimes I’ll get fucked 25 times in a matter of 30 hrs or so. I have had anal orgasms, but for E a lot of it is how I’m getting fucked, in other words it can be a mind thing: who’s fucking me, how they’re fucking me, when I’m being restrained by a few guys while one guy is pounding me and then have them switching roles. This is what I mean by situational, a lot of it is my head, how the situation is turning me on; maybe it’s that way for other guys, I haven’t been able to figure it out. I’ve got a pretty fat dick and I’m lucky in that I often stay hard, or semi hard when I get fucked, and I leak A LOT.


Hey, 51 total bottom here. You're a theory on bottoms, hands-free Orgasms is right. Exactly how I've had them given to me


Honestly, a finger in without all the thrusting makes me as soon as it's in.


For me, the circumstances to cum hands free have to be just right, and very very few men are the right size and shape for it. I need about 6in, thin shaft, but thick head. I cum hands free easiest when he’s deep enough that his head is pushing just against the opening to the second hole, but not quite in it. It’s usually when I’m bent over or on my stomach and it’s not the in out, but more if an upward thrust so the thick head head is just rubbing up against the second hole while the shaft is stimulating my p spot. It feels uncontrollably good. It’s a quick build to a climax, almost like it’s coming out of no where, but god it feels good


I love when tops have theories about how bottoms climax. You're close but your giving your dick too much credit.


Lol for real I’m lucky.. always been able to cum from anal relatively easily. The first time I had sex (technically second, since he busted pretty quick the first time), I was able to cum and it was the tops first time (errr second) as well. It happened most of the time we had sex like 9/10…. And had the same experience with the second and third hookups. It wasn’t until later that I realize it wasn’t a common thing, but I usually don’t have much trouble


Bro my whole mind is blown 1. Where the hell are there tops at like this in LA 2. I love the fact you please as much as it pleases u 3. SEE #1 lol


We’re here banging all the hot muscle bottoms :D




I think I’d be one that can keep up with you, I can do it for a long time. I don’t like quick sex, I like to get it for at least an hour. I’ve been pounded for 3 hours by a thick dick and was fine. I have never orgasmed from anal alone tho, wish you could try and use your technique on me haha I’d like to be able to cum like that


I don’t have a high body count, but the only time I ever came as a bottom was when the guy was simultaneously stroking my cock, while pounding me.


Where do I sign up? XD


> So my theory is that men who bottom typically climax handsfree or have an anal orgasm from over stimulation, which happens after a long pounding. I want to know if that’s the case or what? You’re pretty close, but I’ve been known to cum hands-free upon penetration too. I also think that you’re on the right track. I’ve been fucked by a guy for 3 hours and my hole was incredibly sore afterward. He told me his whole objective was to make me cum hands-free. It would have been much better having we broken that up into two to three rounds. I probably would have enjoyed it much more and still cum several times without my hole being destroyed in the process.


20 mins of jackhammering?? if only i could endure that 🥹🥹 5 minutes and i am already dust


It either happens or it doesn't. I've been with guys who never do but still get off thru jerking and guys who do every single time. I don't do anything different.


>Im trying to improve my craft to accommodate men who bottom that cannot take 30 mins of being jackhammered. Don't really have an answer to this unless the bottom might be willing to try a vibrating cock ring. Do want to say you pretty much described what happens to me, though. Feels like *amazing* overstimulation but takes a long time to actually get me to that point. Hard to find guys with that stamina.


I've never had a hands free orgasm, and I've definitely tried. Both from sex and with toys. A couple of times I thought I felt the feeling that could trigger it and it felt awesome! Made me leak like crazy, but never happened. Although I can cum easily using my hands while I'm getting laid missionary position.


Damn dude. Sounds like you need some case studies to figure it out. I volunteer for the control group


One thing I have learned about having longer sessions with bottom guys is that it is best to allow them to ride you on top as long as they can. Because if you try doggy style first too long... especially for a deep long stroke pounding....their body literally starts to shut down and swell.


dm me I would love to take 30 min of being jackhammered.


"I think you may have just worn down their resistance and fucked them so long that they got comfortable enough to relax." Yup. Twenty minutes is enough to makemy clenched asshole loosen up and for my anal nerves to "wake up" and start feeling intense pleasure.


i fucking need you as my top


Bottom here. I already know what sex position makes me cum hands free. I "command" the top to fuck me in that position; while I focus on my prostate and sphincter to initiate the orgasm.


I would clench and relax my ass; then repeat. I just know that it's coming. I also ask my top to not stop fucking me, to just continue with what he's doing. And then after a few strokes, I would cum hands free.


If I have a top that can pound for a while, I would worship him. Like literally he would be the most important person in life. ofcz a best friend in life outside, but when intimate times I am his sub to be pounded away ;-) Its pity I dont have that option. I am cum handfree lol sometimes can get spasms.


Repeated Ling Strokes with 8” or bigger at Steady pace. Don’t stop lol


I was able to cum hands free much easier when I used substances