Meanwhile, they ALL have complained that "nobody wants to work anymore".


What they actually mean is, “Nobody wants to work in an exploitive, ass-kissing, slave-like environment for starvation wages anymore.”


Why can't I exploit my workers anymore won't anyone think of the billionaires


$1.7T is an unfathomable amount of wealth/money. Even just $1bn is. As a fellow layoffee, I'm saddened for everyone impacted and hope they still have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season.


Keep in mind, $1.7T in reverse “triggers inflation” therefore sending it right back to the Ultra-Wealthy.. they create chaos to make these things easier to execute.. #EattheRich


The international drug trade isn't even worth over $1.5T. Turns out the "American dream" was really just about becoming the United Sefdoms of America during late stage capitalism.


It's also a fake number. They likely looked at a bit after the pandemic started to the peak stock values to get that number. Right now a ton of companies have lost over half their value. Those billionaires wealth comes from owning a bunch of their company's stock. All their net worth's are tanking too.


Yah like Elon Musk is down to $182 billion. But on the bright side he did [make $1.3 billion in the last 24 hours](https://www.forbes.com/real-time-billionaires/#c415f623d788), so still sleeping inside tonight, probably.


If one were a space alien looking at humans from a distance, and had been for centuries, studying our behavior, understanding our past and present, They would be absolutely baffled as to why we haven't already pillaged these assholes.


Any sane alien race would have quarantined our solar system with an impenetrable wall just for all the dark and evil stuff we have done to each other.


That's such and interesting idea. If they did, how would we know? Maybe they already did. But if they could, why would they even need to bother? We'd be less than ants to any species that could pull something like that off. But I actually don't think humans are that bad. We're young, like, super young for any species, and we are getting better despite what it looks like sometimes. Still, we are living through an extremely frustrating and dangerous time. It feels like we're standing on the precipice of another dark age, and though I'd be long dead, I'd really rather humanity not go through another of those.


If only religion were obsolete imagine where we'd be


Religion only came into being as a way to accumulate power and money. Religion still exists for those reasons. I wish the U.S. would tax the shit out of all the religions and their billions.


there's a couple of examples of where we'd be. ever hear of China, Russia (USSR-era) or North Korea?


ah the tired old fucking dinosaur boogeyman of communism. get w the times gramps dont you know the newboogeyman to rally the dimwitted is the drag queen groomers?


was this a reply to me? because I never mentioned communism. All it takes is an ideology that people don't accept deviation from, almost like a religion. militant athiesm coupled to a personality cult.


All comunist


I can't remember the name but there is a series of stories on the web about how humans are like superman to everyone in the universe, that we are the super strong beings and all other sentient beings are weak and fragile. Once it got known to the galaxy how dangerous we were they put up a barrier around our solar system, a field of some sorts.


[Fermi paradox!](https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/monkey)


I actually think they'd just obliterate our solar system to ensure we don't infect anything else with our toxicity.


I wish they would hurry it up then


Wealth disparity in the U.S. is worse now than it was in France leading to the French revolution. Only reason they continue to pillage us is because we're complacent. Voting is probably the biggest thing, but we don't have the money to influence politicians like the rich. But if you aren't interested in politics and see no use in voting you're part of the problem. We need politicians in that will actually go after corporations and will make laws to protect us, but y'all don't vote and let old people vote en masse for shitty politicians. Old people don't interact with the real world and live in a bubble of being confused about everything modern, it's easy to trick them into hate. Don't eat them out vote you, 5000 of them die a day, it's a numbers game.


Complacency kills.


Complacency kills, and the oldest tricks in the book still work on us.


I’m curious what you mean by “old people.” How old are old people in your eyes?


“Don’t eat them” Hmm, are you sure?


We have dramatically more distractions now. The biggest source of malcontent would be the youth, who are more than happy to just consume and imitate shitty dances on TikTok.


it’s true that young people aren’t voting as much as they should be, but i don’t think it’s correct to assume that they only care about inconsequential matters. in fact, data from the past 3 elections shows that the amount of young people voting is growing: > According to CIRCLE’s estimates, 27% of youth aged 18–29 voted in the 2022 midterms, the second-highest youth turnout in the last 30 years. https://tuftsdaily.com/news/2022/11/21/circle-releases-in-depth-data-on-youth-voters-for-the-2022-midterm-elections/ sorry if this is formatted bad i’m on mobile lol


Complacent because life is way better than it was centuries ago.


Trickle down is such a falsehood.


The right wing is worshipping Elon's layoffs though... because... never mind, zero logic beyond HATE.




the scary thing is, we're almost there. there's quite a few rich folks that are recognizing it and telling other rich folks to stop, they won't until it's too late.


When they let a cardiovascular bloodborne immune evasive level 3 biohazard rip through the population unabated and forced infection of children, many people woke up from the haze of capitalist disinformation. They made *everyone* the new out group so they could profit. The consequences of that choice will come home to roost, and French technology will be too slow and cumbersome to implement when there's so many more efficient tools available and in everyone's hands. We have a very dark future coming quickly, which is why we tell jokes about it.


I'll bite my tongue on my opinions about the whole wu-tang situation as it's too politically polarizing, but i agree about the humor, it's gotten really dark lately.


The science is really clear on it. [Here's a small sampling.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/research/coronavirus/docsum?text=e_condition:LongCovid) The public messaging is not, and people are of course traumatized by the realization their corporations, government, and doctors have shortened their children's lives, so we have more folks in denial and all the suffering that comes with denial style life. Mass suffering - It's part and parcel to the decline to feudalism we are experiencing.


Gravity knives


a modern union could use more socially acceptable lawsuits to fight abusive employers, without government shooting revolting workers.




Quickly want to point out that you can edit posts in Mastodon, unlike Twitter.


Was hoping that was real. Lol


It is, /u/rmsst62 just misspelled it. https://www.reddit.com/r/whitepeoplemastodon/


Thank you dear Citizen.


I wish it was more intuitive to use. It seems like that’s where everyone is going, or at least everyone in the twitter communities I participate in. But i signed up and it was like a million fairly vague groups you could join. I didn’t know how to choose


HT Guide [https://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/mastodon-tips-for-n00bs.html](https://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/mastodon-tips-for-n00bs.html)


for the most part, it really doesn't matter. you can always use https://instances.social/ or https://fediverse.party/ to find ones more relevant to a topic you're heavily invested in, but generally, you can find a more mainstream, populated server on https://joinmastodon.org/servers maybe someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but unlike twitter, mastodon servers generally don't serve you content on your main feed based on some kind of profile that's been built up in the background and can be sold to corporations later. you'll never see a "post you might like" and all that, because finding content across the myriad servers (that your instance hasn't blacklisted) relies mainly on #hashtags and following people whose content you enjoy. the Discover menu (Explore, Local Timeline, Federated Timeline) are the most you'll see of the greater community unless you search a hashtag and follow it. and i think that's the issue. twitter gives you all these easy ways to interact and find other people, partially for user experience, mainly for data harvesting and advertising. the mastodon framework, AFAIK, has no such features built in, so to build a community proper across the Fediverse, you have to use it in the way it was meant to be used.


I started an account a few days ago and it definitely feels like it's new and evolving. I hope it continues to grow...and I can figure out the best way for me to use it.


Daily Reminder: businesses DO NOT CREATE JOBS. They purchase labor on the market like any other service.


Like the slavers did.


That’s the same fucking thing lol wtf


It's about optics. "Job creator" is used to make them seem altruistic and that we should be thankful, like they're doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Buying labor shifts the perception, and now it's easier to get people to see that they don't have to be thankful for the bare minimum, they should fight to be paid closer to what they're worth instead of settling for a place that doesn't care about them


I am very fucking tickled to see Mastodon showing up on here instead of Twitter. If you haven't tried Mastodon, you should. The features are literally better. This isn't like using some shitty open-source alternative out of principle. It is literally a better system with slightly less polish and without the userbase. But the userbase is growing rapidly and I cannot be happier.


User guide :) ​ [https://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/mastodon-tips-for-n00bs.html](https://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/mastodon-tips-for-n00bs.html)


"Tax" is a weird way to spell eat...


Even if you tax billionaires, the politicians they own or otherwise control would still direct where those funds would go. Taxing billionaires is necessary, but almost a pseudo solution. Human society should eliminate billionaires/kleptocrats altogether, just like slave owners and dictators, through statute and criminal law. Imagine if humanity hadn't developed laws against murder. Obviously, murderers would own and control everything. Currently, humanity has not developed laws against [social murder](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_murder) or kleptocracy. Claiming property rights in excess of 100 million dollars should be defined as the crime of kleptocracy and/or social murder, and it should be a capital crime and a crime against humanity. Just like getting rid of dictators, getting rid of kleptocrats is a question of social evolution. Beyond that, we need to reform our corporate system to deal with the "petty kleptocrats" who aren't quite billionaires. https://truthout.org/articles/critics-of-capitalism-must-include-its-definition/


Imagine if Elon donated the $44bn he wasted on Twitter.


I don't think i've ever heard of a company layoff that didn't occur around the holidays. When times are fat you don't even think about it but the second the stock tapes a dump it adds an undercurrent of stress to everything.


Thank you for posting from Mastodon good redditor! Have a nice day.


Why not a call to tax millionaires there are many many more of them oh wait that would include your favorite politician and we can’t have that can we


Tax them


Yes! And audit their bank accounts to find how fixed income government employees somehow make millions of dollars in office and made stock trades that just so happen to correlate to upcoming legislation


I feel like 10 million or so net worth is easier to go after. Of course I have much more sympathy for someone living in poverty, but there are still some working class families that might have a lot of children with college funds and such that are a $1 millionaire. Too easy for the Dems and Republicans in Congress to point to those examples as a way to make the entire thing sound out of touch


Tax? Nah - that was 2011. End billionaires. Seize their assets, redistribute to thr workers.


Based. I'm out of patience. Give me the means of production.


Taxing billionaires is a good start but we really need to have them torn to pieces by machinery of their own making


That's not gonna go far as they don't make anything themselves.


At this point everyone should go full Robin Hood, just heist every billionaire worldwide simultaneously and distribute the wealth like Mr Robot... Looking at you Anonymous.


We need to end the concept and existence of billionaires.


YES! LETS GOOOO.. Looks behind - no one following..


employees are just a means to turn cheap money into a lot of profit - toss after use, e.g. when money became expensive /s


But have you seen how much money all of those billionaires lost in 2022? I mean, we gotta enjoy the good with the bad.


Just wait for Xmas. I'm sure there will be more "fun" to come. /s


A lot of those paper gains have evaporated, but ok.






Gentle reminder that Joe Brandon is firmly on the side of the billionaires.


Qasim rhymes with AWESOME.


Fucking Republicans.


Qassim Rashid for president


Carvana fired 1500 people last week too.


This is hilarious, a quick google search shows Amazon has 1,468,000 employees. That means they created that many jobs. But, when they fire 10k workers, they get criticized as not creating jobs. Hmmm…


Not only do all these layoffs hurt the people losing their jobs but those already stuck looking for one. Been looking for one since July and still fucking searching and this isn’t making it any easier




Just out of curiosity. Why are you not for a union?


Let me guess, you heard about or had a negative experience, and now judge unions based on an anecdote?