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Try to see up my dress now


It will look perfect at this week's Fashion Friday at the office. Strong "don't talk to me until I had my coffee" vibes.


Save your new outfit for “Take your prom dress to work day.”


I have a drone for that particular purpose.


Dress 2 is quite ... fashion forward


Yeah but that first one is completely upside down


I thought it was a cordyceps creation at first....


You gotta admit, though - after that second one, it all went sideways.


Oh yeah definitely


The fourth one wasn't on the level




Obviously turning the fashion industry on its head.


I dare say the last one is rather inside out




Ah I see what you did there, *very nice*


I have always thought this kind of thing is more like a modern art exhibition, it is not supposed to be realistic. Am I wrong?


You are very much correct. The clothes are not intended to be worn normally, it's just art


It’s not just pure art but also an exploration of what clothing can be outside of practical and known paradigms. There’s a bit of a practical side to this like how Formula 1 racing makes insane designs but aspects and bits can find their way down to consumer level cars. Sometimes a feature in a collection - a fabric, a material, a technique, a color palette, can be isolated as being great and sent down to the Prêt-à-Porter (ready to wear) collection. While it’s easy to ridicule the absurd concepts on display, the out of the box thinking is a necessary process in order for fashion to continually remain fresh and innovative. Without the rule-breaking and convention-ignoring exercise of haute couture, you’d be stuck in an iterative improvement process which isn’t as exciting as making wild leaps and taking risks with novel ideas.


Exactly. Here's an example of the runway vs the retail version of [a coat by Jonathan Anderson](https://imgur.com/a/e3HAHTn). He's a designer who loves playing with exaggerated silhouettes. That's the runway version. You probably wouldn't be wearing it down the shops. But then look at the retail version. It's the same coat toned down, and it's *gorgeous* and very wearable.


Both look ridiculous.


Eh... I see the point, and perhaps I'm too uncultured for the style of clothing, but to me that looks like someone used a shrink ray on a big dumb looking coat to get a slightly smaller but equally dumb looking coat.


I just think the street version is boring and, I’m 66, something very dated from MY mother’s generation. I guess everything recycles.


In the last decades it changed to "art". But not long ago it literally was a fashion show. Now it is just a shit show Edit: thank you for the likes. Edit2: gotcha people. I made a sudo insult to get your attention. Thank you for the nice laughs. And yes i agree with each and everyone that art is subjective. I know i am a shit head. I still love you all ![gif](giphy|lAPlSFECBiQA7xI5oG)


I think the last time it was “just a fashion show” was when pants were introduced. High fashion has been, is, and always will be, weird as fuck. And idk why that’s a problem.


There's also an element where parts of high fashion *do* ripple out and get incorporated into more normal clothing. So when you look back at older shows they don't seem as striking to us now as they were in the moment, because by now we're used to the elements that were taken and incorporated. [insert "Devil Wears Prada" Cerulean Belt monologue here]


It's a lot like concept cars. These are built to show off a new design element or technology. They were never intended to be sold for everyday use.




I’ve never seen Brussels sprouts in real life. I only know what they are because of Jimmy Neutron. Edit: wait hold on Mandela effect it wasn’t Brussels sprouts it was Lima beans in jimmy neutron. Why do I know what Brussels sprouts are then


Ah yes I remember the famous food fashion shows where chefs walk the catwalk throwing their new creations at the audience


Asbestos were pretty clever too.


Idk I just feel like they should show more cargo shorts ya know


I bet there wasn’t a single fedora in that entire show.


It's a problem because people like to think it's stupid to question stuff /s. High fashion is, and always has been, an art form that holds the exact same purpose as "modern art". It makes you ask the question, "is this fashionable?" And more importantly, "why is/isn't this fashionable?" Taking from the examples of this gif, are these outfits fashionable? These are all decent dresses, worn "normally" they wouldn't really attract attention at all, but worn unintuitively like this? They're eye grabbing. You might say no, this isn't fashion, they're just wearing them weirdly. Then does that mean that only wearing clothes as they're designed a criteria for fashion? If so, then why does changing a sweater from something worn on the torso and arms to something worn on your back tied around your neck (sweater scarf, think 80s movies) not count as unfashionable? Or why is wearing a long sleeve shirt as a dress acceptable? The purpose of this is to make you look and think, and many people think it's wrong to make them do that.


Also, if you saw a sideways dress hanging in an exhibit, it would not be nearly as interesting as seeing it being worn and walked. It's fun.


It's entertaining, the designer and model probably had fun with them


This. Fashion is the farthest from my interest sphere, but I also understand that what we see here is literally meant to be outlandish. If you’re looking at this stuff thinking it’s crazy- the artist succeeded!


Because i guess art is subjective and people perceive high fashion as luxury fashion and not an art show.


If you make the argument that “art is subjective”, that would be equally true of fashion. Both art and high fashion have both long been interrelated, and seen as luxuries. It’s also true that one can make inexpensive and mass produced art, just the same as mass produced fashion.


Do show us a Fashion Week exhibition that has not also been an artistic showcase at any point in the last 40 years. Fair warning: it's going to be a lot harder than you seem to realize.


Most people confuse high end prêt à porter with haute couture which is where the weird shows happen. It's just a buzz, really. Make people talk and react. Nothing new.


>haute couture My brain is having the hardest time not reading this as "horticulture".. I like your funny words, magic man.


You have infected my brain and now I also see horticulture![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|dizzy_face)


Met Gala being the pinnacle.


Haute Couture fashion shows was never about making normal wearable clothes...


There's no need to be outraged, you don't have to wear these. There are fashion shows where real clothes are presented, like next year's trends and stuff.


This is haute couture it was always about the art, the technique, not wearability, and it was always like this.


As someone who has fashion as a hobby/interest, you have no clue wtf you are talking about bud lol


That means they must say it louder and more often




I think fashion art is just something you dont understand, and thats okay? To call it a shit show is a bit naive, when millions of people love watching, or love making those designs. Youre calling millions of peoples lives a shit show just because you dont like it? Ive never watched a fashion show in my life, I dont enjoy it, but I do so without being an asshole to everyone who does? Js.


It Changed a long time ago... There are fashion designers who stick to traditional clothing and others who experiment or they do both. The freedom to do both is good... I love seeing wacky crazy designs and little to nothing clothing... I like freedom


![gif](giphy|xUOxeTvVA0c6u4M99K|downsized) Like this?


It is art. actual fashion that people wear may get inspired by it, but will be far less out there. Sort of like they present all those far out designs when they tease a possible new car model at auto shows, but the ones that actually get produced usually end up looking far more normal.


Absolutely. This is conceptual fashion. In this case theyre subverting the very concept of how you "wear" a garment. It's interesting to think about IMO. People in this thread acting like art hasn't always been provactive, and an interest of the wealthy for 1000 years. Art isn't just a pretty picture or a hyper realistic ballpoint pen drawing like much of reddit wants to beleive.


Fucking thank you. The bottom line is reimagining ways in which it’s correct to wear a garment. Someone sees this and thinks “what other garments and fabric types can I have people wear in a different way” It’s how we go from blue jeans to jean jackets


My wife and I have a blast watching the cotoure shows. We try to guess the 'theme', which can sometimes be a fun challenge. We love being wowed by the amazing peices, and equally love shitting on the bad ones...which still might have something interesting about them. Boy did we have a blast when we found Moscino and Thom Browne shows on YouTube lmao.


I think the second one, the pinkish dress, that looks like it's floating in front of the model is pretty cool. I'd see myself wearing some version of that that was more goth, less girly.


That’s how it’s supposed to be viewed, it’s collectible art, these will all go straight to archives. It’s funko pops for rich people.


Also not a unique phenomenon to 2023 as the title suggests lol. Weird fashion like this has been around for forever.


You are correct. People making fun of these would be like looking at a Picasso and being like "lol no one is going to use this for their ID photo!"


Correct! The clothes are the medium for an idea, a question, wonder. They're not intended to be sold to be worn casually. "How can i present x idea i had about x thing through a moving body?" These shows is what designers are in fashion for. The clothes you see in shops are the ones where they additionally ask themselves "how can more people embody this idea on a mass scale without compromising function.


My favourite Project Runway challenge is where they have to make a haute couture piece and then a ready-to-wear piece inspired by it. It’s always interesting how grande ideas can be translated into everyday clothing.


Isn't that the whole idea of making the cut which is also with Heidi and tim


I don’t even really care about fashion I just love watching Tim Gunn being sassy


I always saw it as a way that designers can show off their skills in a way that they can say “If I can do this with textiles, I must be really good at designing functional clothing”


It is. And it annoys the hell out of me when people say “that looks stupid” or “who would wear that”. It’s the same as talking about a painting and saying “it doesn’t look good” and “what’s the point”


“It doesn’t even really look like a guy, this Picasso sucks”


Yup. The real facepalm is people thinking that these dresses are actually intended to be worn as every day clothing. I’m not saying they have to like the fashion industry, but before making a comment about how ridiculous it is to expect us to wear these things, maybe learn that that’s not how this works at all?


"Who cares that Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds? My car can do it twice as fast."


Exactly correct. Nobody thinks "Ohh, that would be nice to wear to the office!". It's an artistic expression using textiles. When you think of it this way and not "fashion", it's pretty damn impressive.


No. This is all really real. I remember when Derek Zoolander came out wearing derelicte. It was really really... good.


Yes!!! I hate when people show pictures like that and say, ThiS iS FaShiOn?!?!? Fashion is a form of art like a painting, like a sculpture. If you watched the show there were models dressed in “normal” clothes afterwards.


It is art.


No you're right. None of these garments are ment to be seen as practical.


Yes, it'd be ridiculous to think that this is meant to be real clothes


You're not wrong at all. That's exactly what it is and it serves the purpose of experimentation and inspiration to those in fashion. This causes reddit to have a meltdown.


And it’s pretty obvious these all fit a theme, like it’s a design challenge or something


When your Sims clothing mod glitches


I was coming here to comment on this lol. Sometimes cc in the Sims be like:


When someone puts on two dresses in Garry’s Mod.


Cyberpunk 2077 wasn't buggy after all. It was actually showing us the future.


I had to double check what sub this was. Lol love the comment


lolove it


So clothes of the future will have a random pivot point position and rotation and can clip through you? Just sounds to me like the devs got shit faced at work.


Just don't stand too close to the walls or the dress will clip you through the ground


No worries about that, you'll fall for a couple of seconds but you'll be teleported to 0,0. Where is spawn again?


To the back rooms?? Lol


I think the matrix is testing to see just how far our reality can be pushed in a simulation and what length we'll go to cope with it. Interesting results thus far.




*"Damn! it, Scotty...What. Have. You done?! My underwear is now. On. My head! "*


You stole my comment even when you wrote it first. Good one. You living 2077 i guess


You’re not even wrong ffs




looks more like day 1 release






aw fuck they broke clothes again in the Humanity 12. 2. 3. 01 patch


It would be more of a facepalm if they hadn't intended the outfits to look this outlandish... That's the point I believe


Yeah it's like no one on Reddit has ever heard of a wearable art show every time something like this gets posted.


It's shit like this where u remember that most of reddit is cis white American men in the 20s to 30s. Most of the top comments in this thread are video game references, the other top comments are commenting about how dumb it is, and arguing that it's bad, if they even acknowledge that it's art. Personally I love this, gravity defying dresses? Beautiful, so well done. Is this something I want in my home? Not necessarily but I also don't really want the Mona Lisa in my house either.


It's just so fun and interesting to see something like this. My brain isn't creative to think stuff like this up- let alone come up with the techniques to execute it.


I’ve seen some crazy shit on the runway and I’ve always just been awed by how they do it. I guess it’s impossible for some people to not make some snide remark about the women modeling the dresses or how fashion shows are stupid and pointless, like yeah, a lot of shit is pointless. If we weighted everything based on what purpose it serves then the world would be way more depressing. Just enjoy shit. Stop thinking about how much it’s worth.


2023 and people still don’t understand what fashion shows are all about. Think, concept car but also kinda like an art show. You’re not expected to buy these pieces as is.


But actually having to understand the subject matter before you post is hard work and no fun.


Hahha fair point. I guess if everyone looked into stuff before they posted. All of Reddit would be like 100 posts a day tops and all the conspiracy forms would be ghost towns haha


On a side note, I thought some of the “displays” were very well done.


Man this is actually clever :D


I am not fashionable at all and know very little about the industry but like, how do people not get that this is basically an art exhibit? Literally nobody is trying to market these pieces as street clothes and I have no idea how anybody could take that interpretation. I see so many posts in subs like this that have inferred that the designers want people to dress like brooms and that's just so absurd on its face. These avant garde runway shows are clearly high profile networking events that increase a designer's reputation and maybe show off certain design techniques. Where's the facepalm in this?


You're absolutely correct. What's more, this is Viktor &Rolf couture. All haute couture is intended to be on the forefront of what's possible, but Viktor&Rolf have a decades-long history of being extraordinarily out there and right on the edge of reality and fantasy. Not sure why the last few days of Paris fashion week have been so featured on reddit, but it's clear that people are commenting without knowing anything about the history or context of these shows. Not all the pieces were this out there, even. Many of the pieces in this video were worn as "normal" during much of the show, and they looked beautiful, crisp, and ethereal. I predict that quite a few stars will be wearing these dresses on red carpets this year.


OP doesn't understand this is supposed to be art and not actual clothes


When the fashion designer is also a gamer


When the fashion designer is a AAA game developer


This is from Victor + Rolf's latest couture collection, and if you don't think this is absolutely incredible, allow me to gently explain why you're wrong. This is a DRESS that DEFIES the laws of PHYSICS, people. From what i can see, hundreds of yards of gathered chiffon (a notoriously difficult fabric to work with due to how thin it is) and the skirt doesn't move an inch. I don't know how they did it, but they did. Like???? I'm in awe. Couture is a form of wearable art. Most couture shows have central themes they work around. Like all art, how the viewer perceives is completely subjective, but there's no denying the master craftsmanship, creativity, and talent that goes onto the work.


Yes! I hate that this is on facepalm. Viktor and Rolf are incredible.


I'm not even into fashion, but I am into art. My 1st reaction to this - how amazing! Is it deep? Maybe, maybe not. It's visually stunning and interesting.


Yes! You might also dig [Hussein Chalayan](https://www.anothermag.com/fashion-beauty/8248/when-hussein-chalayan-turned-furnishings-into-fashion), Iris van Herpen, Junya Watanabe and Rei Kawakubo if you’re not already familiar with them.


If i recall correctly i believe this piece was also supposed to show how women are rejecting femininity(floofy, girly dresses) in todays modern age, and becoming more than just what they wear. I think obviously, this show is not a ready-to-wear, haute couture, which the general public is most used to seeing. This is more to show case what can be worn as artistic pieces rather than what will be worn as todays fashion. And, if you see this, and think its dumb, doesnt make sense, or doesnt provoke what you consider to be artistic, that's okay! You don't have to like everything the art world creates, but they are still valid as pieces of art(that some may find particularly provocative).


But don't you see? It's women's clothing so it's obviously completely stupid and pointless, and only vapid people would find it interesting because it's not *real art*


Thank you for this. People shitting on this reminds me of my experience with music. I used to be in a deathcore/metal core band in college and, as you may imagine, screaming was the norm. But what people don’t know is that screaming is a whole skill that not just anybody can pull off. You have to do it in a specific way so that it sounds good, consistent, and so that you can keep it up with every single song you’re performing. And so it always annoyed me when I heard someone talking about “screamo” music and would then do a mock scream that sounded like shit, because they obviously had no idea what they were talking about. It’s basically the same thing here: the people talking shit about it are likely people who have no idea or insight into the fashion world and how it works.


That was most of what I listened to at that point in my life, even played guitar some with friends in bands. People really don't realize how much talent goes into those vocals. It's can be just the same as the Mariah Carey stuff, just in another spectrum.


I hate that most people think that fashion shows must be just a piece of normal clothing you wear day-to-day. It is ART, honey


Thank you


That was my reaction. I'm an extremely amateur seamstress and would never dare working with chiffon on purpose. I can only imagine the dresses were soaked in the strongest starch imaginable.


Even then!!! There had to have been a limit to how much they could have starched them, because in my mind, all the added weight would have made it extremely difficult for the models to walk, right?


It's couture. Art. You aren't expected to walk around in it.


Bethesda Softworks clothing line


It puzzles me how people can't seem to understand that many of this are not fashion shows that are supposed to sell for the public. A bunch of those shows are just art, to cause an impression and make people think, just like we're doing here, so impressed by this that OP posted it and here we are discussing about it. Fulfilled its job as art. I find the idea very creative.


That bothers me a lot about Reddit. “Fashion” doesn’t necessarily mean street fashion. Fashion shows like this showcase wearable art and make commentary. And this isn’t a dig at people not “getting” high art, it’s frustration with the fact that everyone pretends they know what it’s about and then make fun of it. People don’t seem to try to understand hobbies and interests that are outside of their wheelhouse. Nobody says “Um actually, the crime of Grand Theft Auto is serious and nobody actually gets away from the police that easily. You can’t do this stuff in real life, and you’re stupid for pretending you can. I would never commit grand theft auto either, this game is stupid and doesn’t reflect my life at all.” But that’s what everyone does with fashion and paintings and architecture. Anyone who thinks fashion shows have been about selling garments to the masses in the last 50 years misses the point. Just admit you don’t get it and move on, you know?


Collection inspired from watching a two year old trying to get dressed.... lol


It’s an art exhibition, not a fashion show.


I don't see a problem, that's pretty fun.


I don't think this is faceplalm-y at all. It's amazing. How did they make the fabric do that? it looks like gravity isn't affecting it. The third, sideways dress doesn't hang down at all, it just goes straight out, and all of the pleats also maintain their shape as if they were hanging normally, despite sticking straight out at the camera. The fourth dress also executes this really well. The second dress just looks awesome.


I think some of you have to understand clothes like these aren't meant to actually be worn, and are more a form of art, like an abstract painting


it's supposed to showcase artistry, not functionality.


Nobody's supposed to actually wear this stuff. It's just a bunch of fashion designers and assorted rich wankers having a laugh, the same way we have surreal memes and absurdist art.


How did the first one see?


Thats the whole point of fashion, it ins't suppose to look pretty wearable or pleasant to look at, fashion is a expression of art the idea is to be creative and make somenthing new.


One thing people should know about fashion shows is they're art. It's not meant to be practical


Dress 5 looks like your about to be taking off


Exquisite fashion


*Damn, I thought I was going to hate this, then I did a 180°…*


This is actually kind of cool


These stuff aren’t to go out & wear. Fashion shows are like art exhibits & the models are the hangers for the clothing.


This is cool tbh


I support this new fashion trend


Fashion is all about three things. 1. Materials and how to show their unique properties when used as clothing. 2. The barrier between current and future trends. 3. How clothing impacts customer desire. Often times the fashion industry holds these shows to gain attention and they do this by using weird and new materials and try to be as viral as possible. The fact that this fashion walk was seen by people who are not into fashion generally, shows the power it has on our attention. And that's what fashion is. How can I gain the most attention by wearing different stuff. Some would argue this, but if you watch the trends flow through the years it's always about attention.


when a new intern writes css :


they all glitched out


What kind of badminton bullshit is this


I think the models are glitching out


Honestly impressive from an engineering perspective. Gravity does not like that material at those angles.


Not their fault the clothes glitched on the models


I actually love this. It’s stupid but interesting.


Yeah... Fashion designers will really do *anything* but add pockets.


So....OP didn't understand that those are CLEARLY not meant to be worn like this on the street...? Really ?


This actually great, it’s not meant to be anything other than artistic and they pull off the “3d model clothing problem” really well


Looks like a 2077 game glitch


I'm sorry, but I love these!! It's about time that the fashion designers embraced the fact that they're making art and not clothing.


Well, the designers who do haute couture have always been making art. It’s an entirely different field of fashion and always has been. Haute couture is not meant to be sold and worn by consumers, it’s simply wearable art pieces.


art fashion is either like "i'm going to design my next fantasy villain OC wearing this masterpiece " or it's "👁️👄👁️"


Why y'all mad? It's just art.


I’m sure it means something I’m just not sure what


They look like the alternates from the Mandela catalogue




They just can’t put a dress on the right way


It’s no wonder they’re all blank faced, those get ups are embarrassing


And my mom complains about me wearing 2 different color socks.


high fashion is so stupid, but who the fuck am i, i only have 2 pairs of denim


Nah this is dope


now hold on a second.. Thats pretty neat. not fashion but it’s for sure art


Alright who let Bethesda run the fashion show?


I do love seeing all of this crazy stuff that no one is going to wear.


Bruh it's Courte, it's not supposed to represent actual fashion that you would wear. It's whole thing is being strange.


I like these. They're basically walking art pieces.


Wow the latest sims game looks great! The devs just need to fix that damn clothing bug


Can’t help but think they had a glitch with their fashion illustration program that caused the model to clip through the dress and then went for it.


Dam so this is what real clothing glitches look like


I’ll always enjoy the smooth brains making this joke after literally any major fashion show. Like yeah Shannon these are real outfits the designer expects people to wear in their everyday lives.


I'm just waiting for a giant badminton racket to sweep across the screen


I like it, because it remmeber me how sometimes my soul is trying to glitch out of my body, because we life in such fu society.


The first one had me dying


What irks me is the people who will find this an original and meaningful take on fashion...meanwhile anyone under 40 is sitting here and watching their skyrim clothing mods bug out irl.


This is why we have directions in packaging not to put plastic bags on your head!


Face-palming art is just silly. This is kinda cool and mostly funny.


What? Reddit found a fashion show weird and provocative and are reposting it?! The designers will surely hate that!


Jesus Christ, how long before people realize that fashion shows are art exhibitions and not intended to demonstrate actual clothes to be worn? “Fashun dum, cant ware dat huh huh” This looks cool; think about the skill required to actually make these things. From the design on paper all the way down to the individually stitched 10,000 sequins, this takes skill and true artistry. At the end of the day, a fashion show is a house’s way of demonstrating the themes for their upcoming collection, and the mastery of their craft.


I don't know but scrolling through here now, 90% of the comments are people complaining about how people don't get it


Reddit doesn’t understand Art


Running out of ideas.


Cool! Those must be from “The Emperor has New Clothes” line.


Reminds me of the Three Stooges when they become fashion designers! https://youtu.be/2VRxLAGDGIQ


this is how I feel whenever those pictures of dojacat pop up


These shows are more like “let’s see how ridiculous and dumb we can get with our outfits and call it art”.


The Bethesda collection.


They needed to realign their 3D modles


Man I didn’t think triple AAA game makers were doing fashion.


Who would wear this shit?