i love this! it personally reminds me of anxiety and or trying to figure out past trauma. like there are missing pieces, you no longer feel safe, it’s something intangible. but if you were able to just zoom out or get out of your head you can see the missing pieces on the table.


Exactly. This.


This is a cool one \^\^ The language seems simple at first, but it took multiple readings to understand. "The algebra in it's simplicity / Isn't equating to the answer I know". Maybe expecting answer for a lover, but they hesitate and the situation doesn't play to your expectations? "Simple" lines that offer many interpretations, I think that's really cool. Nothing bad really to say about it, it's a lovely poem I think 'w'


It seemed better than saying 2+2 isn't equaling 4. Thank you for taking the time to read and really reflect on it.


Balance Wholeness Peace Missing Lego pieces