Can’t believe you are writing on reddit during work hours OP


I know right? I mean, they clearly think anything that's not 100% work focused is wasting their bosses money. Perhaps they should report themselves!


He’ll say to his boss that he even reports his mates on internet to make sure they get max social punishment. And think of other ways to make himself look good and show his real leadership skills.


He came here for a the internet agrees with me ego booster


Low quality bait, but somehow you're reeling them in


Yeah it’s pretty funny everybody coming out of the woodwork.


Mf is Dwight schrute


Dwight would never


“I wouldn’t normally condone leaving work early, but I have an appointment with the horse doctor. How that horse became a doctor, I’ve no idea.”


if they're disrupting YOUR work flow & there's a chance you'll get called out about work being late because they've been lazy then by all means rat em out... if not then let someone higher up figure out they're abusing company time lol that was always my theory when I was working with colleagues etc lol


>that was always my theory when I was working with colleagues etc lol I think it's one of those things, if you're on X salary and your co-worker who is doing the same job is on X + Y salary, even though this doesn't really impact you at all, it'll lead to dissatisfaction. I believe the same principal applies here.


Different people work differently. Some like to know the deadline and will produce work just in time to meet it. Others like to be ahead at all times so as soon as they get work they knock it off as soon as possible. It’s not possible to work at 100% at all times as that leads to burnout eventually. I think the OP needs to understand how their colleagues like to work. And work with that. Set deadlines for when you expect to have work completed, ask them to let you know if they have roadblocks or conflicting priorities. Always a lot of things that are going on that you may not be aware of. That’s why it’s good to have healthy relationships at work where you can talk about these things.


> even though this doesn't really impact you at all technically, it does, because had they pulled their own weight, they'd be doing X+(y/2) work, like you would. In other words, you're carrying Y/2 portion of work, and not getting paid for it.


Yea, they are disrupting my work flow and therefore my performance. Wouldn’t care if they were doing their own thing


I think fair enough then. Some people think that all managers should be omnipresent all knowing beings and should know when someone is piss farting around on company time but that is not reality, some times they need a tap on the shoulder to let them know. Unfortunately in my experience little will be done because it is too much effort.


> I’m showing leadership qualities Narc qualities


Express route to being hated by everyone in the office


The fact he doesn’t even realise tells me his already hated amongst his colleagues.


Haha so true. Narc will never realise this. A few colleagues at work are exactly like this, always acting to look good in front of the boss and do nothing behind. Some get away with it though, but as soon as company faces financial problem, they’ll get the sack.


You played yourself. You didn't show any leadership qualities and he's just saying that as a pat on the head. Do you think this manager will let you in on anything if he's afraid you'll just go running up the ladder?


Agree, the manager will think twice about promoting you.


I mean, given that it’s usually me and him on the important client meetings, and my performance plan is all relating to management and he has CC’d me on emails praising my work to the GM, I assume he has my back. But sure, if you think so!


1. Tell your colleagues directly that their lack of work is fkn your work. 2. A manager who know your a rat won't trust you. Your colleagues won't trust you. Who knows maybe one of those employees is good friends with the manager outside of work. Maybe your manager does the same trick on teams and now knows you can't be trusted. 3. Good life advice. Don't be a rat


I have told them multiple times “dude, if something is urgent I need you to please respond. The client is bugging me to get it fixed ASAP” 4 hours later on teams “Oh sorry bro, I’ll get on it asap” And I know he wasn’t in any meetings. Too many times, I’m copping the flack. I’d rather report him than be the one that gets in trouble


It's funny that you're the one being called out on trust issues in the comment section.


I’m being called out because these people see themselves in my colleague. Somehow they see it’s fine for me to have my work disrupted by others who are choosing to slack off during working hours……


Managers are often like this. They make us think we’re special only to later find out they do similar things to others. Not always the same, as everyone needs different strokes to their ego. I felt special once, there were a few of us and we were competitive. I got on top, only to find out later we’re really all the same. It made me happy at the time but looking back, I ask myself questions. He’s now doing it to the younger people, they all feel special climbing up the ladder. I won’t say a word of course, it could be different for them.


The Guy at the chicken shop when I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7yo, had the same name as me. I found out a few years later that he had the same name as all of my friends. We all felt special until we didn't.


Maybe my concern is with your bosses definition of leadership then; or I'm getting bogged down in semantics. Leadership would've been addressing the issue, not running to the boss. Put it this way: if your manager identified an issue with your work would you respect him more if he worked with you to fix the issue or if he called the GM in to give you a hiding? It's great that your performance plan is to go into management, but management doesn't always equate to leadership. Going to meetings is great, but how is that leadership? Is your boss praising your leadership to your GM or your work? There's a world of difference. I'm just saying that if he's praising you for throwing colleagues under the bus, would you expect him to do differently with you? Of course, there's lots of context that's missing in terms of a reddit post so you can take or leave the feedback, but part of asking for feedback is considering things which you may not agree with.


Yeah, you’re so good at your job, there’s no one that could replace you!


You are replaceable and if I were your manager I would find a way to be rid of you ASAP.


So you would rid of the one person doing the work, doing the client management as well as technical work to keep the people who are causing issues? Sounds like you’re just offended as you’re the bloke who’s abusing the system 😂😂


Everyone’s replaceable. You feel you’re not at the moment, but watch your back. What you do to others, others can do to you as well. As long as you watch your back and stay super close to the boss you’ll be safe.


It is likely that your perspective is off and when your coworkers catch wind of what you did it will be easier to remove you from the situation than deal with a toxic team. I have seen many 'high performers' that do not work well with others get strategically promoted to positions with no advancement. Your idea that you were showing leadership for what you did is a clear indicator that you are not a leader. You are Dwight Schrute.


Now you coworkers can sit in the office and do nothing all day instead.


The problem is that they have tasks in the project that they need to complete and by not doing so they are slowing the rest of the team down. When they are in office it’s never an issye


You’re not alone. Few weeks ago something urgent came up where we needed staff to pull info. Called 4 people around 2pm and no one picked up. Earliest we got a hold of someone was 415pm. Safe to say boss got the shits and policy changed from full time wfh to everyone coming in 3 days a week. Well deserved in my opinion. People unfortunately abuse it sometimes.


Ah yes, the "a few people acted up on class so everyone stays back" method of management. I.e, as lazy and useless as the few staff breaching trust.


yeah that's just abusing the system. I sit on top of my phone the whole day. The only time I don't answer is if I'm on the toilet and even then I send an immediate text saying "I'll call you back"


It’s so frustrating. Especially when you are the one who has to face the customer and explain why the urgent issue wasn’t fixed because people on the back end aren’t doing their job…. Can’t say that tho and have to make up an excuse such as “the problem was more complex than originally thought….” Makes the company look bad. And makes me look bad to the client


Let their performance speak for itself. All you needed to do was keep working hard and having your productivity outshine the rest. You made a big mistake here, and in such a small world as Australian business, you will always be remembered as 'that guy'. I hope that your boss doesn't throw you under the bus entirely, but there is a good chance that will happen.


Boot licker Is the project saving lives? If not, get some perspective.


I mean…. Some of the software we build and maintain used by people who do save lives….. so….. ? If there’s a major issue you are okay with us not fixing it in a timely manner so you can play video games during the work hour?


I call BS. They will still be slowing everyone down, it's not as noticeable because in the office everyone will be slacking off having coffee breaks and shit.


I understand the problem but your solution has now made work worse for everyone. At best you've increased productivity for the company. Also it's likely your co-workers will know you said something. Regarding leadership: You didn't lead them to change their behaviour or solve the problem with the co-workers, you reported them. That's not leadership. However many companies would promote such behaviour into middle management. Such companies are common but usually awful to work for.


Snitches get stitches


Not if you WFH, then you’re safe


Then you get dog shit in your letter box instead.


That means this. Your manager will now see you as this person, with a higher chance of never being promoted, because you did this. You would always be considered “senior” with no further progression


You think this would reduce their chance of a promotion?


It puts the person above them on the mindset of “ I need someone below me at all times, not alongside me”, the manager will say things that allude to being promoted, but won’t actually get promoted, or will get promoted but be essentially paid the same.


Wait, why though? Why would exposing people slacking off mean that you are forever branded as someone who can’t be promoted?


Who is going to expose anyone else in future if you get promoted?


Ahhh I get you now


They will also expose the manager to get ahead


You’ve given your boss a potential disciplinary matter to resolve now. Your colleagues will find out and will make sure that you have a hard time. Forget about promotion at this place. Anyone who spies and reports will do it again for good or bad. Wouldn’t trust them at all.


They’ll dob in their mates to make them look good to their boss.


Leadership qualities- as in being a snake. Weren’t you told growing up never to grass? Boot licker mentality.


I gotta say, my opinion of this sub has dropped immensely over the past few months. How are the people here not smart enough to connect the dots that someone with the username u/hidemyppopoo on a week old account is being legitimate in any way here? This is a very low effort attempt to get everyone worked up and it was successful.


Yeah I feel silly now, haha


You're a dibber dobber. You could have just complained about their work, but you had to snitch. Don't forget to clean your nose lickspittle.


Everyone will know he’s got the boss’ favourite puppy but he needs to keep watching his back and be a nice pup to the boss.


If they get all of their required work done then I don't see any real harm besides being untruthful by using software - which having non approved software should be against the companies information and security management policy (not to mention that a user shouldnt even have the capability to install such software that can control inputs). If they are taking the piss and not completing their work or are impacting others/the company then you did the right thing. However I would now expect management, HR and IT to start imposing stricter rules and controls that everyone will be impacted by as a consequence of their actions.


OP Does say elsehwere they are letting the team down and not doing their work. Also, there are external ways to do it. Two second google https://www.amazon.com/Undetectable-Mover-Parts-Software-Automatically/dp/B08GPGZ4Z6


I can understand why you'd let your boss know. It's not a great feeling if you're doing a lot of work and your co-workers are getting away with doing nothing. I had a friend in a similar situation who worked with someone who did nothing and would post pics on her instagram at the beach and stuff during workdays. My advice to her was to not directly complain about the person not working but to make it more about herself, for example in a catch up with her boss bring up that she's feeling disheartened at work as she feels she does substantially more than others with similar titles and it seems to go unnoticed. I think this would at least trigger the manager to look into the situation as now they're at risk of losing one of their better performers. If nothing changes I'd start looking for a new job where people's work ethic matches your own.


It is disheartening yes. Very tricky especially if your workmate, like mine, knows how to make themselves look busy and good in front of the boss. And some people are good at boasting whatever little things they do.


Snitches get stitches


Honest to go, mind your own business


It is my business…. It’s impacting my work….. and I’m the one who has to explain to the client why it took us 4 hours to fix something that should have been done in 5 minutes


Would you rat your clients out too? Talk to your clients bosses about their poor work?


Why not if it means showing leadership skills?


This is bullish for property.


Change careers to the AFP ya gronk.


If it’s impacting you, understandable. If it’s not impacting you, this is disgusting.


Do you guys work 'together' ? Are you given more work because of their incompetence etc ? If so hell yes 'snitch' on them. If they have no bearing on your work, you should have just shut your mouth.


We are in a software company and all handle different assets, we build and also maintain a variety of software products. As an example, an issue arose on the backend which I could fix, but shouldn’t because it’s not my domain. The client urgently needed it fixed, I did my part and I usually will liaise with the clients. My other colleague who’s a dev went AWOL for 4 hours even though it could have been fixed in 30 mins. So now I look bad, the company looks bad and my colleague just says “woops, I’ll get on it” 4 hours later on teams.


Bet a $100 you were the class prefect


Not always. Class perfect can come from parents pressure. This screams narcissim.


And this is finance related?


>I’m showing leadership qualities A lot of corporate types get this wrong. Even my executives totally screw this idea up. Leadership is using social influence to get people to do things they usually don't want to. What it would entail is creating an environment where they are at their desk. There's plenty of ways to do it, whether it's encouragement, making a competition of it or just guilting them by highlighting how much it adversely affects you. It might even be unrealistic to be able to show leadership in this instance. Ratting out your co-workers is not leadership and is counter to that. If they find out you will lose any influence you ever had or will have. It's also a risk word is going to get around too, plenty of managers don't have the personal courage to own decisions and will use you as a scape goat of why they need to take action. What you're doing is management, which is not the same.


That’s not what leadership is.


Thank you for the valuable contribution. You really got me there.


Okay okay I’ll elaborate. Leadership by definition is having followers. This is achieved in the main by putting yourself and your needs second. Your definition comes across as coercive.


>Leadership by definition is having followers. By that definition, OP's co-workers are not followers and therefore it's not a leadership quality to get your boss to do something. It also doesn't contradict what I am saying. 'Putting yourself second' isn't practically accurate. You'll never see an army general storm a machine gun nest in place of a private they're in command of. Leaders contribute to a goal and if it requires the sacrifice of people below them, they will do it. ​ Leadership can be coercive. That's because people and their social influence can be coercive. Some of the greatest leaders in the last century have been ruthless tyrants. Hitler created the environment where the German people committed actual genocide, Mao caused the starvation of millions, even Putin is sending thousands to the death. These are all great leaders in their own context. Poor ones would have been torn apart for what they have done. The act of leadership isn't about what's moral or ethical, that only applies to the leaders themselves. Edit: I'm sure this is going to come up, 'great' does not mean 'good' Great is 'of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average.' It's about size, not morality.


As a business owner, I totally disagree. I expect my employees or contractors working together to get a job done — not be mates. Sure, they need to have a good working relationship, but if they are stealing time off me or lying about their output, then all bets are off. OP didn’t do the right thing through the lens of whatever weird unspoken cultural snitch thing people have got going on in this country, but the reality of owning a business means that if your staff are screwing you, then they don’t deserve to be there anyway.


What a rat.


Snitches get stiches


Honestly there was better ways to go about this. If it was a productivity situation your goal is to inspire people to contribute more, being proactive, setting up meetings WITH the afkers about the project and working together with them. That is leadership. What you did I think was a bit dangerous and team breaking. To be a good manager/leader you need to impress and inspire your peers. Not complain about them to the people above you. Ultimately as a manager your role is to be a user interface to the team members so the people above you don't need to deal with your team. They deal with you. And you make it happen, because your team trusts you and respects your leadership. Your team mates do not trust you now. They do not respect your leadership. No one likes a user interface that just pops up annoying error messages and asks you to solve the problem. Managers hate that guy. They want answers and solutions, not problems.


If they aren't doing anything at home, they aren't doing anything in the office. You're just a rat


Please explain this to me and the software that is being used ... erm I am a "manager" too and would like to see how this works ...


"Leadership qualities"... meaning you're willing to snitch on your co-workers for every little thing. Sure, if what you're saying is true and you're not looking for clout, people like that are just toxic. They are the type who will find ways to get out of doing anything whether they are in the office or not.


Leadership qualities is vague, personally I can see leadership qualities from his ability to hold coworkers accountable. Considering his coworkers told him, there’s a level of trust he that only really comes from liking each other or being friends. There are a lot of managers struggle to hold friends or people They like accountable and as such being able to see there’s a problem and finding a solution is leadership qualities in my eyes.


Nah people like that will tell anyone and everyone. It’s not about being friends. And the OP is still a POS. They should have called the people out to their face to start with, then if they didn’t sort their shit, you tell the manager they aren’t pulling their weight, not that they are abusing WFH.


This, absolutely this.


You are an idiot.


Snitches get stitches - dog act.


How eloquent.


Why don't they have any work to do? That is your manager's problem. I will only do this if their not working increases workload for me.


My partner and I had sex on our lunch break working from home the other day and by the time I got dressed and back to my desk again I was 1 minute over time. Could you break the news to my manager for me? Cheers bro 👍


The real victim here is your partner, they deserve a far better effort than just 1 min overs.


The real response is to ask said coworkers for the software and join them. You're never going to get a share of the profits and no one likes whistleblowers so you are going to stagnate in the company now. Meanwhile you could have had more free time


Yes, you were wrong for doing it. No one likes a snitch and the management (if not your coworkers) are going to know this about you. The "leadership qualities" thing is a dangling carrot. Even if you are brought up to management, people are going to be suspicious of you because you're the kind to throw them under the bus. I've seen brown nosers get laid off along with everyone else during redundancies.


Let this be a less to anyone to STFU and not trust anyone in the workplace.


No, the lesson is to do your work and stop being unethical and abusing WFH.


I have no comment for OP one way or the other. But I just wanted to remind everyone that a good part of getting ahead at work is just having people like you and want to work with you. I have seen so many incompetent, lazy people work their way up the ladder all because they managed their perception well.


Booooooooo Arnold J Rimmer snitch


I was in a similar situation as OP abt a year ago, when most people in my office just chitchating all day and doing nothing, and I was the only one trying to get things done. But instead of reporting to the manager, I quit that job and joined another one sharing similar value to me. I am way happier now. Also btw, that leadership thing is obviously BS, I hope u don’t take it seriously.


Can you let me know how I can get this software? True leadership would have been distributing the software to your entire team.


>I’m showing leadership qualities so there’s that Evil evil evil


This is the bait you all deserve


Remember, snitches get stitches.


Not mentally unhinged at all.


Shouldn’t you be at work?


10/10 ragebait. Would rage again.


We all be in a forever box one day. Corporations are psychos. Not sure carrying on like this is congruent to an entirely honorable existence…..don’t agree it a great example of leadership either.


I would take the compliment of a vulture and parasite with a heavy pinch of salt. You were not only wrong for it, but you've demonstrated that you have a really off political and ethical compass. This is something to be genuinely ashamed of.


Just worry about yourself and what you do. If others get away with it good luck to them but when the time comes they are found out by other means you will be safe


I am sick of people WFH. It’s completely unfair for those that are made to come into the office. Productivity is down and people believe it is their right to now WFH.


You're a class traitor, and the revolution will not spare you.


Ok. Just use the shiny guillotine on me please comrade.


this is why i will never go back to an office job, always people lile op around thinking their boss actually cares about them 😂


If you complained that their working from home is the issue rather than their shit attitudes and time theft then YTA, but regardless don’t feel bad for dobbing on shit people. If they are too lazy to do their work they should be performance managed out rather than your boss just enforcing office time. The It’s a Band-Aid solution


This was a terrible move and an unnecessary one. Not only will no one want to be friends with you, but you've now ruined those relationships and your reputation as a trustworthy person. How do you know they were actually doing that and not just exaggerating because it was the 'cool' move? Did you have actual evidence? On top of all that, everyone's WFH privileges may be affected. Jesus.


Yea they need to remove WFH privilege


Are you going to use reddit to cry about WFH everyday from your 7 day old account?


Op spending time on reddit during work hours reading and even writing posts and comments, tsk tsk


Yes but I am actually getting my work done. Nothing wrong with posting on Reddit as long as you’re getting the work done. The people in my team aren’t getting the work done


Maybe they get their work done and have down time, funny how you can judge them but they can't judge you


I know for a fact their work is not getting done because I am the one explaining to the client why the issue which should have been resolved 4 hours ago is still being worked on……. And I can’t use the excuse of “I can’t get the backend dev to respond on teams”. I always have to cover their ass and say the problem was a bit more complex than initially thought.


My Hero. Woof.


Also why is this post in AusFinance? Go post it in Antiwork and see your responses


OP bought a 1 way ticket to being the most hated person in the office. GG mate


Oh no, I’m going to be hated by the poor performers who are probably first up on the redundancy block…. Well anyways.


Yeah you were wrong. What’s it to you? As long as they’re getting their work done and meeting deadlines. You’re a little snitch, straight out.


They aren’t getting the work done……. And it impact me as we work on the projects together……


Bootlicker narc. Absolute nothing worse than people like you in the workplace. Sellout your coworkers so you can get “ahead”. Businesses all over are literally stealing our time and money for record profits and you’re out here helping them. Scum!


Don't get me wrong, I agree with you for the most part. To play devils advocate though, people like the ones OP are talking about are the ones that are going to ruin WFH for the rest of us who actually do WORK from home.


The problem is these people barely do work in the office either.


Snitches get stitches. Won’t take long for word to get out about who snitched and while your boss may like you for 6 minutes, your co-workers will hate you for life. You’ve just burnt yourself real bad. Reputations stick and you’re a rat.


Found the employee who’s triggered that they are caught out on abusing WFH. Word will get around that you’re unreliable too. Have fun


You did the right thing. In this situation, knowing, being part of their discussion and not doing anything suggests you are a part of it. Plus, I work in a team. If other people arnt doing their shit properly that shit falls onto someone else to do. Whether that be falling to you or another co-worker - it is not fair. Interesting that everyone in the comments is seeing you as a narc and that you have screwed your career. In my workplace you would be seen as a team player - for the team actually playing and not the lazy sods doing sweet F all and impacting on everyone else.


The right thing would be talking to colleagues about it first.


What have you gained from doing that.... brownie points? be better in future mate


What I have gained, is my collegues not causing disruption which means that I can finish my tasks on time. Me being held up by them makes it look like I’m not doing my work either


Lots of sensitive people in here, makes you wonder. Unfortunately times arise where managers need to be made aware of issues, if it is handled correctly it shouldn't be a problem. At worst OP has damaged their relationship with coworkers who clearly don't care about OP or the company anyway.


This is the point most people are missing. They are saying “you’ll be hated” by the co workers. Well, these are the co workers who aren’t even invested or even care and will probably be the first to shown the door first - so why is it an issue for me? If you are being slack and then causing additional pressure on the rest of your team you need to straighten up or be let go. They can slack elsewhere.


disgusting behaviour on your part, co workers before the company.




Yes charged for time theft! What a great idea. Clown 🤡


Regardless what your boss said, verbally, he would be thinking you're a snivelling little bootlicker and not to be trusted, based on this interaction.


It’s a scumbag move. I bet you also dobbed on your neighbours for not wearing a mask during Covid. Long-term throwing people under the bus is not gonna get you anywhere.


Yea because not wearing masks is dangerous, we were in a global pandemic. Put your mask on.


Fair play if it impacts your work imo. If they have nothing to do with you it's a bit shitty


God I love Mouse Jiggler…. Xbox, naps, general shithousery, nothing it can’t handle


Mind your own business. Kids dob. Grub act really


Gold star for your sticker chart. Your a very good boy.


Clearly an unpopular opinion, but no, I think what you did was fair enough. Not sure why everyone thinks reporting the crime is somehow worse than the crime (abusing the system) itself? If they're at a private company, their colleagues actions could lead to the company performing poorly. Other people's jobs could be on the line. If it's a government agency, these people are wasting tax payer money. I thought we all hated wasteful government spending?


The sense I’m from Reddit is every worker has a god given right to just go awol for 4 hours a time to ply video games when they work in a time critical role. They are probably all the slackers I’m dealing with


Were you wrong depends entirely on one thing: Of they were still completing their work load. If their work isn’t suffering and taskings still being completed then I don’t see why it matters how much they’re AFK.


So their work was suffering and my work as a result. I had spoken to them multiple times too about the issue. My hand was forced


It’s not your call to say if their work was suffering, it’s their managers. Just because you’re waiting on someone it doesn’t mean their work is suffering. Perhaps they’re over worked or have more pressing priorities than what we you’ve requested from them. Either way, none of your business.


I mean, it is my call. Because we work in a team and if the back end engineer isn’t fixing the issue when I’m liasing with the client it’s ME who has to explain it, not them. They just work on the software. I do the front end work and also liase with the clients as we maintain a lot of software ongoing I find it odd how you can tell me it’s none of my business when you absolutely have no idea of the circumstances. Weird guy you are. I’m imagining you’re one of the straggler employees and felt personally attacked


When everyone else in the thread is saying it’s none of your business, then it’s none of your business. Read the room. You aren’t their superior, you’re their equal.


Lol. You’re cooked.


You say that you are showing “leadership qualities”, you’re the cooked one mate


Loose lips sink ships


Snitches get stiches