I got an email from latitude last week informing me of the hack. It basically just said we will let u know if we find your details have been compromised. I read that as "we have NFI and still trying to work out what's going on"


I go the same, unsurprisingly after it had hit the news.


Your read is correct. A waiting game now to see if they firgure it out. Probably 2-3 weeks and they'll confirm, everyone.


I got that same vague email that said nothing. So we’re still up in the air about what to do 🤷‍♀️


I had a phone call the same day the hack happened so I suspect my details are gone. I answered the phone, they asked if they were talking to “my nickname and surname” and I said “who am I talking to?” And they hung up immediately. I’m obviously jumping to conclusions here… but it could be. It was just very very strange. I’d say the issue is they have my shortened first name (why I don’t know) which is not my legal name and they are trying to access something…


Very suspicious activity. And with all the scams that happen now, it’s hard to know what’s real and not.


This is pure speculation, but about 6 months ago my latitude card was used for a bunch of Only Fans purchases (swear it wasn’t me haha). I got the money back but I suggested to them at the time that they may have been hacked as I had never used the card (if I ever used the account I always just gave my name and details at the store). The card that was used was a brand new card that was still attached to the paper when they send it out. I had activated it but it had just been sitting in a drawer. This means no chance of it being skimmed or anything like that.


How interesting, I had a similar experience 4 months ago, had like 10 x $3 transactions happen through Microsoft, still no idea how the person would've gotten my details.


I'm still waiting for an email. I did close my account last year though so hopefully it's all deleted


Fingers crossed for you.


I had an account with them which I shut down about 18 months ago. Do you think I should just change my license number anyway?


That’s what I’m wondering?


I just got an email confirming my details have been hacked


When was that? Are they offering any compensation?


I got one a few hours ago too. No word of compensation, but details of a designated ontact centre and mental health helpline. Below is a small part of a very long email… “What kind of information was affected? We have so far identified that the incident has resulted in the following kinds of your personal information being compromised. We collected this information from you at the time you applied for credit or sought a quote from Latitude so we could verify your identity. The passport information you supplied which, where applicable, included your photograph, full name, date of birth, passport number and dates of issue and expiry. The personal information you supplied during your application or quote request which, where applicable, included your full name, address, date of birth, your email and your phone number. A photograph of your face provided as part of Latitude’s identity verification process.


Oh no! That’s a lot! I’m so sorry. Touch wood, I haven’t heard anything yet but my fingers are crossed. I hope nothing too untoward happens for you but Latitude should be compensating for anything that you need to replace…including your credit rating if that changes all of a sudden.


Hahahaha compensation? They're not going to compensate shit


Drivers licences, etc? No?


They won't compensate. I got done by optus and ahm. It's just fake apologies


I got hacked too. Is there a free Fraud Alert option with Equifax? Their website is all about $10/month. Thinking Latitude should at least pay for 12months for this service.


There was an update on Facebook this morning, they are just starting to email those impacted from today.