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They've setup a website to register if you're a past/current customer or just want to keep up to date with it all - [https://www.latitudedatabreach.com.au/](https://www.latitudedatabreach.com.au/)


You don’t see the irony in a data capture call to action…I’m affected also but can do without my $2.40 direct deposit in three years.


That's like saying it's ironic that they load you in an ambulance and drive you to hospital after a car accident.


Yes, but if my data gets breached again I'll sign up for *that* class action. When they get breached I'll sign up to the subsequent suit. So on and so forth. "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you'll be broke forever." - Warren Buffet (or Bernie Madoff. Idk)


If anyone bothers to class action. My phone number that receives non stop spam now was leaked in a Facebook breach. Nobody in Australia gave a shit about that breach. Plenty of class actions overseas but we just ignored it.


What is the security around the data they are collecting? What is the data retention policy? What is the data sovereignty on this data, is it being collected offshore? Seems like another breach just waiting to happen.


for existing customers, i wonder if they will award lower interest rates or settling of a balance as a form of compensation


Do you know if Medibank or Optus customers got any kind of financial compensation? Waived charges, free month etc?


yep as a (now) ex-Optus customer I had my contract terminated early without penalty as a result of the hack.