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Be kind to yourself. It’s ok to take more time and honestly, it was incredibly mature to cancel once you realised how you felt. I’m not kidding- some people force themselves to get into relationships while 100% emotionally unavailable, causing themselves (and the other person) a lot of extra heartache.


I am glad you did that. Don’t use her. Just do the work and get over your ex the natural way.


Yeah, kinda what my ex did to me but decided to push through it, although it would’ve been nice fuck you to my ex but I refuse to use people as a means to get back at my ex, I won’t stoop to her level


It wouldn’t have been a nice “fuck you!” That is coming at the expense of someone else, and not from a place of authenticity. A lot people think that “winning,” a breakup is finding someone new and being happy with that person. To each their own. However, for me, it’s getting to a place where you accept you two aren’t compatible, wishing them the best on their journey of whoever/whatever they seek, and living truthfully for you. Ultimately, just wanting peace at the end of a breakup is winning. That’s just me.


The real winning in a break up is bettering yourself and becoming someone they wish they were with.


Perhaps you just need more time to grieve. Maby hanging with friends or social setting would be better and not dates. I am in a similar situation and it’s just to soon for me as well. I know exactly how you are feeling it’s been one month for me but I know at two months I still won’t be able too.