Super fun idea, but if you make it trigger off of evens or odds you could get the same effective bonus in a much more streamlined way. Something like: "Whenever you make an attack or damage roll with this weapon and the result is odd, you can add 1 to that roll" Also, +1 items don't require attunement so this probably shouldn't either


This solves the unnecessary dice rolls


If you're adding a plus 1/2 sword to your table, I think unnecessary dice rolls are not your real concern.


Not sure what other concerns may already be here... *Puts +1/2 Sword in my Bag of Folding.¹* ¹Standard adventure's pack that weighs nothing when empty.


Ah I see you bought your adventuring gear on wish


I'd say use the die to determine the bonus for the other: Odd on the d20 = +1 damage Odd on the damage die = +1 to hit That way you're not just rolling only odd/only even to hits.


>Odd on the damage die = +1 to hit ...so, you are saying that after you *hit*, and roll even on the damage die, you get to add +1 to number that already hits? .... why?


Adding extra language to address this case is just not particularly helpful and just bogs down the description. It's easy enough to skip the step if you don't need it.


I don't deny that. But your system doesn't make sense. You don't roll damage unless you hit, and if you hit why wouldhouneed to add +1 *to hit*?


It's common to roll both together to speed up the process.


still the best innovation of the Archmage Engine


Yes it's better. This adds too many dices roll it would slow things down in combat especially if the personn holding this has many attacks.


You only roll an extra die if you miss by 1 - so 1 attack in 20. That isn't much.


Trouble is, then you have to know when you missed by 1, which means you have to know the AC. Sure, some tables that might be free information, but not all of them- certainly not many in my experience


Yes I know but it's a 5% chance times attacks Meaning for a 5th level monk it could be 5%,5%,5%,5% for example. I know it's not much but when you can, it's always better to get rid of dice rolls and people suggested he could use even/odd mechanic instead which I find better too.


The even/odd requires remembering to add or not add the +1 every single roll, which I would find more annoying tbh At least with the additional rolls they always matter


Very good ideas! I am learning a lot from these comments, thank you!


Maybe instead of rolling a second die, just go with even/odd on the first dice roll. Something like: "When you make an attack with this sword and the dice result is odd, add +1 to the roll." That way you don't slow everything down by making players roll another die.


The only problem I see with this is you always know the outcome. Say it you add 1 on odds and monster has AC 13. You never get a chance to hit it rolling the 12.


Yeah, true. But is there a bias in whether AC is even or odd? And there's no reason you've gotta have all the creatures in an encounter have the same AC.


Could also just have a roll at the start of the round. If even, functions as +1 for the round, off as +0. Player can make note of it outside their turn (or just quickly if they’re first to go) and then you don’t have to roll on each attack.


You don't have to roll on each attack anyway, only when you just miss - which if your players are anything like mine, is the point at which they're staring at their character sheet trying to figure out if they can find a +1 bonus from somewhere (spoiler: they can't) anyway


You've got to factor the base bonus, which varies from character to character. A character with a +5 to hit (your average lvl 1 character) would actually need to roll a natural 7 to get that 12, which then becomes a 13 because of the even roll.


“On an odd roll, add +1 to the attack roll. On an even roll, add +1 to the damage roll.” You always get something, and if you roll a nat 20 for an auto-hit, you always get the damage.


I like that solution!


I had it as a coin flip initially,but thank you! I am learning a lot from these comments


Maybe instead of a d20 it could be a d2 But a very funny concept. Maybe it’s a sword that was magically sharpened on one side but both sides are identical so it’s just luck to see if it’s sharp or not


If you can't tell which edge of your sword is sharp, you've got other problems.


You would be right if it was normally sharp, this one is magically sharp. For all we know which side is magically sharp changes constantly.


I had I as a coin flip first, yeah. That's a funny idea! I like it!


If a +1 sword is too strong for your group, you probably have a bad DM lol


that's a bit convoluted, but somewhat fun also shouldn't it be common?


I originally though of it as a +1 sword that got enchanted wrong. So yeah it's weaker than a +1 sword,and weaker items are generally more common, but it's like a misprint, so maybe it actually is rarer.


It is a fun idea, but you could also fetch back the old "perfect" weapon which granted just a +1 to hit.


This reminds me of my DM handing out half inspiration points.


How the hell did that work?


You can save up to two for a full inspiration point, which works as normal. OR you can spend the half inspiration point to increase a roll by one.


Sounds more interesting than what I thought


Like a half pendant from Legends of the Hidden Temple


Can you say, "*bogs down combat even further*"!


“Requires attunement” slays me.


Yeah it probably shouldn't really


I have two magical shopkeepers in my current game. One is a knockoff scammer and this is the exact type of weapon he’d try to sell to my group. And they would never know unless they got it identified by my sweet old lady shopkeep selling the good stuff.


As others have said the dice roll feels weird. People have said a +1 to hit OR damage is a good solution, you could even let the person decide which bonus they want before/after rolling. Alternately you could give the sword charges. 3 charges and you can add +1 after rolling attack.


A coin toss would probably be more elegant, but this is both funny and a genuinely nice smaller version of a full +1 weapon.


I had it as a coin flip initially yeah


I do something similar but simpler by making the bonus be just on damage or mostly on damage to fill the progression with weapons. So I call the default stuff we have +1+1, +2+2 and +3+3. Two numbers indicating the bonus to hit and to dmg. That way you can have a "+0+1" or just a +1 weapon that just adds the +1 to DMG. So it's a in between the non magic weapons and the basic magic weapons. Can also have +1+2 and +2+3 weapons to fill in between the other tiers of magical weapons. Also have weapons with. -1 to DMG to signify poorly maintained or crafted ones. Like a scimitar from a goblin or something


There is a much easier solution to this. Just have there be weapons that grant either a permanent +1 on attack rolls or a +1 on damage rolls, but not both. This would effectively make it a +1/2 weapon without those clunky extra dice rolls.


I don’t like it






Any miss that misses by one


A simpler way to put it would be: Add 1d2-1 to all attack and damage rolls with this sword.


Not sure why you are downvoted. Your solution is much shorter, simpler and basically does the same.


I had it as a coin toss initially,yeah


So bad it’s good


dunno if 5e already has something like that... but Pathfinder has masterwork weapons, that give +1 to attack roles, but not to damage rolls (like a real +1 weapon would do).


Okay, I will be the one: "*If you make an attack with this sword and miss, but you would have hit if the total result was 1 higher, roll a d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, you hit*" can be shortened to "**If you make an attack with this sword, roll a d20. If the result is 11 or higher, add a bonus of +1 to your attack roll**". You can also get rid of the *"Additionally, whenever you hit a target with an attack from this sword, roll a d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, add 1 to the damage*" by simply adding "**and damage roll**" to my proposal.


How is a +1 too powerful, I swear, some DMs just want their characters to be disabled


It's not, I just hate how bland it is. I almost never give +X weapons, preferring flametongues, weapons of X slaying, vicious weapons...


In my recent game we started at a high level and the dm let us choose one magical item from our background, you can’t believe what a happy child I was when he let me have a devotee’s censer to my paladin of conquest. That is a great weapon




I do like the +1 to hit on odd theory and if it's even and hits that's when it's +1 to damage