(((Hugs))) If you decide to take a jump off here, send me a message so we can keep in touch.


I’m so sorry man, I can relate, I was on k deathbed dealing with a very serious autoimmune disease and I still put her before my own healing, she dumped me whil I was trying to live, I didn’t even care if I got better I just wanted her, I didn’t care that I was slowly dying, because she was everything, if you ever need to talk im here


This is one of the great mysteries I will never understand, how can someone have no empathy or compassion for someone they supposedly loved, even if they don't love you anymore there has to be some part inside them that still cares about you. So why can't they be a decent human being and at least give us a "hey, are you ok?" They have no idea how painful it is to just treat us like we were nothing. I'm glad you kicked them off that pedestal, keep doing what's best for you and I hope you feel better soon.


Have you tried to talk in person?