She’s doing this because she found out about your rebound date so she’s making you feel as crap as she did when she found out. Also… you didn’t do anything with each other for the 1year and couple months? Or was it just towards the end of your LDR?


The thing is she told her close friends that she was happy I was going on the date and genuinely seemed fine, and no we did do a lot but it was like december and January where she thought hanging out more than once a week was too much and texting something other than goodmorning and goodnight was overbearing and calling more than once a week was to stressful, we hardly worked the same days and she lived and hour away


Why did she do that? To fuck with you, plain and simple.


I just don’t know why, I’ve done nothing to make her do this, I’ve always been nice and she broke up with me, why is she mad that I’m trying to move on, I’ve told her I’d be willing to work things out with her


She probably wanted to make u feel jealous


Okay? Go be happy elsewhere.