Yep also going through it, although I’m switching from, what an asshole I hate you and wish nothing but the absolute worse to I’m so incredibly lonely and I miss you. It’s very confusing, luckily therapy is helping, but tbf with my situation I shouldn’t feel sad but mostly anger


It’s not linear. I went from being okay with it, to anger to extreme loneliness all within my first week. Then all over again in a different order. It was all over the place for me for the first 3 months. After that, it became much better for me. Still some sad moments but I saw the light and was less negative. It happens at different paces for everyone so don’t feel confused. What you’re going through is very normal. Ive been feeling amazing lately but I still lurk this sub when I get those random bouts of sadness to see if I can help others.


Thanks for bringing us hope ^^


I’m going through that phase and it basically means that there are a lot of words that were left unsaid. Is there a word for missing someone you don’t want to see ever in your life again ?!


Yup, it’s one of the grief phases. Perfectly normal, the best is to hang out with a good friend, grab several drinks and vent.. tell your friend everything, be furious about your ex, don’t hold it unsaid.. but please don’t write your ex at this phase, however tempting it is .) You would regret later, trust me. Btw I’m in the 4th week too and also experiencing insane anger rn. Like everything’s unfair. You’re not alone. It’s gonna pass.


Second this about not writing them. It absolutely sucks in the aftermath.


It’s is. This is normal. after it’s acceptance and forgiveness. Than you should be over them.


It’s okay to feel the full spectrum of emotions. Each emotion is valid and has a voice, they just take turns being the loudest. Let them speak, you need to acknowledge those voices and feelings as you sift through them, just don’t let them dominate the table.


4th week here too, in fact last time I saw or spoke to her was a month ago today. How I wish I could go back in time and change a few things. I've never seen someone completely avoid a situation and go NC and vanish like she has. Not sure exactly what your situation is but I wish you well in your recovery. Try to pretend that I'm cool but every vacant thought has me seeing her out having fun and all this crap which I know is mental but it's just the truth. I'm almost lost in my memories of her as well even back to a year ago when we started dating-now all that's gone, maybe she'll call one day, doubtful but I hope so today.


Let’s make a group playlist for the grieving process and share it. I relate so much. The first time I’ve come down from I wish the hell you give to wtf just happened and I miss him.