PSA: Black people in the Caribbean who live in the Caribbean identify as black.



Black people are black we all identify as black. I don’t even like saying ‘identify as’, cuz it’s idiotic. “African American” is different and has cultural connotations that we (other parts of the diaspora) don’t like to be associated with. On another note, every time charla tries to talk about race/ethnicity/nationality an angel sheds a tear. My god he’s dumb af on those topics. Like the part where he was talking about the South African dude… lord have mercy, I felt bad for shulz lol. That’s that good ole southern education for you.


That ain't Southern education, that's just Wokeism and Liberal smugness filtered through a slightly less obnoxious lense via CTG. And I say that as a Left-winger, he's off the deep end He's purposely ignorant and narrow-minded, hell the beginning of the pod about the origins of "Gyp" for Romanian Gypsies was hypocritical asf on Charla's part and made me stop listening altogether. Annoying asf


Yup, it’s in direct conflict to what he’s said about offensive terms in the past


I can't cosign this. Which Caribbean island are you from? You can not speak for the entire Carribean population. There is NO Carribean entity that can claim Carribeans en masse hate Black Americans, that's just not true.




Just remember this when it’s time for us to cash in on reparations


Reading comprehension bro. We don't like being referred to as African Americans. Not saying we don't like African Americans. Come on bro. Context. The pod is talking about what nouns we use to identify racial groups. ​ Admittedly, it's not like I typed my point in a clear an coherent manner


Reading comprehension? 😆 There's no way you threw that jab when what you wrote was totally different from what you actually meant. Wtf 😆


You did say "We don't like African Americans", but now I'm assuming that was a typo. So personally, I would hesitate to say that you typed your post in a clear and coherent manner




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Got dam you sloppy as hell for this. Then you bring in the kryptonite ‘ego’.


Then for gods sake correct your post -you literally wrote VERBATIM : “We do not like African Americans”. We’re not here to decipher your incoherent ramblings. Just be clear and then you won’t get butthurt when people don’t understand. It’s that simple.


facts i was born in america to jamaican parents so i be jackin i’m caribbean american if dat makes sense


Exactly lol


What do they think of Black Africans?


I don't know. You would have to ask each individual person. There will always be ignorant fucks in every corner of the world, including the Carribean. I just never heard of a whole island hating Americans.


Why do Dominicans say they’re not black??


Internalized anti-blackness.


Because when people ask are you black they usually mean are you African American. We aren’t and don’t share more of our culture with the other Spanish speaking countries. Most Dominicans are aware of our roots, but black Americans take it as us denying our blackness when in reality Dominican culture is very in tune with the motherland. Mind you colorism is a bitch in the DR but that seems to be the case with many black countries.


Because of hyper/Hypodescent… they’re not black, they are Dominican. Are Egyptians black because Egypt is in Africa? Because they clåim white/Middle Eastern


Because they're latin


My family is from the islands IM BLACK AND IM PROUD Am I African America...no...because I wasn't born in America... It's just when your on the island where 90% of the people are black you just really focus on nationality because....well....your the majority But I know mad white people that say I'm Italian America or Irish American, I ain't never met a white person who likes I'm white American White is a color.....black is a color.....I don't see Mexicans calling themselves brown American


I’m Congolese and Always saw myself as black.


Caribbean people may accept black, however would prefer to be address by their respective island. So I can’t co-sign this message. Black/ white as racial identity is really an American thing, no one else in the world really define themselves as such


Exactly. The lumping of one’s culture/ethnic heritage by race is an American concept.


I fully understand your pain, it’s ridiculous the amount of times Black British Men get called “African American” by Americans


Op is a retard


It must be different in the USA. In Toronto and London where I’ve both lived, Africans and Caribbean’s definitely consider themselves Black. In the USA, Black Americans are the default Black group being that they have a distinct culture, other blacks may use nationality to denote that they come from a different culture than African-Americans.


It’s different because if you’re from the Caribbean you usually go by the country you are from like someone from the Bahamas will say I’m from the Bahamas not black we know we are black but we also know 1 step further than the us they don’t know what country there from so they are just black


Not really. You’re not from Bahamas like they’re not from America, y’all both descended from African slaves so you don’t “know” anything they don’t know.


Bro I know that I’m just telling you why there is a difference. If you look at the Bahamas government you will see black people if you go to the store you will see black people we (as in all black people) “own” the Caribbean countries we live in. Our brothers and sisters in the states are still busy trying to survive


It must be different in the USA. In Toronto and London where I’ve both lived, Africans and Caribbean’s definitely consider themselves Black. In the USA, Black Americans are the default Black group being that they have a distinct culture, other blacks may use nationality to denote that they come from a different culture than African-Americans.


Caribbean african american


Ohhhhh brother 😐 this lie again




nicckaz being nicckaz, I love it!! PSA ma pronouns are real niccka or that niccka 🤣


I didn't get what they're talking about not wanting to be considered American isn't the same thing as not being black


This statement is not completely correct. Im FROM the caribbean. Puerto Rico to be exact. We learn about our African roots and are taught to be proud of them. We even have a city called Loiza where many of the freed slaves made their own city and where one of the oldest Carnaval is celebrated. They keep the drumming and dances traditionally practiced by our African ancestors.we learn about our Indigenous roots and preserve ous sacred grounds. Sadly, our Spaniard heritage, the bloodiest part of our DNA is everywhere, reminding us of the genocide and enslavement of our people. But, its our history. We love our heritage as a whole. We identify as ALL 3. I AM African, I AM Taino and for better or worse, I AM Spaniard (and I dont consider Spaniard Euro-white either as Americans do, They are Euro Latin as we are LatinAmerican, hence the name Latino) Knowing WHERE youre from is as important culturally as is to learn from other cultures. Education is the key to the universe. Charla and Alex missed the mark on this one. Im not really surprised that Andrew has a better perspective on this because Andrew tries to be educated on what the culture of the people that surround him and his loved ones (alex, charla and the boys) is so he can both respect AND destroy comedically!


You're right. The problem with my statement is that it's a blanket one that assumed we all act and behave the same. That's not the reality. It's certainly more nuanced. I could argue that maybe "most" feel this way, but even then, I have no empirical data and I'm basically just speaking out of my ass.


The whole color code created by white people is WILD