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35 is young. You'll probably be working for another 30 years. It is never too late to change careers or try a different industry.


This is uplifting and depressing at the same time lol


Yes and no. I’m 32 and just changed jobs. Once you get into your 30s you start to lose that strong ambition towards work. You start thinking about long term health of your life happiness and career. I think it’s important to change your career to fit your life. I really try and avoid hating work. Because whether it’s not want to or not, we spend a third of our day doing it.


100%, would I give up 20-30 hours a week at a comfortable gig for a 60-80 at a gig to make more money? Nah. Congrats you win corporate America.


Prioritizing “The Grind” is for chumps who were manipulated into blind unquestionable worship of the exploitation of the system. And then when they are old and on their deathbeds they regret everything they didn’t make time for.


fr this is my mom and I also drank the koolaid until I hit 30 ish and wished I hadn't broken my body for literal peanuts pay


It is one of the top regrets of the elderly: throwing all into work and losing out on various other life events - family, friends and even personal goals like romance.


I'll disagree with the "no" part. At 34 I changed careers to something I was actually passionate for. Granted, it is work and takes time from other pursuits, but my current career is something I feel is honorable and doing a service to others. YMMV.


If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do? I’m currently looking at a career switch as well.


I would also like to borrow this man's dream.


Field service for medical imaging equipment. It may not be for everyone but I enjoy it.


Guess it depends on the person. Total opposite for me


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Nah, at this point they're ready to work us to death in our 50's


50 here!! Can confirm I'm working 7 days a week at two different jobs.




😂 how? If we can’t even afford Housing. What house will we retire to?


Tiny home with our student loan debt to keep us warm at night.


Millennials are straddled with crippling debt and social security is likely to not exist when we retire. You will lose that wager.


If by "retire" you mean "die on the line", sure


If by "retire" you mean in a Judge Dredd dead from a lack of medical care or a self inflicted bullet because you're not going to stop working for crumbs or because the planet is an unlivable climate disaster then sure I guess






36 here and just changed career path. Started my new job this past Monday :) It's never too late to do anything.


I’m 38 and after a 15 year nursing career I now sell lumber and building materials 🤷🏻‍♀️


I also switched from Healthcare to sales! Love this for us lol


Isn’t it so damn nice coming home not covered in body fluids and crying from poor treatment and exhaustion?


Except if your new career is sports or potentially military (though leadership positions where you don't do as much of the physical work, coach, sergeant etc can still work). For that it could be too late.


Definitely not too old. What if it takes you 5 years (or 10 or 20) to get to your goal? Those years will pass regardless. Might as well spend them working on what you want to accomplish.




This is one of my favorite quotes: "'But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano / act / paint / write a decent play?' Yes . . . the same age you will be if you don't." -Julia Cameron


I always say the same thing - the time will go by either way!


I went back to school at 27 again at 31 and graduated at 33. 35 is still plenty young too


That’s exactly my timeline 😆 op, 35 is definitely not too old to start something new, it’s a fairly young age, and if you know you want something, better start sooner so you got more years to enough doing that thing and fewer years to regret not choosing it sooner


I went back to school for one thing and started a business in another thing. 31 at the time. I can't imagine just not changing paths because I thought I was too old


That literally happened to me too! I know 35 is can feel “old” but it’s really not, still young enough to do everything


I know folks that do 20 years in the military, get out with retirement, and turn around and do another 20-30 years in a completely different career. You do you and you're definitely not too old.


This is me. Did 21 years, retired at 39 and collecting my pension while working full time on my "real job" now for 8 years since then. ​ Definitely not too old to start a new career. Find what you love and go after that!


No I started a business at 64


How are you doing now with your business? My mother graduated with 2 masters degrees at age 61. She retired at 65. She wanted the personal fulfillment.


I was 45 when I started my company and thought I was behind. I tip my hat to you!


The only time it is too late is when you are pushing up daisies. 35 is young compared to my 61.


I'm 43. I started driving trucks 2 years ago. I did hospital security for 10 years before that... It's never to late. Gotta live to the end might as well do what you like


After working since the age of 18 in food service, I had enough of that lifestyle, so..... At age 26 I went back to school for my Associates, graduated at age 28 About 6 months after graduation, landed a job as a Electronics Equipment Technician, working in the Bio-Tech industry, after five years and without a higher level degree to move into Management, I made another change, and moved 2300 miles away.... At age 34, enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program (same school, but, my state didn't allow ITT Technical Institute to offer Bachelor's programs), enrolled only part-time while working full-time, graduating at age 38 in 2009 (one of the worst possible times ever) That said, over a decade later I am in a nice and comfortable position as a Supervisor in the Medical Supply industry. Also worked at such companies as Thermo-Fisher, Intel, and Fisher-Price during my career. It's never too late to change careers, and there are plenty out there which do not require degrees, but certifications instead (Welding, Electrician, etc) and offer pay equal or better than a degree will. The biggest obstacle, besides taking that first step, is overcoming fear of failure, which can determine the course of your life, and your ability to move forward.. Along the way, you may run into unforeseen issues, that can delay or derail your course, it happened with me. But if you stay focused on the end goal, and never lose sight of it, despite seeming very far away, each step brings you a little closer, before you know it, you will arrive exactly where you want, just perhaps not in the exact time frame you hoped.


no! these folks in my MA cohort are all 47-52 years of age. Literally you have so much time. Go for it!




I’m facing that now after a surprise divorce and my career leaving me! Scary times.


It's not too old, but also, I'm not sure this is a huge career change? I wouldn't frame it as one in the interview, anyway. It's a different industry but the skills required to be a receptionist are similar to the customer service jobs you've had in the past. You didn't say what you did in the construction office but if it was anything like receptionist/secretary/office manager or even sales it probably involved very transferable skills as well. There will be new systems and some unique knowledge and vocabulary you'll have to learn, but unless you'll be getting a vet tech license and doing more hands on work like that it'll be in the same general job family. I would play up your ample customer service and office work experience, and highlight how you're excited to work in an environment with animals as that part will be new to you. But the meat of the work and some of the basic job duties will probably be pretty familiar and draw from the same basic skills you've been practicing.




Your resume if written in the correct manner can highlight the skills required for such a position, then it becomes about the enthusiasm expressed during phone and physical interviews. What you lack in specific skills, such as working directly with animals, your resume can highlight other important skills required for the position. Expressing a desire to learn and grow, despite whatever else might be missing could be enough to land you the job, Every job that I have taken in the last two decades, any chance to expand my skill set through additional offered training, I jump right at the chance. Example; The last two years I self taught myself Excel, going above and beyond simple spreadsheets and formulas, creating the daily schedule which is now used in all three rooms across the three shifts. Today I was offered to be taught by the Operations Supervisor how to edit our "End of the Shift" form we enter our shift's production data in every night. She is already tackling multiple departments and doesn't have the time to edit the form, and knows I am fairly proficient with Excel.


My mom went back to school to get her master's degrees after 15 years of being a SAHM and started working as a counselor in her 40's after a divorce and bankruptcy. She's now 58 and is extremely successful as a counselor.


Animal care will pay very little. Dog walking buisness/sitting buisness might not be a bad idea. Your probably better off staying at home with the baby and dabble until you find something you like. Your situation will get in the way faster than your age will.


Regardless, you’re going to be working for the next 25-30 years anyways, so why not do it in a career you enjoy? 35 is nothing. Imagine if you don’t switch, 10 years from now you’re going to be 45 with many years of work still ahead of you, except now you’ll be regretting not making the switch and wondering how far you could’ve made it in 10 years You’ve got 1 life, it’s never too late to do what you enjoy


Honestly, I think it's bizarre to expect that what you chose to do at 20ish is the same thing you'll want to do for the next 40-50 years. Some of use get lucky and choose something that really is a passion, but many of us don't. 35 isn't old. I'm 41 and still not old.


Nope, I became a nurse at 39 so go for it!!!


Not at all. My mom did a 180 at 44


I read “my mom died at 180” lol


Absolutely not to old, I switched careers at 40


No it’s not!! Do not settle. I graduated my program in my 20’s with a gentleman in his 70’s. He said he woke up and realized he was miserable in his current role. I never forget him lol it was such a cool story.


I don’t think it’s too old. I think maybe getting some career advice from a staffing agency or a resume writer would help


If OP wants to work with animals, a staffing agency will not be helpful, in my experience. I would recommend getting hands-on experience working with animals, whether it is through volunteering (which might be a good start, to see if OP even likes the work enough to continue pursuing it), through a paid position (very competitive), or through going back to school (vet tech, biology/conservation/ecology degree, or even zoo school).




Hey, Its not that old. I am in the same boat, I am reading up on something I wanna learn and trying to stick to it as best as I can. I wanna attend the university and get a bachelors degree, might start this year and I hear I can take it remotly/online. Win win for me.




Thank you for the nice reply. Maybe you could try working at a shelter or something like that.


No. What you gonna do, wait till 60?


Never. Follow your passion but don’t sell yourself short. You have experience that can transfer in some degree, don’t forget that. Word of advice in following your passion - ruthless self awareness is extremely important. Some passions and hobbies need to stay passions and hobbies. They don’t always transfer well to a career path.


Absolutely, it’s impossible at that point. 34, no problem. 35? Straight to jail.


I switched to nursing when I was 32.


If you are still breathing you can do anything


I'm 38 and just left the service industry to start in finance. Just passed three of my big license tests. I have no degree. Show that you're willing to learn, grow, take constructive feedback, and that you're truly interested in this path, and you should be aces.


I'm turning 32 this year and I just started going to school again for a complete career switch (government defense to video game development) about a month ago. I can't predict the future but I can say that the other day, my husband told me that from his point of view, I am so much happier and less stressed so it's I think that's a win. He said he could tell I was burnt out and only did that job because it's what I knew how to do. The way I look at it is that the average age of life in the US is 76, so we aren't even halfway. And even if you are, it's never too late to live your life how you want. We only get one life.


Im 41 and trying to switch. If you can get a career that makes you happy and pays the bills, its never too late.


Yes Uber and door dash forever


Go over to r/careerchange and you’ll see plenty of mid-30 something’s. Heck do a search here and plenty of career changers in the 30s and beyond. I would volunteer or work part time at a Vet clinic first before committing full time. See if it’s for you. Search this sub r/careerguidance for former veterinarians and techs wanting to change careers…. there’s a lot of burnout and low pay in animal medicine. Or if you want to go into research or academia or zoology. You’d want the price and time in schooling to be worth it.


I'm 36 and working to finish my degree so I can pursue law school. There is no such thing as too old. Go kick ass.


It's not too old to switch into a career field where there is demand. For example, if you wanted to go take a class and then try to maybe be an entry level analyst you can do that in my opinion. I'm going to get some hate but I'd say it's too late to go into a saturated career where there are too many people and not enough jobs. Even if you're equally qualified a younger person will probably get that job when there are few openings. Working with animals.... Just make sure it pays enough to cover any education and your lifestyle. I like to say this field has a "passion tax". In other words, a lot of these jobs that people find fulfilling and helpful, tend to pay very little for the work you do. They seem to think you should be happy just doing such work.


Shoot, I’ve switched careers twice in the past 4 years. I’m 41 and thinking of doing it again. Lol


Fuck no! Never stop learning and growing.


My dad was a luthier and had his own business from age 25-40. At age 40 he wanted a career change, went to law school, and is now a government lawyer. I am 30, worked in insurance for 5 years, now I’m back in college training for a new career. It’s never too late!


You are never too old to change careers


Dude, I'm 40. I am switching from Nursing to accounting. I'm kind of nervous about the jump but the answer is no. I have been reading people in their 50s becoming construction workers or nurses and so on.


As someone on this thread said, time will pass regardless. I want to be a doctor and just turned 20. Obviously this is completely different from you. But I'm already behind everyone who wants to be a doctor and according to my calculations, if I go through with this, I'll achieve my dreams at the age of 36. My 20s will be completely erased and full of studying and sacrifice. My point is that if I went along with whatever I was doing and let the opportunity pass by, I could never live with myself. At the back of my mind, I would always ask myself "dang, what if I would've done this or that?"


Nope! My mom switched careers at *55*.


I became a video game programmer at 35 years old. Never too late.


37 here, in my senior year to obtain my bachelors in electrical engineering. Will be 38 when I graduate. You're never too old and don't let anyone tell you different.


My parents both moved into different careers in their last 30’s/early 40’s (separately, had been divorced for a decade). Showed me that you don’t just pick one thing and stick to it forever. You do the thing that’s the best at the time, and allow for change along the way


God, I hope not. I'm 53 and in the process of changing careers.


I'm 39 and thinking of switching careers also. Went to school and got a Bachelor's in Bio because I was led to believe "that's where the money's at". It has paid well, but my heart isn't there and I feel empty. I originally wanted to be a visual designer, or a counselor. I hope I can make it happen someday. Edit: I forgot to add: You're not alone.


Permission to forward by author of race


I sure hope not! I'm 35 and in college for a degree in a field entirely new to me. As the old saying goes, you'll regret what you didn't do more than what you did do. Or something like that.


When I was in nursing school there was a woman there in her 50s. She had always wanted to be a nurse and finally just decided that even if it was just for 10 years, she was going to spend 10 years doing what she wanted. 35 is not at all too old.


Never too old! You may look into vet tech, it’s a trade school degree and you’d be working directly with animals!


I'm 39 and just finished my masters as a career changer!


Nope. Think of it this way: It's never too late to start doing what you enjoy. If what you enjoy changes, then do something else or change with it. Work to live the life you want, not to work a job. If a job happens to be an avenue to fulfill the life you want, even better.


I’m 37! Life sucks worse when you grow up! Live it up bitch! The fact that you’re asking means you need to try something new! ;) … please don’t take offence to the word bitch, please!!! Lol


No, but working with another animals = poverty wages.


As someone who has spent 30 years hating what I do for a living, it is NEVER too late to switch careers, you spend so much of your life at work, you should be doing something that brings you joy....if not joy, at least some level of satisfaction. Also, your performance will be better if you enjoy what you do, better performance leads to better advancement, better advancement leads to more enjoyment...


I switched careers at 38 and glad I did. Due a lot to my age I was able to advance pretty quickly.


Check with your locals, never heard about it being illegal, but you never know


I'll be nearly 30 when I start mine...


My daughter has commenced nursing studies. In her cohort there's a dad and ex-plumber whose dream has always been to be a nurse. He's 40.


You must reinvent yourself every 10 years. I have had atleast 5 careers in the past 30 years. They are all in different fields too. Always be growing and learning. I currently do 3 different jobs/ business for the past 10 years.


What were your careers? Just genuinely curious


I have accounting background with sales experience, tax expertise- business, retail gift shop- business and full time finanace/ HR manager.


OnlyFans does not age discriminate


Yeah you're ancient at 35


The urge to be obnoxiously sarcastic is so overwhelming right now...but I will just leave this: if you think you're too old then you are. You will end up sabotaging yourself and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. So stop worrying about what others may think and do what you think is best.


No. But do it NOW. At least start your process now. I waited way too long. I'm digging out, and I will get there, but I wish I had made better choices when I was 35. Money (good money) kept drawing me back in to my old career. Money is great, but burnout and cynicism will eventually trump money.


No. See the other million tired identical posts asking the same question, with ages ranging from 22-45+.


Similar situation at 37, I took a few classes to learn more about Real Estate. Now I have been working in RE 19 years. I was a Baker and had only worked in bakeries before. Now I'm getting ready to move and may change careers again. Never to late!


Could these types of posts ("Am I too old to switch careers?") be limited? I've seen so many of these on this sub recently, and the consensus is always "no, you're not too old".




I'm really jealous of people who comment includes you. in China,You're basically unemployed at 35 not to say change career. and if you are a woman, even more worse!


Not to old and never to late.


Why would it be?


I build inground pools. I'm 32. My boss has told me he started building pools when he was 32. I've been doing it for almost 8 years before I turned 32. He is now 2 years away from collecting social security and retiring. If I had to start a new career, I'd have 20 plus years to put into it.


Not at all. I started my new career at 35. Seems like a perfect age to make a big change.


At 35, you quite possibly have two more lifetimes ahead of you….. and you don’t have to repeat the first 20 years of learning to be a human. You can master anything in 10,000 hours (5 years full time) go for whatever, and then do it again in ten years or so if you like.


I’m the same age as you. I’ve been staying home with my kid for the past couple years and I’m so nervous about going back to work when she starts school! I think we’ll be okay but it’s just daunting, especially going into a new career (I want to switch when I eventually go back as well).


It’s never too late. You are going to grow older no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you want.


In 2008 when the housing market crashed, many people in the 40s and up were forced to change careers. It's never too late, especially if necessity demands it. I watched my dad do the same thing.


Look for city jobs. Plenty of entry level related jobs, at least in my area.


Absolutely not


I switched careers at 55. Making twice what I was making before, and doing cooler stuff.


There is no perfect age to change or try a new career. Do something you’re good at or enjoy doing.


That’s not too old at all! I knew plenty of people older than that in college when I went. 35 isn’t anywhere close to old.


I started working as a vet tech at 37. It led to me going back to school for x ray. It's never too late to do something new


I am 43 and going back to college again.


I don't really consider going from office job and customer service to a receptionist is a career switch. They're all entry level positions. I'm sure you will be fine.


Try get a remote job! It’s possibel




I have a friend who is 36 and just switched from manufacturing logistics for a polymer factory to vision inspection for a pharmaceutical company a year ago. He's having the time of his life! Edit: He switched industries and fields, moving from logistics to engineering


Not at all! You only get one life. You may as well do what you want!


I hope not, I am 45 and transitioning careers.




This is prime time for change. Life experiences can be a greater tool in education than youth. Your own drive and passion is all you need. 35 is still young...Go for it.


I’m 40 and switching careers. I still have 20+ years before I retire. So, no!


I’m changing careers at 40


47 just swapped


You're never too old to change what you do for a living. Pursue your passions. I was 33 when I apprenticed for tattooing. Got burnt out from some nonsense. At 36 I apprenticed for tool and die. 45 now, still doing tool and die. I love it, but have been considering branching out on the side with gunsmithing. Never think you have to accomplish societal goals by a certain age. Live your life and pursue your dreams. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


No, it’s never too late to reward yourself with a life more worth living.


I know someone your age who did that. They just switched to a job they always dreamed to do that is not correlated with their previous carrier. So good luck with your future, I wish you the best!


Nah, start now. It might take a while to get somewhere you truly like but learn from the past of. It sticking to orbs that won’t serve you long term.


No. I jumped into my current career at 35. Now I’m 47 pulling six figs.


Last I checked, 35 is the age of no turning back according to the Laws of Career switching. You are now obligated to work the rest of your life in restaurants or else you will go to jail for the rest of your life.


What careers? Those are all jobs. Heck yes there’s always time to switch. Sooner the easier.


Never too old! Work is too big a part of our lives to not be happy. Take the leap, allow them to decide.


I started a career with the local government at 33 as a mom of 3. It’s been worth it!


Never too late! I'm 42 and I've shifted my career focus multiple times. I'm finishing my master's in Dec (started at 40). Go for it!


I changed careers at 38. It's pretty scary when you think you only know how to do one thing and then need change. How am I going to pay the bills knowing that I have to start all over? Will we need to cut too many corners to be happy? Am I failing my family, or do I need to just tough it out? All of that stuff is pretty scary to think about. Of course, my family supported me, and that was all I needed to put in my notice. I took 3 months off and found an entirely new career, making half the money but gaining twice my life back. My only regret is not doing it sooner. These have arguably been the happiest 6 years of my life. If you have similar fears/concerns, I recommend opening up to your loved ones. They'll tell you honestly what they think is best for you. That's what helped me, anyway. But no, 35 is not too old to change.


I work with a bunch of animals. You'd hate it here.


Nope! I am still in a similar industry, but completely changed my role. Went from broadcasting to streaming at age 45. Never too late!


You're never too old to become the person you want to be friend.


U got this. Make a change that works for you and do what you love.


I completely switched industries at 34. Almost 36 now and it’s been the best decision of my life


yes, you may think time is going by to quick for you to grasp what you genuinely desire in life. However, that isn't the case. You have so much room for mistakes and more room for growth. Do what makes you genuinely happy, and remember its never to late for you to improve your perspective on life, on your life.


Imma say no and add I work in sports marketing and we have quite a bit of people show up as interns who are 40+…like a lot….actually I sitting next to a new hire who we just brought on and he turned 45 recently after changing careers a year ago.


No it is not. It would be harder to study. Your minds work differilently


I'm 66. Spent five years in college recently and building a business. Was harradsed by squattors then lost my skills and forced into a full time job volunteering again with new goals to conquer. I lost everything so I'm starting over. Since I've been blackballed cause people don't know that when Trump said open those files , he was letting us know that it's time to open our minds publically and form new galactic government, but I think the silence turned into another reason to bash scientists. Idk but I have went from one career to another according to circumstances and where I was planted all my life. Call me crazy. But I worked with children along with bringing mine during each stage of their lives. Til I was done driving a school bus. Then rocketed off in business, doing. Some international. Settled down for college starting out with leadership in social Hyman services, got depressed and got a degree in Cosmo. Now I want to work the facial injections cause I am there, but pulled into social scientists since aliens took over here. But if I could learn to do the good she does with a lazor gun, ??? Praise God I found a school certifying us in both. Too bad I have to stop and defend to survive and find a doc or vet that cares. Cause if we weren't worried about getting locked up for discussing the reality of cloaking, ECT. Maybe we would of worked out a social relationship between us and visitors that benefits everyone. By teaching them or requiring that they respect our culture n dogs, rather then disrespecting them by denying they exist


Go for it you are young!👍


Nope. I was lost and aimless until 23 when I joined the Army. 5.5 years of that and I left to get my degree. Taught middle school for almost 8 years. I’m now 40 and managing a custodian crew.


It’s almost never too late imo


35 is young! You are never too old.


My mom went back to college to become a teacher...at 58. I went to trucking school with a guy who had been a baker and was then becoming a trucker...at 50. 35 is still young, especially in the 21st Century.


There is no age too old, although 55-60 is PROBABLY approaching the natural cut off unless you're switching into a less demanding career.


SWITCH! 35 is too young to be miserable for the rest of it, right?


Not at all. I’m doing a “career pivot” at 53.


Nope. I didn’t start till that age. Doing science work now.


I just graduated in December at 49. Been in restaurants or other food service for 20 years, secretarial before that. Now I’m moving into data and tech. I’ll probably still be in the job market for the better part of 20 years. 20 years not in restaurants? I’ll take it!!


You’re nowhere near too old!!! Very few people are supposed to have the same job for their entire life!


I switched careers at 42 and it was the d we largest thing I've ever done. Do you and forget what others think. 35 is a baby.




No, it's not too old. I totally switched industries at 29, 37, and 48. You'll be fine. Follow what interests you and pays better than the last gig. Figure out what skills are transferable and play those up on your resume and in interviews.


Yes, 35 is too old to switch careers. Pay no attention to the fact that I switched careers in my early 40s and am doing fine. Really though, as long as you understand your previous experience may not be useful and you may be taking a bit of a step back, you're fine.


I went back to college at 50 years old to get my degree and then switched jobs. It's never too late to find something new and useful to do though finding your dream job later in life might not be easy. Good luck.


I switched careers before I turned 35. I also finished my degree I started over a decade ago and completed other certifications. I mean, if you want it, go for it! I was a bartender forever and made great money, but I worked shit long hours. Now, I make more, work a 40-hour week, and have tremendous flexibility with my current employer. One of the best decisions I pushed myself to make.


I had that fear myself, thank you for asking.