what's your first online gaming experience ?

what's your first online gaming experience?

Shows picture of offline multiplayer game


> what's your first online gaming experience? > Shows picture of offline multiplayer game


I didn't even catch the "online" portion, haha.






Genesis and SNES both had an online service called XBAND, I doubt that's what they were talking about though.


How did that work? You telling me I could been destroying plebs in doctor robotnics mean bean machine online in the sega genisis?


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Maybe his first online game was the Switch version with online multiplayer?


U sure..? Coz I remember my dad played LAN Games through our phone line..


Your Dad hooked his N64 up to a network? Christ, that's impressive.


No. Mb. Didn’t know it‘s a n64 game. He did it with pc games.


Yeah, they were the days. Chilling with mates, duct taped to the ceiling.


The picture shows a N64 game. These were not connected to a phone line.


Oh my bad. Didn‘t know it‘s a n64 game.


Man, it sucks people are downvoting you for learning something new. The game is called GoldenEye 007. It was a legend even in its own time. Many late Gen-Xers and early Millennials had their first console multiplayer FPS experience on one, but the only option was split screen. This meant lots of swearing and laughing, and even some punching lol.


And complaining whenever someone picked oddjob


Ah idc. It‘s todays spirit.. I grew up with snes and so on. I also know about iconic golden eye but never played it. I was hooked on turok or oot these times.


He was downvoted because the person he replied to had made an accurate comment and he'd questioned its accuracy based on a wrong assumption of anecdotal evidence.




You didn't say that you looked at a comment which pointed out it was an offline game and questioned if they were correct because your dad used to play lan games through a phone line. Their comment was correct the n64 Goldeneye had no LAN option but they didn't need to specify that fact as their statement that it was offline multiplayer was accurate. Because other games had online multiplayer does not nullify their statement.


Dude it’s literally Goldeneye tho..


“You see, mario was a plumber character that jumped on turtles and such…he had a bro too and they were both super.” -explaining games in 10 years


Where it say “online” ?


In the post title.


Picture says "first *multi-player* experience"


Post title does not though


It’s possible that it has gotten to the point where OP sees “online” and “multiplayer” as synonymous terms. I’m not being entirely serious but I can imagine a future where the word “online” in this context loses its meaning and just refers to all multiplayer games, and 2 generations from now the word multiplayer dies out and people online start arguing over what it used to refer to “Super Mario Bros wasn’t technically multiplayer. Multiplayer meant playing online at the same time. I’m SMB it was online but the players taking turns” Something like that


wow what a point you make. The nerve!


It's a good point. The topic title and picture are not cohesive at all.


Thanks for noticing, it was a lot of effort.


Playing counter strike in an internet club, trying to turn around by rotating mouse instead of moving it right or left. Good times.


Same! I even remember the year. 2003! I remember I was home then I heard 2 friends screaming my name, like usual, no phone back then. Then I open my window, and one says "get $1, jump on your bike and let's go to this lan house, there's this shooting game everyone is playing. We all can play together on different computers and it seems cool!". "What is a Lan house?" Yep, I didn't know. "It's like these playstation rental but with computers!" Anyway, loved every second of that experience. Spent hundreds of hours of that 2003 and 2004 going to the lan house to play CS nonstop with other ~20-25 random guys that were always there. No matter the time you arrive, there was always 15+ people playing.


This sounds awesome, like the literal sweet spot between arcades and modern video gaming. Sad I'm just a few years too young to have experienced it!


I believe it was unreal tournament 99' with plethora of custom maps, instagib ctf, monster hunt and loads of awesome mods... i miss those times! Edit: music in ut 99' was phenomenal!


Low gravity instagib was the way.


Quake 3 Arena Freeze Tag was my jam. Rail jumping.


Instagib ftw


Getting a monster kill with instagib was a proud moment in my life lol


I remember playing one of the UT at midnight on NYE. I didn't care about the ball dropping, I wanted to be hitting people with my Flak Cannon while running around in a Kitchen like I'm in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."


The Flak Cannon in that game is absolutely the cause of my video game shotgun murder boner


I loved that the alt fire for it had a little smiley face on the canister


I loved that the alt fire for it had a little smiley face on the canister


I still have a cd copy of the GOTY edition somewhere.


That game was very formative for me.


Same here. It's still the best multiplayer game imo.


This would be a close, but does L.O.R.D on BBSs or the T2T mid count?


Playing MUDs on telnet because I'm old. Funny enough the one I used to play is actually still going. Edit: can't tell you how happy it makes me to see everyone calling out the MUDs they played. Mine was Abandoned Realms.


Woah. Telnet. That's old testament computers.


Right? I feel so incredibly old.


Oooooh good call! I May have played Legend of the Red Dragon before I played Doom II online


I did a lot of Legend of the Red Dragon 1200 bps…..


Legend of the Red Dragon was awesome! I used to dial into a local BBS every day to play that one. Absolute classic.


Same here! And only one player could play at a time so you were limited to 30 minutes per day so everyone got a fair chance


My mate was into that awesome stuff, learning the possible actions was hard


JediMUD , peeked in out of curiosity a couple of years ago. Not sure what my password is anymore


Oh shit - I forgot about my MUD. Funny enough, I heard mine just came back online recently, with a lot of the same players from 20 years ago.


first time was a MUD in 97, its still around and still got some of the same players from back in the day


I would love to get a Shadowdale server up and running so I can make myself an immortal and explore all the high level areas I was ever able to get to.


Played a ton of Modus Operandi back in the day.


BBSs man. Insane how the internet blew up.


WoTMUD. It is still going strong too. I'm still terrible, but I've logged years of in game time.


Fellow WoTmudder here. Haven't been on in a few years. The Discord is active though.


Mine was Dragon Realms So much walls of text ...but going on GM made and led adventures where anything could happen was the best....wish we had MMO's adventures like that...sure had to pay like $30 bucks a person to visit some GM made island or whatever but we got one of kind items or tickets so we could alter any item to our description...really great


lol my highschool actually had one on our BBS system called MAJOR MUD, there was also an ascii dungeon brawler called blademaster.


My first online multiplayer game was Tradewars2002 on a BBS, because maybe I'm older? I didn't encounter MUDs until the '90s.


MajorMUD was definitely my first foray into online gaming. It's amazing how much fun a wall of text can actually create. I had played some Doom through direct dial-up between friend's houses using a brand new blazing fast 14400 baud modem, but that's not quite the same as being online and meeting new people.


The first time I played multiplayer over the internet was when I using Xbox Connect and XLink Kai to play Halo: CE and Halo 2 with people.


I’m pretty sure halo was my first too.


Halo 2 online with random invites to custom games was crazy fun. The amount of people rushing to super bounces was crazy.


Halo wouldn't be halo without super jumps and rocket/sword cancelling.


And double sticky bounces


It was a crazy world. I’d get in random custom games with people and we’d spend an hour sword glitching to get on top of a map and super jumping and then do rounds and rounds of zombies or Cops v Robbers


Warcraft 2


Dialing up via [battle.net](https://battle.net) to connect to my friend's computer... those were the days!


Before battle net. Had to use 3rd party servers!


Before they came out with [battle.net](https://battle.net) I remember using a website to chat and find people to play with... [heat.net](https://heat.net) I think it was.


I remember playing with a friend via direct modem-to-modem connection. If that counts as "online" then that was probably my first. I think that was in 93 or 94.


Schlonglor's guides were invaluable. Running into my first hacker really tarnished things from then on though. The guy had like ten copies of every building (even forges), no expansions, no peons gathering, and an infinite supply of ogres. It was a 2v2 and we took out his teammate quickly. Then spent so long trying to beat him that my dialup *timed out.* (2 hour limit)


Duke Nukem 3D over a dialup modem.


and without fail, only getting about 15-20 minutes of a game before somebody's mom had to use the phone.


I used to work at a failing long distance phone company as the IT guy. Shit got reaaaaallllly slow there at the end as most of the job was migrated to Scarborough and handled remotely. The phone switch technician and I shared the same server room. We hand nothing to do all day, and we had 4-line phones. So...we'd dial each other up on 1 line and call each other with our headsets on the other line and play Doom.


I'll fight you on Dwango


For the title; Team Fortress 2. For the meme, Super Mario Kart.


Doom 1, over 'The Forest' Bulletin Board System on my us robotics 14.4k modem


I'm surprised I can't find more BBS people on here.


We are a dying breed my friend. I guess my first real experience gaming with others was Tradewars on early BBS's. I eventually started running my own BBS with several games including one that I programmed myself in QuickBASIC. This was one of the best times of my life. I miss my Tandy 1000.


Mine was door games like Food Fight and Legend of the Red Dragon


Doom 1 for me too but it was in a computer shop. Awesome fun.


Doom for me as well, but not technically "online" because we brought PCs to each others houses and connected with parallel cables. I remember this was seeing another player for the first time in my FPS. When he shot the muzzle flashed against his character, creating a shadow. I was amazed at the time that this was something 99% of people playing doom would never see, and yet there it is. But yeah that USR saw a lot of action! I still rejoice when we got tone dialing and i could change from ATDP to ATDT :D


The pure anarchy of 4 player ;) rockets flying all over the show.


Doom for me as well. Played Doom SE on their DWANGO dial up servers. My dumbass didn't understand dial up could mean long distance charges at the time. Took months to pay off the bills I racked up as a kid. Also played Doom 2 over direct modem connection with best friend up the street. Keeping those phone lines busy.


Oh man I forgot about DWANGO. I also played Doom co-op over modem with my friend. I think that was the first but we also used to play Monster Truck Madness that way too. When I went to college and was in a multi tower dorm complex all on the same LAN it was a wild time. You could fire up Doom 2 and go join a multiplayer game at any hour of the day. Same with several other FPS. Also did a lot of Combat Flight Sim multiplayer during that time. Great memories.


Probably runescape


Same. Then Club Penguin after that. And my favorite as a kid, Boom Boom Volleyball in Miniclip lol


Probably CounterStrike 1.5 or maybe Links (old Microsoft golf game)


My God, I remember playing Links LS 98 on my father's computer. I remember whacking the ball wayyyy out just to explore. Always got bummed when I hit the world wall. I think that's where my desire for open world games started!


Quake III Arena, love that game Bro


Dreamcast? Came here to say this one myself


Online or multiplayer? Multiplayer was any soccer, hockey or street fighter on NES and Super NES. first online experience was soccom on PS2.


Same for me, the PS2 Slim had a built in Ethernet port, Socom 3 was the first game I played online.


Socom 1 was my first broadband experience and online shooter. The original socom series was so damn good. I spent so many hours playing those games. It's a real shame that Sony gave up on the franchise. So much potential if they made a new game or did a remaster of the original games.


I’d pay anything they asked for a socom 2 remaster. Literally hundreds of dollars lmao


A lot of people have said that. Years ago Sony asked the community what games we would want to see remastered. Socom won by huge margin. They never did anything with it. If you have a decent-ish PC, you can use an emulator to play online still. The community is pretty active with 1-2 lobbies going every night. Head over to /r/socom to get setup.


Mine was with a girl on holiday when I was 13. Can't remember her name. I'm 45 now so mostly play single player stuff. But seriously. Resistance, fall of man. Shout out to Heavens Hellraisers if they're still out there.✌️


First consistent online experience was socom US Navy seals fire team bravo 2 on PSP.


Half-life 1 death match over LAN… oh the nostalgia


I remember that map named crossfire, with a bunker with a nuke button, with an alarm telling you that you had limited time to go hide in the bunker.


It was always a mad dash to rush and defend until the cooldown reset :D






Mine was Starcraft... that counts, right? Or is this just about FPS? In that case.... I've never had an online multiplayer experience.


Diablo (1) or warcraft 2 not sure.. (dial up)




I was pretty young, but I was over at my father's place. Got to play Battlefield 2. Wasn't very good at it, ended up going over to Simpsons Hit and Run. Later on, he came over and since we just got Internet, he set up a game for me on my grandparents computer. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. That I remember more vividly.


Probably doesn't hold up today, but allied assault was the shit back in the day.




World of Warcraft, I think.


Same. _For the Horde!!!_


i think WotLK was the first for me. I remember my stepdad getting it for me since i was watching him play WoW for years. Good times.




Installed on memory sticks and played on school computers until the technicians came to find you.




There was a demo disk in PC gamer one year that had a little program called APCIDOOM. You could use this to call your friend running it in listen mode while you were in dial mode. This would let you play doom and I believe doom 2 death match over a dial up modem (this was before HEAT the online dialup multiplayer game service came out). It was amazing and for dial up things were pretty smooth.


When I was in the 9th grade, back in the day, my algebra teacher allowed us to use the computers at every desk to link up and play Unreal Tournament. It was dope.




Super Mario Kart


Mine as well.


With xband?


Ninja Turtles 2 for NES was the go-to. Double Dragon and Sonic were shortly after


I was usually Leonardo and if I remember correctly hitting A and B buttons at the same time did the sword special hit where he could swipe the sword and kill multiple bad guys at the same time


Not sure this counts as "online" but it was remote game playing, in the early 90's I remember using my 2400 baud modem to dial up to a friens computer to play Doom 2 over the modem against each other. Also we did a lot of doom together over a null-modem serial cable too at that time. But even before that in the early 90's Sonic and Mortal combat with my sister on the genisus, and Tetris with her on game boys in the early 90's, Also if you want there were some multi-player games on the 2600 that she and I would play in the 80's (combat and circus atair, I still have these 2 games)


Soldier of fortune [UPS] mother fuckers!


the original Battlefront 2


Doom 2 or red alert, can’t recall


Quake 3 arena 🥰


Soldat, shit was addicting as a kid


In terms of online multiplayer, it was all LAN: Delta Force back in ‘99. Then Counter Strike (6.1?) and a little bit of Tribes/Tribes 2 thrown in. If split-screen counts, it may have been Golden Eye. If you mean more than one person, probably Mortal Kombat on a NES/SNES. I was so young it may not have been on NES and I don’t remember haha.


My first online game was Tibia. If you guys didn't know, it was an MMORPG that released in 1997. I actually tried jumping back on a few months ago but the new client is so weird and didn't run well right away so I just uninstalled it. I probably had somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1100 hours on my main character.


Oh hell yeah, I was beginning to think I was the only one!


Thank god i've found this comment. Loved this game to my bones. Also tried to go back recently, but it looks like it Just turned into some money machine game :/


Diablo (original)


Same, I learned how to type by playing Diablo.


Doom, Falcon3, Warcraft3


Right there with ya. Mine were Quake and Diablo.


Duke Nukem 3D. The game and connection was set up via DOS on Windows 95.


Original Doom.


Socom on ps2


Subspace Continuum. A top down space shooter. Always on the Death Star Battle server/ map.


Joust Good ole’ Atari days!


Quake 3 arena was my first real online multiplayer experience It was..... An interesting experience i have to say


Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. It had a 2 player mode where you took turns playing. It was terrible. First 2 player simultaneous game that I remember playing was Contra for the NES. First online multiplayer i played was the original Quake, and then some random games on Mplayer.


Halo 3... only because I had dial up until 2007 😭


Doom 2 networked with friends then kali over internet good old 19k baud modem. Also BBS games technically multi player sort of... First MMO was The Realm by sierra online. As for first 2 player game playing with a friend, contra.


Gunbound. I'm that old.




Quake 1 - 56k modem, 300ping


Twas SCP secret lab, Twas a great game.




Delta force 2 ran pretty good on 56k


Empire on a PLATO terminal, 1976


Empire as described here[Wolfpack Empire](http://www.wolfpackempire.com/)? I Played that as well, in 1990 or perhaps a few years earlier:-)


Yahoo chess, Tom Clancy: Rogue Spear (long live clan Perfect Storm -=PS=-), Warcraft 2


Either Quake or Unreal Tournament, can't recall which one, they seem so similar!


DOOM on my dial up modem with my friend. Not sure we ever got a great game in because the telephone would ring. I remember actually seeing his character live online was like seeing the moon landing. Seemed like magic.


Quake 2 I think, then Red Alert (C&C).


Doom - serial laplink cable


Tony hawk's underground 2 on ps2. No regrets either.




pong on ye old atari.


Pixel gun 3D and I still play it to this day




Club penguin


Local multiplayer - Mario Kart Online multiplayer - minecraft


chutes and ladders


Idk frogger for Atari?


Bloodborne. I think.


COD ghosts, my cousin told me it was coop but kept killing me, he tried to convince me it was a different guy that was killing me but i always knew


Playing on a Franklin clone of the apple. Grandparents had this dogfight game so playing with 2 cousins on the same keyboard. I used the Z,X,C keys. B,N,M were the 2nd controls, and like P, O, and I were for the 3rd player.


Online, Probably DCUO on ps3




This exact game (Goldeneye for the N64 for those who don't know). Or, well, were one of the older Mario games for SNES 2 player? Because if so, then that, I guess. EDIT: As another commenter pointed out, this is a screenshot from an offline game. I can't remember specifically the first online multi-player game I played.


Left 4 Dead


Transformers 3 on PS3


Black ops 1 popped my online gaming cherry


Online gaming or just multiplayer?


Clash of clans 💀💀💀


Maby twisted metal. Not sure.


WoW, for about 3 hours a year after it came out.. never again.


Heroes of might and magic. Played with 2 friends. Amazing times. I remember one of my friends dad just bought a new PC, oh man those days. First online game was WoW, about 2-3 weeks before burning crusade, played a lock and still have that lock on hand. Shame the devs don't seem to be able to make similar content. Good content. I remember having all icons on screen filled with spells and things to use in diffrent situations. Now i have 3-7 skills to use depending on spec.


God i remember this like it was yesterday back before 2010, i played roblox for the first time and the first online game of it was the Hotel Disasters, where if you did not make it on the helicopter then youd get nuked by the end of it, it was so fun


pong on ye old atari.


PC- guild wars 1 or diablo 2 Console- halo 2


Double Dragon. Me & my step brothers getting frustrated and beating the crap out of each other when we couldn't work together. And sonic the hedgehog 2 with tails ♥️