Sweet Poison has closed. Where to go for good cakes and coffee now?

Sweet Poison has closed. Anywhere to go for superior cakes and coffee? Both must be exceptional. No weak coffee. I am at a total loss after the wonderful Eurobar Hamilton closed, and now Sweet Poison.

Does anyone know why Sweet Poison at Marketown closed? Will the owners be opening a new establishment in the near future or have they fully retired?

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I’m devastated about sweet poison. I got so many cakes from there.


Sweet Poison closed. Steel Street Fish closed. I'm thinking that maybe Marketown has become too expensive and/or cost of living means that treats like this are becoming inaccessible for people.


The owner of Steel Street Fish Markets (Steve Costi, not the individual who owned the Markettown shop) was in massive debt and hadn't paid the rent since 2021. Steel Street in Charlestown shut down due to his debts too. That isn't to say the rents aren't ridiculously high though, I've heard one of the Markettown shop's rent was around $4000/wk, not one of the larger stores either.


As much as I love hating on landlords there’s absolutely no way rent in that place is $4000 pw. If it’s true, I apologise, and the landlord should be shot.


some of them have clauses for revenue reporting where the centre takes a cut. Generally quite high rent as it is before they do that.


I remember when the mixed grills with fish, calamari, octopus, mussels, prawns chips and salad were only $10. I used to wonder how they could sell them and still make money, now I know… they weren’t.


Nooooo! Their calamari was the best.


Good information, thank you.


Could be all the people working from home as well. I go there about 75% less than I did pre-covid. Could also be safety concerns as well, lots of weirdos hang out around there. I know a couple of people that have been attacked by mentally Ill people there.


The chemist in Marketown (Coles side) has gone, there’s a few empty buildings there now. And my chemist in the other end now has twice the waiting time 😡


Chemist on Coles side moved to the Holiday Inn building 200m away


I haven't tried them for the eat-in atmosphere and coffee, but I can confirm that [Designer Delights](https://www.designerdelights.com.au/) do a fantastic job on the cakes.


Dine in atmosphere is kind of metal tables, opening onto a carpark. Meh. Haven't tried their coffee. The cakes a schmick for events though. Some of very reasonably priced too. They have a long list for made-to-order, and plenty knt he display to choose from. And also do custom to your design or inspiration.


I love designer delights. Honestly, I've been to both and still choose designer delights over sweet poison. The coffee I've only tried at their whitebridge store, but it was alright, not the best, but not the worst.


Nice I might try there


They're a bit hit and miss now. They used to be my go to for birthdays for years. Last few cakes have been underwhelming


Baked Uprising in maryville for tarts, praise Joe's in tighes hill for cookies, cake boi for cakes.


It's more of a patisserie than a cake shop but Icky Sticky is the best in the region for sweet treats. You won't be able to buy whole cakes there though without custom ordering. But their coffee is just as great as all their small cakes and pastries. Lorn is only 30mins from Newcastle out of peak traffic


The only weekend trade they do is first Saturday of the month and the line up goes a while every single time. But yes, this is the way. My son used to go to the Nillo primary school just a few doors up, I would jump at the chance to drop him off at school to stock up on sweets. Every single thing they produce is amazing.


Only downside is that they have like 2 tables but the river is 2 mins away and is nice to sit


I might go there when my friend goes out that way next. Impossible to get there otherwise


Cake Boi and S Garden Desserts. Both in Hamilton.


Every time I've gone past Cake Boi it seems to be closed


euro for sure


Is this a weekly thread now


Have you seen the cake gallery from Bones Bakery at Waratah? My gooooodnesss they have some rippers. [https://bonesbakery.webflow.io/cake-gallery](https://bonesbakery.webflow.io/cake-gallery)


Most of those cakes look so crap they're worth it for the "Lols" Imagine rocking up to a party with that Homer Simpson cake


The image and the grammar. That’s a champion cake. The eels one is close. So bad!


Yikes I’ve had a couple from there, nothing custom decorated. They taste ok… but the ones in that gallery are not great looking


Used to have them all the time when I was working.


Cake Boi for sure. Euro Patisserie is overrated but seems popular for some reason.


Is Euro Patisserie still open?


Yup - it's at Blackbutt Village Eurobar at Hamilton closed a while ago


Cake Boi is one dimensional compared to Sweet Poison.


I am gutted about Sweet Poison! LOVED the cakes and coffee, tbh haven't found anywhere else decent yet. Or worth coming into Newy for!


They’re okay, though coffees I’ve had there haven’t impressed. Everything else has. It’s ironic the original owners of Euro Patisserie in the early 00s were the owners of Sweet Poison. - Fearless_ Friend


I cant believe they closed, so sad. I went there the other day to get q lemon tart and there was a sign on the door that said “i am sorry but for unforeseen circumstances we are closed today”.


S garden desert house hamilton


If you need cake and coffee, cake boi it’s where it’s at ..


I’ve noticed Cake Boi even put out his own cake cookbook for us to make the cakes at home. How hip is that!


If you are are fan of Eurobar then definitely check out Cakeboi, it’s at the the back of where they used to be. Not the same feel but they do a bloody good job. BostinBrewCo do a decent spread of sweets and coffee is top notch.


Cake boi for cakes! Haven’t had a coffee there though but their hot choc was nice !


Nothing comes close to SP. Sad times for Newcastle!


Cake Boi


Euro Patisserie?


I admittedly haven’t tried the cake but i found the coffee awful.


Where are they located? I’ve had some shocking weakass coffee at some places and now wondering if I’ve been there


Blackbutt Village


Ah ok! I’ll make sure I never go there.


Their cakes are spectacular.


I’ll make sure I never go there for coffee 😊


I really loved their Christmas pudding… oh well


I would also vote for Cake Boi in Hamilton. Gutted about Sweet Poison. They were my go to for special occasion cakes and just when I wanted to treat myself. I am seeing a lot of mourning for them though, on all my social media accounts and even in todays letters to the editor in the herald so I’m hoping they see the outpouring of love and find a new place to reopen somewhere else soon.


They had their rent increased and they weren’t making enough revenue to pay it as well as make a profit


The little baker on Hunter st is still alive for a reason. More of a traditional style but bloody well priced and absolutely delicious. Actually fresh, not defrosted fresh.


Designer delights in either charlestown or whitebridge, I literally made my husband get our wedding cake from there because I love the cowboy dream cake so much!


Maybe I haven’t sampled a wide enough array, but am I alone in finding bought cakes quite meh? I’d choose homemade and freshly out of the oven any day! Especially if they’ve been sitting in a window for few hours or have tried to hard to do massive servings with fancy flavours and decorations - it’s often all glitz and little appeal on the flavour & texture front. And surprisingly expensive! Maybe I haven’t tried the good stuff yet, but I’ve been deterred by what others have declared to be amazing turning out pretty mediocre. Pastries though, are definitely a lovely thing bought fresh and professionally made.


Maybe the owners of SP might open up somewhere else in time? Let’s keep a lookout in the media and online. We might be surprised. Who knows? - Fearless_Friend


Still recovering from Rolladoor closing in 2019. I used to call them, pick up a t/a coffee and get the train to Syd. Such a great place and it’s still vacant.


Owners probably asking for too much rent. If they’d just kept Rolladoor they’d still have their steady income stream coming in.


Rolador had the best coffee for ages


Probably a commercial landlord who doesn’t care about the rent if no one is there or isn’t


My wife makes a great coffee


Cake Boi or Hello Naomi for custom cakes


I had a cake and coffee from Cake Boi last year and was mightily impressed :)


Cake Boi coffee is good, and I was surprised they also do focaccia (savoury) so 90s!


Too Hands in New Lambton has always had decent coffee, awesome staff too.


A quick question: does anyone make pasties these days?




Im not sure as i didn't know they existed. So i cant really add any value to this discussion im sorry