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Yep. Check random reddit posts before approaching intersections, if unsure


while you're driving down towards the intersection around the cop shop.


Obviously over the speed limit because down that hill it feels absurd to brake that much.


You mean the intersection with the 'give way' signs that kinda makes it obvious?


Yes, but many people fail to give way because it’s a crap design


Many people fail to give way because they're crap drivers. If I could manage that intersection during my driving test in 2018, then someone who has passed that test and gained their licence should be able to do it. It's not that difficult, and just proves you can pay attention to your surrounds. Besides, with the tram-line in the way these days, it makes a lot more sense. Not like the tram can swerve out of your way.


No tramline on the intersection old mate is talking about.


The tramline is on Scott Street, not Hunter Street.


Tram isn’t on hunter street at watt street. Tram is in Scott st


Don't get the down votes here... yes people are shit drivers, but the signage here is an issue. Give way signs are far offset at an intersection where there is a lot going on. Needs better placement and better design.


It's clearly a clever ruse.


I think the problem is they gave licences away in cereal boxes in the good old days. I'm a frequent pedestrian on Hunter st and visably confused/angry older motorists are as dangerous as they are prolific. To give credit where credit is due, trying to interpret road rules you never fully understood that have changed 10 times since you last read them while in command of a large 4x4 you can barely see over is a challenging hobby I'm sure. The likelihood of slow reflex speed / joint stiffness / low vision/ an apparent complete lack of fucking comon sense seems to compound the issue to terrifying effect. No matter who you ask though everyone says they're an above average driver and they drive with that confidence. Statically impossible unfortunately. I saw a lady get a Jeep stuck getting into an underground carpark and she was explaining to the people helping what a fantastic driver she is.


Easy fix here each time you renew your liscence you need to pass a road test refreaher


Or just flag those incapable of operating the ticket dispenser in the rta office and then ask everyone how many fingers the service nsw worker is holding 6 inches from their face. It would catch the bulk of them.


I'm sure that Hunter street having priority made sense at one point, but this really needs to be changed. Locals know it, but for anyone unfamiliar it's an easy one to miss.


They need to change it or make the signs more visible, I try avoiding the street as much as I can because I’ve had many close calls.


You honestly avoid this super slow intersection as if it’s some black spot road?


I thought this the other day, but because of the volume of traffic on watt street I believe Hunter street traffic would never get an opportunity to go.


Agreed. It no longer makes sense for Hunter St to have priority.


What street?


I think maybe they mean to say king st, because hunter st is too obvious to mistake


Sorry I was on reddit and must have missed the signs.


The bigger issue is coming down Watt St and having people from King St pull out. Best to just expect it. I'm not even mad, it happens so often there's clearly something bad about the setup.


I've had someone hit me when turning right from watt St onto king St towards the hotel, he was turning and some how did see me right Infront of him, everything about the street you have to watch out for crap drivers.


Haha - I worked in that area for about 9 years and agree that that is the worst intersection in the entire world. 2nd worst is Watt St and Churxh St.


Yeah, even though there’s a police station right there, Tons of people run the stop signs.


It's such a bad intersection.


There’s lights and a tram line are people missing this?


No tram line or lights on the intersection of Hunter and Watt Street. You’re thinking of Scott and Watt St.


That's Scott street, champ




Theirs 2 giv way.signs on the pedestrian crossings there not just there for the pedestrians