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Rental inspections probably. A lot of decent coffee depends what corner of town you're in at the time. Love all the paths by the water and having Glenrock and Blackbutt bushland so accessible. Hate that it has become so popular that people are priced out of buying anywhere near where they grew up.


I second Blackbutt and Glenrock, beautiful places


Fair enough. If I’m coming to Aus, I just don’t want to be in one of the bigger cities, but also don’t fancy being too far out of the way.


I can understand that. I like having Sydney accessible but have no interest in living there.


I'd say you've chosen well with Newcastle then. It's a great place to live. We travel to Sydney for concerts, sporting matches, etc fairly regularly. Wouldn't want to live there


I hate that a decent coffee after 3pm is damn near impossible


It is a bit annoying but now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure the happy wombat on hunter st does coffee til close and its not too bad.


I think son of a gun on Beaumont is the same


Yes you are correct. I went there a few weeks ago for a few beers before going to see some bands at the hamo and had a coffee on the way out cos I was bloody tired for some reason.


I’ll make my own if I have to haha


Goldberg’s on Darby st, Son of a Gun on Beaumont st, XSpresso in Kotara Homemakers, all do late coffee


Love: * the coffee, craft beer and small bar scene has grown heaps in the past 10 years. * we have plenty of natural beauty nearby, be it the bush, beaches, lake, etc. * Hunter Valley wines are world class and not far away. * it isn't Sydney. Hate: * knowing that people are struggling to find places to live because the housing has become so expensive. * NIMBYs.


\+10 points for having one of Australia's best wine regions <1 hour drive away


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Sounds like an awesome place. And you had me at indie breweries!


The place is extremely nepotistic and insular, so as you obviously aren't from here, good luck ever fitting in. Employment is hard to come by unless you know or are related to the right person. Property prices are absurd. Like Capital city expensive but without the benefits of a capital city. Everything is pretty lacking. It's not uncommon to have to travel to Sydney to seek medical specialists due to long wait times/closed books here. Honestly, there are plenty of downsides. Upsides are probably dependent on your interests, but they are likely to be far fewer than the downsides.


The lower Hunter has 680,000 people, it's hardly nepotistic. Maybe in your circles.


So you down vote me? Now i remember how petty and pathetic reddit is.


So many cafes around to pick from. But I really like the Umbrian. Good coffee good price.


Thanks, I’ll check it out while I’m there!


A new one just opened called thirsty messiah. They do a few of their own yummy beers, have a few from other local places, but have about 30 taps all up and are planning on getting lots of other local beers on top, so it'll kinda be a one stop shop. Pizzas are delish too. It's very close to the football stadium, if you're into rugby league/soccer and decide to go catch a game.


Here's a few thoughts from a local (not me). [https://travellemming.com/things-to-do-in-newcastle-australia/](https://travellemming.com/things-to-do-in-newcastle-australia/)


Great, thanks!


Unfortunately, you can't do no. 8 (feeding the kangaroos at Morisset Hospital anymore.) It is now closed to the public.


Nah it's awful here. Wouldn't bother. Don't tell any of your friends.


Honestly I love it here. The beaches are great, there's heaps of excellent coffee, decent live music (less so than in the past but I hope it will improve again), nightlife is awkward from the 1am lockouts and your beer is in plastic "glasses" after a certain time of day. Finding housing has been very difficult of late, so be warned!


Yeah, I would be looking to buy, so that’s gonna be tough. Any suburbs you might recommend looking at?


This question will rest entirely on your budget...




Auckland, actually.


Hi, also moved from Auckland to Newy 2 years ago, I think the other comments have probably taken care of those questions but feel free to message me if you had anything else you wanted to know, having already done what you're thinking of doing :)


Thanks, after I’ve taken a look around I might PM you


Best coffee is Lords in Hamilton. Plenty of beaches and traffic is fine. Plenty of great places to eat on Darby st and honeysuckle


it's a good mix of city and country. great live music scene. awesome bushbashing spots nearby if you're into any outdoorsy stuff. i'm a pleb and i'm happy with a cappuccino from 711. humidity is pretty much the only thing i hate about it. fuck me dead, it can get juicy here. reddit admins fuck kids


Hi! Enjoy your trip. Check out [https://www.hunterhunter.com.au/](https://www.hunterhunter.com.au/) for all things food/coffee suggestions. A walking tour with [https://www.newcastleafoot.com.au/](https://www.newcastleafoot.com.au/) would probably be a good idea to get a feel for the place. Depending on your circumstances [Flatmates.com.au](https://Flatmates.com.au) if you are looking for a share house and [realestate.com.au](https://realestate.com.au) for rentals and purchasing. Newcastle is great, but like anywhere its what you make of it.