Kentucky got some cold summers

In my town the average temperature is around 30-40°C


ain’t no way man just said 23C is cold


Where I'm from (Western Australia) it kind of is




This year wasn't too bad, we only had a few days above 40°C, last year we had multiple in a row. Idk which country 24 is considered hot in, but it's definitely not here


In our country(Estonia) 24°C is quite toasty, last year we got about 31°C and that was a pain, during summer :)


That super hot 0 K.


Is pretty chill weather in my country with a max temps of like 48°C


Where I'm from the summer gets to 50 on some days (help me)


After a quick search I found avarage temperature in KY would be around 30C. I'd say 24c in July's fine. Although, as another European with usually hotter summers than that, I just put the weather to hot in sandbox settings to align it better with what I'm familiar with.


My town gets around 15-20c in July. It's all relative I guess.


* especially at 750pm


Speaking as a lifelong kentuckian, the temperature for mid July cracks me up. It's never as cool in real life as it is in the game.


The clock in OPs game says it’s late evening. Also, American summer doesn’t really tend to hit peak heat until like august or September sometimes, depending on which part of the country you’re in. I’ve lived in Tennessee and Missouri which are both in the same sort of climate and august and September where always the most brutal time of year.


Cold? I'd be more than happy with 24.4 degrees average through Summer.


Bout 30° is where it tops out in July for Kentucky. I'm from Texas/Utah, so 30 sounds like a pretty nice high lol. I was working on a roof in Utah and it was literally 60°C


I hope you’re exaggerating, because if not you’re just lying. Highest ever temp recorded in the u.s was 134°F or 56.6°C in *Death Valley*.


Oh no, yah the temperature wasn't 60 for the day, it was 60 on the roof (utah sun doesn't mess around) I was doing masonry, and we had to keep an eye on temp because the mud can get too hot to cure properly. It was technically already waaaaaay too hot to lay, but quotas are quotas.


yeah sorry man i feel for you roofers. yal deserve better and more.


I was a hodtender (Mason's gopher) working with bricks/block at the time. Roofers definitely have it rough though. So fucking hot, and the angles destroy your joints. We were at the top of a building about 80ft tall, laying the bricks on the last floors (which had a smaller footprint so there was roof access there). Feeling like you're going to faint while you're that high up is definitely a scary feeling lol I think about it a lot when I'm on a roof in the game.


Rooftops of buildings can get a lot hotter than regular ambient air temps. The air like 3ft off the surface of a tar roof can be like 30 degrees F hotter than ambient air east.


Dare I say the hottest temperature recorded on earth was only 56.7°C




OPs in-game clock also says it’s after 7pm. Suns going down and it’s not even the hottest part of summer. That doesn’t typically come until mid august or even September in Missouri and Tennessee… can’t speak for Kentucky as I’ve not lived there, but Missouri and tennessee kind of averaged is probably pretty close the climate experience of KY. In Missouri, we sometimes had ‘heat days’ where public schools would cancel or let our early a few days at the start of a new school year in mid-September because it would be like 105 degF and the old buildings and detached trailer classrooms’ AC couldn’t keep up.


It sounds normal…


Kentucky summers aren’t usually too bad temperature-wise, but they can get pretty humid and muggy. I don’t think that gets accounted for in the game though


This is a really immersive game. Don’t ruin that by describing the temperature in Kentucky with Celsius.




Soup, mfer, you are making us look bad in front of the Ukrainians.


It's 8pm it's colder during the evening/night then in the afternoon. I have slept outside when it's was 25 during the day but would wake up shivering from the cold at night


I’m confused. How fast does 19:50 feel?




Its somewhere in settings probably in display


Seconded. It's so confusing. In centigrade 0 is ice, 100 is boiling water. Water planet. Water people. Centigrade.


That’s a warm summer in the UK lol


That's a perfect summer.


We just had 10 C here in Finland and I was about to start sweating.


I feel you. Up till it snowed today and dropped back to 0, we were enjoying a couple nice 9C days here in Alberta, Canada.


Today I learned I don't get panic attacks. I just randomly become Finnish.


24 Celsius is a fine summer, you are probably American with your Fs. There is an option to switch temp to Fs


Nope, im from Europe i use Celsius


What country. I'm checking and finding nothing that gets 40 on average. Even Malta gets on average of 22C. Where do you live, an oven?


I live in Croatia


40c is really damn hot


Yup, 2022 was very hot averaging at 35°C


**Laughs in Southwestern US**. 40c would be a decent day. It got up to 125F(51C) a many times last year.


What the hell is a Celsius


24°C sounds like a cloudy day in KY.


It’s also after 7pm in his screenshot


Even more to the point. I can see that


Omfg that 86f how is that cold to you


I'm in Canada so that's pretty hot for here


The average July temperature in Zagreb, Croatia is a low of 18c and a high of 28. It's remarkably similar to Kentucky, actually, at about 19°/29°.


This is 3 degrees above room temperature in farenheight.


Holy hell, it's like 13°c where I live right now mid day, like 24 is a nice day, anything more than 30 is too hot, I mean I guess it's still April but still 24 is a nice day lol


It's swinter haha


As a dane, thats peak summer temperature lol


Bro where i live 19°C is melting hot!


Hi! Canadian here! This is what we call "how the fuck is it that cold in summer?" temperatures. Typically we hit mid 30°s to around 50°C