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Batman can go 3 weeks without sleep or food and still turn jon into a chew toy batman clears in a no diff even if he was shot in all his limbs seconds before the fight started NEXT


Did you even read the full question?? I highly doubt Nolanverse or Robert Pattinson Batman could go 3 weeks without food or sleep, and then get shot in all 4 limbs and still beat Jon Jones.


Lmao comic batman can very easily go weeks without food and still destroy every single ufc fighter in the entire world, dude in the arkham games can take out 30 thugs using weapons who were trained to fight him specifically, and you think he's gonna lose to some monkey looking ass steroid loser? Get real


Are you daft? He said **NOLANVERSE** and **ROBERT PATTINSON**. The previous user missed those two prompts. Why do you keep talking about comics?


Because idiot, the main comment is obviously something comic Batman can easily do It says every version and I'm talking about comic batman. I didn't miss 2 prompt I don't care, about those 2 I'm talking about comic batman and only comic batman


Jon jones would win, notice how its only comic geeks saying batman would win…jones would without a doubt brutalize batman


Jones clears everyone except comic batman. Nightwing is an interesting tho, however going judt purely by h2h i'm still going with Jones Why? Cus u never wanna bet against JJ